Can people with missing gallbladder implement the SHP?

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First of all, nobody misplaces or loses their gallbladder.
Those people who are missing their gallbladder are unfortunate victims of a modern “madsin” and those licensed mislead professionals called medical doctors whose incompetence to heal leads to the extraction of a vital organ under the pretense that humans can live without it.

Can we live without it?
If the answer is yes, why do we then have it?

Our liver produces a liquid substance that is helping our body to process fats, triglycerides in particular. This liquid we have named the bile or the gull.

The bile is composed mainly of water and salts, but there are some other ingredients such as are bilirubin and biliverdin which give the bile its color. The bilirubin is orange and yellow, and the biliverdin is green. Combined, the color turns brown.

The bile is injected into the duodenum which is the beginning of the small intestines where it neutralizes stomach acid and emulsifies fats. It also contributes to the separation of the fatty acids from glycerol. This means that it serves to digest triglycerides so that they can be then absorbed into the intestinal wall.

What has that to do with the gallbladder you may ask?

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We do not eat the same type of food every day, and our portions vary as well. This means that sometimes we need more bile to be secreted into the intestine and sometimes less.

Since it takes some time for the liver to produce the bile, storage for bile is created where the bile will accumulate and be used in quantities as needed without the necessity of putting additional stress on the liver whenever we consume a larger quantity of fat.

This additional storage looks like a sack and the science has named it a gallbladder.

If problems with gallbladder occur, since doctors have no clue why this happens and how to prevent it from happening or how to heal it, the gallbladder is surgically removed since “it is not essential and people can live without it”.

If we compare our body to a car, if a problem with an oil pan occurs, the mechanic will fix it, but if you are dealing with a crook who wants a repeated business, or a rotten mechanic, he can simply remove the oil-pan and instruct you to take it easy. The car will be able to run but only on slow RPM’s. As soon as you increase the speed, the engine will start to overheat and it may seize. The car will die.

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The same is what will happen with a person if the gallbladder is removed.

Also here on this example you immediately know that if your gallbladder was removed, you have been dealing with rotten doctors. Instead of doubling down and praising them for saving your life, you should hold them criminally responsible and sue the heck out of them.

Unfortunately, you will not get far because they have been following the instructions of their medical teaching, and they are protected by their license to do such a thing.

What is the cause that makes doctors remove the gallbladder?

The most common problem is created by the formation of gallbladder stones. They obstruct the passage of the bile. This forces more bile into the blood as it cannot be secreted into the intestine and people become yellow.

Doctors claim that the stones cannot be dissolved and that the surgery is the only way out of this situation.

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The other problem why the gallbladder will be removed is frequent gallbladder inflammation. They cause swelling which also interrupts the passage of the bile and the same as the stones it creates discomfort and pain as it increases the pressure on the sensory nerves.

When gallbladder inflammation occurs, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics and for those who follow my work, it is obvious that this only worsens the situation and turns it into a chronic problem which results in the formation of stones.

The inflammation is a result of cellular dehydration of the gallbladder. The cause of gallbladder’s dehydration is the refusal or the inability of the gallbladder’s cellular structure to hydrate utilizing the osmotic action.

The cause of this could be toxic blood, the lack of oxygen, the lack water,the lack of salt, and the lack of energy/electricity, or the combination of any of those things I have mentioned.

Since we doctors are not educated correctly, we are being misled and directed to a wrong path, and since we are unable to resolve the health issue, we are instructed to remove the ailing organ.

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Now when the bile storage is “missing”, any sudden increase of fat in our diet will create an inadequate level of bile which undermines the digestive abilities and creates health issues.

Since the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) involves consumption of fat, such a diet will certainly affect those people whose gallbladder has bee removed so that their health can “improve”.

An oxymoron that was caused by mor**s, as the word suggests.

Fortunately for us, our creator is a genius and it had created a mechanism with which our stupidity can be resolved.

I always say that our body will not support what it does not need and it always adjusts itself to the environment it is subjected to.

Because of this, even our errors ca be fixed since our bodies will adjust to its environment even after it was massacred.

The people whose gallbladder was removed can consume fat since the bile production is continuing, and when the fat content of our food increases, the liver will produce more bile, and the bile ducts within the liver will widen allowing the liver to hold more bile. This way the level of the available bile increases. The adjustment will take some time so the fat content in the food has to be increased slowly to give the liver the time to adjust itself to the demand.

Although the SHP is the simplest way we can heal our body, once we experience a health issue and especially after we had been processed by a licensed doctor and medicated or surgically “readjusted”, I strongly recommend that you contact me or some awakened health enthusiast who has the adequate knowledge and can guide you.

The protocol can be readjusted temporarily until your body is ready to assumer working correctly.

I may be harsh referring to doctors as being morons but most of them are and the rest who are aware of at least some truths are either corrupt and willingly participate in this fraud, or are scared for their licenses to be removed if they speak the truth.

Now with the coronavirus nonsense, this is more evident than ever before.

Colleagues please, do the correct thing, forget your license, and the money much more is at stake.

Everything will change and the money you are hoarding (including the gold, silver…) will be obsolete.

Help yourselves by helping others.

Love and light to us all.

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