WE EAT THE SAME KIND OF FOOD Why do I have all of these health issues and my grandparents do not?

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There is one remark which I hear over and over again which is, “why am I sick and no one in my family has these problems? We eat the same foods so how can it be the food?”

I decided to address this question in this blog to make it more understandable.

I will start by asking some questions first.

Where do you think the chronic diseases come from in the first place?

In my book and in some of my blogs I refer to nature. The wild animals do not suffer from any chronic disease. There is no diabetes 1 or 2, there is no arthritis, no hypertension, circulatory problems, asthma, allergies, Lupus, loss of the memory, cancer, loss of the eyesight, osteoporosis, hernias, chronic indigestions and stomach ulcers and I can go on and on.

The wild animals have extremely strong immune systems. They do not need antibiotics to heal. Their wounds do not get infected and they heal rapidly. There are no signs of aging, one cannot distinguish the animals age by simply watching them and by the way they behave. They are alert strong and flexible almost to the very end of their life.

No one points to this fact, only sometimes to justify the cost of their medicinal poisons we hear about some “special ability of some animals like the shark for example or the deep sea sponge, to produce its own antibiotic”. This is a complete nonsense because the same ability is embedded into every plant and animal including the human and it is called the immune system.

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There are NO ANTIBIOTICS PRODUCED in any animals body. This is just a lie to keep the fraudulent pharmaceutical and medical business going.

The properly functioning immune system will protect the body extremely well. The problem is that we humans have a very poorly functioning immune system.

The response of our body depends on the response of our cellular structure and its response depends on the directions given to them through the genetic response.

Now comes the second question: if the origin of our chronic problems come from our diet, how come that we respond to the same diet in different ways?

This is actually very broad question since it can be directed to the immediate household, or it can go to the past since the first question being asked by the doctor is if anyone in your family had suffered from the same disease.

They ask this question because it is their way out by blaming it on the genes.

Let me first talk about our ancestors.

Whenever I say that the dietary glucose is a poison for any animal because it reprograms the genetic expression almost everyone responds with “my parents ate this way and their parents ate the same way and none of them had what I am suffering from. How can diet be the cause of this health problem that only I am suffering from in my whole family?

Even with the severely handicapped immune system, our body is doing a pretty good job in protecting our health.

In the past, the human life was very difficult. People worked hard and had less food available. They also ate much more animal protein and fats. As recently as my grandparents, the meals were done on pork fat mainly. Sometimes a chicken fat or a duck fat was being used as a treat because it enhanced the taste.

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The lies about the fat being the cause of heart problems came after the WWII.

I remember when my mother baked a chicken. My favorite was to soak bread in the liquid chicken fat, added more salt and ate it as the fat was dripping down my chin and hands. My mother was telling me not to put too much fat on the bread because this was unhealthy but I did not listen and never had a heart problem.

This habit of soaking the bread in meat fat I had practiced until 7 years ago when I realized the evil of dietary carbohydrates and ditched the bread forever. Now I simply lick the plates since the fat is the tastiest part of the meat.

Soaking the bread in the meat-fat and eating it is very popular in Croatia and the practice is still going on but more and more people nowadays suffer from heart and circulatory problems.

How come that today’s people have a dramatic increase of a heart and blood circulation problems and they are eating way less fat and utilizing the “healthy vegetable oils and margarine and eating way more vegetables than before?”

Obviously, something is wrong here, wouldn’t you agree?

What is obvious is that in the past people ate much less and there was more animal fat consumed. The animal fat is saturated and it coats the intestines making it difficult for sugars to penetrate. So the sugars become absorbed with the fat on much slower paste. This makes it easier for our body to be able to better calibrate the amount of the insulin it will need to produce.

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By eating a smaller amount of dietary glucose and more saturated fat, the body was being poisoned at a slower pace but the symptoms of rapid aging are clearly visible.

The toxicity has a cumulative action. This means more toxic the body becomes, the faster and stronger will the health problems become.

This is why in the past only the fat people suffered from ill health. They simply became toxic faster than those people who eat smaller amounts of food.

Today we are being poisoned in many different ways but the wrong food is still the primary cause of our health problems.

Since the wrong food reprograms our genetic expression, this is recorded by the fetus and often when a child is being born, those genetic glitches are the precursors of the developing health issue in the future.

This means that the mother may not show the health problem as of yet, but the child was born with the genetic glitch caused by his mother’s food consumption. As this young fast growing body becomes introduced to this wrong food himself since it started with a genetic problem, it will quickly accelerate and it will faster show the health problems in the way of symptoms that we have classified as some bogus disease.

