The toxic air.

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We are used to hearing and discussing toxic elements in our food.

More and more people are aware of the fact that the great majority of health issues are related to the toxic elements in our food.

We can consciously choose our food, select what we think is good and eliminate what we do not want to ingest. This means that we do have control over what toxic elements we are going to let into our body, and if we do not like the choice we have, we can decide not to eat for a while until we get the opportunity to obtain the food we want.

On the other hand, we do not have any option when it comes to the pollutants that come into our bodies through the air we breathe.

Wherever we are, we have to inhale no matter what the quality of the air there is.

In the recent past, when cigarette smoking was promoted, workplaces were filled with cigarette smoke and if you wanted to work, you had no choice but to inhale it.

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At the time, we were told that cigarette-smoke is fine, no health hazard is there. Actually, it makes us more energetic and able to concentrate we were told.

Various studies were presented proving that the level of toxicity is not strong enough to affect our DNA in any negative way. This was proof that cigarette smoke is harmless to our health.

This is what we are being told today about EMF radiation. Interesting how the wheel turns round and around.

O boy, did things change lately.

Today, you are not allowed to smoke cigarettes even in front of the restaurant so you do not pollute the air of the people passing by.

On the other hand, diesel and gasoline engines are polluting our cities 24/7 and instead of going electric, bad quality engine respirators are being installed into the vehicles to boost fuel consumption for better profit.

Is profit the only thing that is in play here or is there a more sinister reason why our air gets polluted?

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Recently, I have received and article about the consequences of air pollution. It was published by The Guardian and the topic was is air pollution creating chronic diseases?

The article correctly mentions that the pollutants we inhale will damage every organ in our body but the same as any other article that is based on the “science”, interprets the process incorrectly.

For example, the article states,

“The systemic damage is the result of pollutants causing inflammation that then floods through the body and ultra fineparticles being carried around the body by the bloodstream.”

As you can see, the body’s self-healing process (inflammation) is being blamed as the cause of chronic health issues created by the pollutants in the air.

It always makes me laugh when the World Health Organization is mentioned as the one that is concerned.

Aren’t they the ones who promote vaccination, the release of genetically modified mosquitoes, fumigation, spreading AIDS virus into the African population through vaccines, fluoridation of water and toothpaste, and staying silent when chemtrails are in question?

I remember a couple of years ago, one scientific study concluded that by exposing cancer patient to toxic fumes may actually be of a benefit because the scarcity of oxygen in the polluted air will stimulate the body to produce more blood vessels which could be beneficial to the cancer patient as his oxygenation would improve.

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Scientific studies like this just prove how brainwashed we are and how poorly we understand our bodies.

No matter how many blood vessels you provide, if the relative pressure of oxygen is not raised, the oxygen cannot replace the CO2 since its levels in the cancer cell is higher than that of oxygen. Its availability is of no consequence if its relative pressure is not adequate.

“Scientists” have released genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild and now they have mosquito problem so fumigation is performed.

Wherever they fumigate, instances of flu-like disease pop up:

Of course, they blame the disease on mosquitoes.

Are you waking up yet?

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Toxic air creates the same problems as the toxic food does.

Our body will absorb toxic elements that will prevent the cellular hydration causing cellular acidity and the same symptoms will appear as if those toxins came into the body through the food.

The long term exposure will cause chronic dehydration, acidity, and symptoms of “diseases”.

We do not have to be smothered by fumes.

Long term presence of those toxins will do the work.

The good news is, no matter in which way toxic elements entered our body, they can be cleansed the same way. Water and seasalt will do their magic.

If you do not know how to go about it, simply, follow the Self Healers Protocol or type in the search engine on my site “hydrate” and articles about hydration will pop up for you to read.

Keep in mind that everything is manifestation so be careful of your thoughts.

Do not get frightened. You are the creator so create what you would love to experience and not what they tell you to fear.

Love and light to us all.


I will be traveling for the next 3 weeks so my articles may be few, but because of my clients, I will be connecting whenever the Internet will be available to stay in touch.

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