Are doctors preventing or creating strokes?

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Although some doctors claim that a lesser number of people are being affected with stroke during their life, the evidence does not support their statement.

In the past, very few people experienced stress and the stress affected only the very old people.
The things have changed and more people are at risk of getting stroke no matter their age.
Why is that happening?
First, what is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when blood supply to a tissue or an organ becomes restricted to a level that not enough oxygen can be provided to the cells in which case they die.

A stroke can occur in any part of the body but when we talk about the stroke, we have in mind the life-threatening areas of the body such as are the heart and the brain.

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One important thing that has to be mentioned and often is neglected is that the brain will be differently affected as far as the stroke goes than the heart because the blood that circulated the body cannot enter the brain. The brain has a barrier similar to the ´placenta which protects it from most of the toxic elements that could be found in the blood.

The majority of the heart strokes are caused by the narrowing of the coronary arteries due to the plaque buildup.
Second but rapidly increasing in numbers is an embolic obstruction of the coronary artery.

Now, what is this embolic obstruction all about?

There could be debris of some sort that is large and can get stuck in a small coronary artery, or the place or already preexisting partial blockage and preventing blood flow.

Most commonly, such debris is a coagulum, a piece of coagulated blood. Such obstruction is also called the thrombotic obstruction.
How and where is thrombus (coagulated blood) formed?

Economy class syndrome mechanism, deep vein thrombosis(DVT), Pulmonary Embolism(PE), coronary thrombosis, illustration diagram

The followers of my work know that the blood particles are repelling each other because they have the same polarity. When the electromagnetic potential is high, the magnetic field is strong and the blood particles are kept in a distance from each other.

Such blood circulates rapidly and there is not the danger of the particles hitting each other or hitting the arterial wall so no damages can be caused and no coagulum will occur.

It all changes when our electromagnetic potential changes.
The magnetic field drops and the blood particles do not repel each other. This causes them to cluster. When doctors see this happening they immediately prescribe ¨blood thinners¨-

What they prescribe are actually anticoagulants that prevent proper blood coagulation. In this way, the blood will not coagulate easily and the creation of thrombus is prevented.

This may sound like a good idea if the brain is neglected, but if not, a new can of worms was just opened.

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The thrombus cannot pass the brain’s blood barrier so it cannot affect the brain and no brain stroke will result from it but the blood thinners can.

This means that if a small brain artery bursts, the blood will not coagulate and it will continue to seep out creating a tamponade and a brain stroke.

An incredible number of elderly have been affected by such a stroke doe to the blood thinner usage.

By trying to prevent one problem, doctors create another one that is even worse than the first one. Are we being surprised here?

If you feel tired and with low energy, your electromagnetic potential is low and you are at risk of getting blood clots.

If you have varicose veins, your blood circulation is compromised and you are in the danger of getting blood clots.

If you become sensitive to injuries and every small impact causes your skin to turn blue and yellow, your blood is not coagulating properly.

Bruises and Blood Spots Under the Skin that occur on older people Stock Photo - 82855899

Do not wait for things to become worst. Help your body to repair itself.
Do not take the dangerous pills your doctor prescribes.
Heal yourself.

It is easy.

Follow the Self Healers Protocol.
Once you have had the stroke, the recovery is slow and problematic. Your best bet is to prevent it from happening.
If you need help, do not hesitate to give me a shout.

Love and light to us all.

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