All this can be stopped by simply adjusting the genetic expression but it is not being done. Our doctors have no clue about this since we are being misinformed in the medical school that our genes, once set, cannot change their expression. This is why doctors do not even try to do something about it and pronounce the “disease” as incurable.

Today’s food has very little in common with the food of our ancestors and saying that our ancestors ate the same food as we do today is a misconception and a lie.

Just recently I had explained the difference between the old-fashioned ham and today’s ham. The only thing that they have in common is that they started as a leg of pork. Todays so called dry-cuts are toxic poison and if you have them as a young child you will quickly develop leukemia. Older you are, slower your body reacts to it but as it becomes saturated with those nitrates and sulfates, leukemia will start showing up.

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Since the toxicity and the bodies response to it changes with the amount of the toxins and the type of the poison they contain, different symptoms will show up at different stages as the gene expression changes. This is why the firstborn children are often more resilient than their younger brothers and sisters. Mother’s body becomes more toxic as the time goes on.

Also, the medicinal remedies will create worse problems. This is why pregnant women are told not to smoke or drink alcohol or coffee.

Women used to be warned not to take any medication and not to get vaccinated.

Obviously, the vaccines were always toxic but now as our “masters” want to basically kill us all, they are recommending for the pregnant women to be vaccinated. Doctors must be aware of the scheme but they do not care. All they care about is the money and their titles.

Since I have mentioned the money, please do contribute through the donation button and be part of the movement of spreading the truth and helping people to heal themselves since if you continue trusting your friendly doctor, the cemetery is your next stopover.

Remember that the genetic glitches do not only come from your present family members. They can be transmitted from a generation to the next one or the one after and if they will create a symptom, depends on what you do or not do during your life.

Some genetic glitches come from your past life independent of your family tree. What we call the past life did not really happen in the past. It is an ongoing parallel life which I will try to explain in my next post.

Thank you for contributing and helping others to heal themselves

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Love and light to us all.

5 thoughts on “WE EAT THE SAME KIND OF FOOD Why do I have all of these health issues and my grandparents do not?”

  1. Great post darko and very true. If you ever get the chance you should read a book called pottinger’s cats. I’m pretty sure you can get the pdf online somewhere for free. Anyways it’s about a man named Francis pottenger who does experiments on his cats. One group he said he completely raw diet to in The Offspring were always healthy. However the other group of cooked foods and saw that over the generations the cats begin to degenerate. he took the deficient cats all the way to the 5th generation before he stopped the cats could barely walk and all the coordination skills were off. It took him the same amount of generations to reverse all the symptoms related to the deficient diet once the cats were put on a nutrient raw diet.
    This is why I believe most young people are more into Health than older people. I truly believe that the younger Generations are facing more health problems than the older. The older Generations can get away with eating bad foods while the younger generation systems are so compromised they cannot.

    1. I do not think young people will ever be healthy.
      I say this because they are covered in nose-burning eye-watering laundry products, which leave a plume everywhere they go and rub off on everywhere they sit.
      I do not think eating correctly will ever counteract the damage being done by the second to their DNA.
      Impossible actually.
      [Tide and Gain and 99% of the others actual contain formaldehyde and off-gas with chloroform..if your nose can’t tell you something’s wrong..mighty wrong.]

  2. mark, your post began in a very interesting and promising way, but then went completely ‘off the rails’…i am 76 and my parents generation were healthy precisely because they ate a healthy diet devoid of all the chemical additives and junk, fast and ‘convenience’ foods the younger generation are exposed to today..fortunately for me thay passed on those good eating habits to me too….it is a nonsense to me to speak of the “older generations can get away with eating bad foods”…everyone needs healthy, unadulterated foods as close to nature as possible…surely that is the point and the goal of a healthy life for ALL generations…

    1. What I’m saying is that the younger generations are more susceptible to the negative effects these foods can have on the body. All you have to do is look around, the younger generations continue to get weaker and weaker. There body contains more damaged DNA thanks to the genes passed down from their parents. It’s a viscous cycle and will only get worse with each passing generation. I predict we will reach a point where the majority of the population will become sterile and unable to reproduce. It may seem crazy to you, but this is where we are heading. In fact, Dr. Price predicted this would happen almost 100 years ago due to lack of nutrition. It was well known back in the 1930s that the majority of the populations diet was deficient in key fat soluble vitamins and minerals. I see it everyday, all around me, the younger and generations are getting weaker and weaker. I’m not the only one seeing this phenomenon either..
      Also, sorry for the typos in my previous post, i was trying to write that on my phone.

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