Is personal hygiene killing us?

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People living in modern society are now accustomed to bathe every day and many do this multiple times a day.

We use soaps for our skin, shampoos for our hair, toothpaste for our teeth, deodorants, perfumes, and other beauty products never thinking what are those things that we put onto our skin and into our mouth made off and what if any effect do they have on our health and wellbeing.

We have to understand that our skin is a living organ which is very absorptive and our mouth is a mucous tissue which is as absorptive as our intestines so it is easy to realize that whatever ends up on your skin and in our mouth will be absorbed and end up in our blood.

On top of the usual bath or shower, we do wash our hands frequently because we have been told that many diseases will find their way into our bodies if we do not do this.

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We are creating a sterile environment that disarms our defense mechanism and then we wonder, why are we so sensitive to the food we eat?

When I was a kid living in Yugoslavia, we took bath once a week and every day we just washed our face and the upper body, often with a sponge or a wet cloth, and guess what?

We were way more resilient to getting sick then people in the USA are today.
When a North American person travels out of the country, they have to be very careful about what they will eat because their stomachs are very sensitive.

I never had this problem.

Not just that. I also never suffer from any kind of allergies.
What do allergies and personal hygiene have in common, you may ask?

Plenty, and here, I will explain the relationship.

The commercial soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and other health products and cosmetics are made very cheaply and to be able to have extended shelf life, many toxic additives are used.

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Also, since commercial soaps are made of cheap vegetable oils instead of saturated fats, foam enhancers and stabilizers are being added.

To camouflage the bad odors that those toxic elements have, chemical phenols are used to give the products tolerable smell, and to make the products antibacterial, more toxic poisons are used.

All of this will penetrate your skin and enter the blood.
The industry claims that the amounts used are minimal and they are approved by the FDA (Federal Despicable Agency) as if this now makes it ok.

The truth is that what destroys our health is a constant presence of toxic elements in our blood. The amount is irrelevant here.

Since we are accustomed to washing ourselves not just once a day but multiple times a day, we are washing off the skin’s protection (cholesterol) and allowing all those toxic substances to enter our blood.

Their presence stops the cellular osmotic pump so no cellular hydration is possible.

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By doing this every day, little by little, our cells become dehydrated and toxic.

I have explained that dehydrated cells among others, create allergies.
Nowadays, many alternative sites are warning us of the dangers of those cleaning agents by telling us that they are cancerogenic which they themselves do not know in which way and how this really works.

This is just another scare tactic that is used to keep us afraid and this is why it is tolerated.

Did you ever wonder why health experts such as Dr. Mercola, and Health Ranger, are allowed to operate? Now you know why.

Only lately as the Evil forces are realizing that it is the end to their tyranny, they are attacking everything that moves so even those half-truth sites are being attacked but not suspended.

It is all just a show.

Ingredients like the triclosan, dioxin, polyphenols, fluoride, and other toxic stuff should never be part of anything that we put in or into our bodies.

Some people are awakening and searching for pure, natural products that are free of those poisons.

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My wife is making soaps using pure coconut oil as the base and only natural ingredients such as cacao butter, oat, almonds, and natural herbs. This is such a fantastic product that once people try it they keep coming back but the cost of the ingredients is high and no aromatic effect so many people do not believe that there is anything in those soaps.

Natural ingredients do not have a strong odor. If the soap has a strong smell, it has chemical polyphenol in it.

Even using soaps like those, we should not wash ourselves more than once a day because we are going to eliminate the cholesterol from the skin and make ourselves easily exposed to foreign invaders.

Look for natural products and educate yourself. This is cheaper than healing later what you had damaged with your ignorance.

Love and light to us all.

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