Can I eat a cake and remain in the state of ketosis?

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The most common question asked by my clients once they feel great and healthy is, ¨Darko, when can I start eating the way I used to eat before I have started the protocol?


Of course, my response is ¨whenever you feel nostalgic for your sickness¨.

Most people do not want to make any changes in their life and just the thought that they will never be able to eat dietary carbohydrates scares them to death.

People do not realize that once their bodies are programmed correctly, their food desires change.

Sometimes, a nostalgic craving appears, so what to do then?

This is simple. Go and eat whatever your heart desires, your body will inform you if you have made a mistake.

You will notice that the food does not taste the same as you remember it and it may even repeat on you.

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Listen to your body.

As an example I will mention my way of dealing with sweets.

When there is an occasion, I go for it. I do not have one slice of a cake, sometimes I eat the whole thing.

Then I feel sick to my stomach and say, ¨I will never do it again¨, which never happens since in several months, on another occasion, I repeat the same thing.

The same I do with my red wine.

Remember, changing the genetic expression is a timely process. You will not reset your body with one wrong event, but because you are poisoning yourself, your body will let you know through symptoms that you will feel.

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Ex diabetics will not return to increased blood sugar levels by once loading on dietary carbohydrates. Their sugar absorption is low so their blood sugar will remain stable, but going back to having the dietary carbohydrates frequently will start increasing the sugar absorption and changing the gene expression as the way to adjust to this poison.

Within a month or two of dietary carbohydrate consumption, diabetes will return.

Since the body’s system was reset, your body will have a different gut flora and a differents gene expression so when you eat something that is not suited for your system, your body will react to it.

For example, if you eat a piece of bread or pasta, you will fell stomach acidity which you have never felt before.

If you eat a lot of it as you used to, you will end up with indigestion and diarrhea. This never happened before so it may seem as if your body is not functioning well.

Those changes in the reaction to the food show you that readjustment is what body does to be able to survive in the environment that you are creating in your body.

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Our body has its original calibration and gene expression in which it performs the best.

Whenever we force it to reprogram itself, genetic errors occur and we pay for it in the long run.

Do not be afraid to switch your body back to its original programming.

All of your diseases will start to disappear and remember, you can on occasions feast on the ¨forbidden fruit¨. You may have to pay for it through indigestion which will remind you of the way you had often felt before.

Love and light to us all.

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