Are chiropractors doctors?

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I have been asked a question about my opinion of chiropractic medicine.

This is a question that requires a longer explanation since the opinions about the benefits of chiropractic treatment vary from excellent to time and money wasted.

First, we have to understand that chiropractors are not Doctors and thank God for that.


The doctor’s title is a corporate certificate of immunity from prosecution when harm occurs as long as the procedure implemented is approved by the corporate licensing institution.

Doctors of medicine are under the control of globalists (Cabal, Illuminate, deep-state, or whatever you want to call it) and before receiving their license, they have to pledge allegiance to its masters.

This is why it is so easily controlled through centralized brainwashing mechanism we call medical schools or universities.
They all have the same program, the same books, the same lies.

Alternative medical practices are forbidden in many countries especially in those where the globalists have a stronghold. The more socialistic (communistic) the system, the stricter the laws of globalist control.

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Unfortunately, popular science is what is paraded as true science and all knowledge is based on it.

This is why the same misinformation is used as truth, only the approach is somewhat different.

This is why even the alternative medicine practitioners advice against utilizing salt, pork, eggs, milk… and the other usual suspects paraded by the globalist agenda.

Chiropractors are not part of this globalist agenda and their practices vary greatly.

It all depends on the teacher and the licenses they have been issued are just certificates that may or may not be accepted by the corporate governance of a particular corporation or a country as we call it.

This freedom of decentralized and not bound to a contract healing practice is resulting in beneficial results.

A good chiropractor will align the body and improve on its flow of energy which will result in the elimination of the pain and overall wellbeing.

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Unfortunately, this improvement is short-lasting so once we find a chiropractor we like, we end up visiting him/her every time we feel a problem and this may end up being weekly.

Why is this happening?

When I have explained what health problems result from the cellular dehydration, one of the problems was a muscle weakness and deterioration of cartilages in the body.

This will have an immense impact on every joint in our body.

Loose joints will easily get out of whack and the weak muscles cannot hold the joints in the proper place. The result of this is scoliosis of the spine, but also easy dislocations and misalignments of joints.

Dehydrated muscles will have problems with electric energy and end up being stiff (hard) but without tension. This makes them painful. The stiffness is the result of inflammation with which the body is trying to hydrate those muscle cells which makes the muscle painful and none responsive.

Chiropractors notice this, they manage to place the joints in their proper place and the client feels good but since the reason why the body dislocated is not addressed, the same problems keep occurring time after time, after time…

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Since fascia connects all the muscles, stretching it will result in temporary back-pain relief but again if the cellular dehydration is not taken care of, the same problems will return to haunt you.

You can stretch your fascia by curling into a fetal position and remain in it for 20 minutes or longer.

I regularly recommend my clients to pay a visit to a chiropractor three months into the hydration protocol as once adjusted, their joints will remain in the correct position.

Sometimes, three months is not enough to hydrate the muscles sufficiently so they will have to repeat the procedure several months later.

My opinion is that chiropractors do great and highly beneficial work.

As they are improving their understanding of the body, unlike doctors, their techniques are becoming softer and easier on the body with even greater results.

The future of medicine is on the back of healers and not doctors.

Healers do not need a license that protects their crimes.

They are not poisoning the body in any way.

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The old system is crumbling and as the new knowledge is surfacing, the crimes of the old system are becoming more obvious.

The great majority of doctors do not realize that they are being had and cannot overcome their programming.

It is up to each one of us to take over the control over our health and through my articles and now videos, I am giving you the information necessary for you to take the charge.

If you need more assistance do not hesitate to contact me.

I urge my colleagues to open their eyes and reprogram themselves so that they can truly become what they wanted to be, healers and not the salesman of pharmaceutical poisons.

Love and light to us all.

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