TIME&PAST LIVES RELATIONSHIP Something to wrap your mind around.

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This blog may be quite disturbing for most people but it is necessary for us to start understanding the truth about the world we are the part of.

Since we are in the time of awakening, there is no better way to start this process than destroying the illusion of time.

Many people have heard about the concept of multidimensional time but I do not think that there is anybody on this planet who really understands how this really works. We are experiencing our lives in a linear motion. A mother delivers a child, this child grows up and becomes an adult. This adult ages and dies.

This is a linear process which we can see happening and this is why it is logical and easy to understand.

Then comes one religion telling you that in the future Jesus Christ will return and raise all those that follow his ideology and give their money to the church, and he will raise them from their graves and make them immortal.

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This is a bit harder to swallow since we cannot understand how can a decayed skeleton become a living human again, but if the man in the dark clothes who represents God says so, we accept this, after all, he is ordained by God himself.

But, from the East comes this idea of reincarnation. The Hindus and the Buddhists are telling us that after we die, we return to live again but in another body. We have multiple lives and every new life is a response to the past life in which we are to correct the mistakes we did in the past life.

This concept is harder to swallow but if Jesus can resurrect us, there could be the possibility of living again.

If you are borne in the society with one set of beliefs, you become programmed to accept it but then you have a real difficulty to change your opinion later. This is where the clash of different understandings creates a divide and animosity between people who are eager to defend their personal belief.

Now, you can believe one or the other version because they were explained to you and in this way, they were inserted into you operational program.

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As we started awakening, the concept of the manifestation came in. This teaches us that we can change this experience of ours that we call the reality simply by envisioning the change and believing in it.

This is another thing that is not easily accepted but since it is happening in the linear time we are familiar with, we grow into accepting it and we can utilize it to make our life experience easier. We can even utilize this knowledge to heal ourselves by using it as a placebo effect in the healing process.

Recently a universal message came telling us to focus on the NOW. Only in the present moment, you can make any change you desire. Thinking about the past events and focusing on what will be coming does not serve you at all because you cannot influence any changes in them at the moment and they only bring more time.

How can thinking about something that will happen in the future bring more time?

I am sure that everyone has experienced that when we have a great time and we do something that we like to do and really enjoy it, it seems like the time flew by. It looks like everything has happened in an instant.

I remember when I was young, the school-days were dragging forever. The classes of the subjects I did not like seemed to go forever and sometimes one minute lasted an hour.

But when the vacation came, it just flew by. It was over before it really begun.

The way we look at this is with a reasoning that enjoying something makes it seem to go by faster, but in “reality” this is just an illusion. After all, our clocks are telling us the time.

Well, as Dolores Cannon said, the extra-terrestrials are laughing at us. They say, leave it to the human to invent how to measure something that does not exist.

This is a real mind-boggling statement wouldn’t you say?

The time does not exist? How is this possible?

What about my grandparents and the events of our past? What about our future that we are planning? There is the time that was, a time that is, and the time that is to come. This is obvious, isn’t it?

If there is no time, how can we expect Jesus to come and save us?

How can we explain all those past lives we have lived and we were told about?

What makes the life possible if there is no time?

Well, we are told that everything happens in the present. That we are living all of our life experiences at the same time. Now, this is very difficult for our mind to wrap itself around.

This concept of no time I believe cannot even be explained clearly enough so that our mind can take a grip on it.

Imagine the time to be a straight line. So when you write a word you put every character separately one letter after the other on this line so when you read it one after the other you get a word.

Now imagine that there is no line and you write one letter over the other. Now you end up with a smudge that you cannot read. This would point to the conclusion that the time must exist otherwise many things would be impossible to do.

This is only because of our concept, our programmed “reality”.

The truth is that everything is just an energy and as such, it leaves an energetic (electromagnetic) imprint that we can sense. Every letter represents a symbol and so does the written word. This symbol represents a thought of the person that wrote it and it does not matter if it is put in a linear fashion or if it is written one on top of each other. The energetic imprint of the thought is represented in that smudge and it can be sensed. There are people that can just hold a book in their hand and tell you not only what is in it, but also what was the writer trying to say with what he wrote, the writer’s interpretation of the events which we can never do by simply reading the text.

It is always the thought. This is where the power is.

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There is no surprise now when you think of what Jesus said. “Be careful of what you are thinking”.

Now, how do we translate this into the subject of time?

Time is a thought expressed through the field of energy, the same as everything else, and it has no end and it has no beginning, it simply is, it simply exists it does not happen.

As our thoughts are created one after the other, they are piling up waiting to be materialized and experienced. We can space them apart and put them in a linear aspect, or we can overlap them, there is no difference as long as one comes after the other. This is why the extraterrestrials cannot give us a time of an event. They can only let us know what will have to happen before the expected event occurs. They cannot judge how long it will take because it all depends on us and our concept of procrastinating through the delay of our thinking about the future events. By us thinking that the time has to pass so that we can neatly place things in a linear fashion, we are creating the time.

When this is applied to the concept of the reincarnation, it shows us that we are experiencing all of our lives which are connected to this experience that we call the life on the planet Earth in the same moment of time. They all coexist together. The term for this is parallel life.

I have told you that this will be a strange blog so to make it easier to even consider as a possibility I want you to listen how brilliantly Dolores Cannon explains it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpnGUJ5DFH8&w=953&h=536]

Please do not flip. We are all just learning the truth step by step.

Does this have anything to do with the health?

Of course. One parallel life can influence what is happening in the other parallel life because they are the thoughts of the same spirit. This is the spirit of One who knows everything but it is playful and wants to experience more through this game we call the life.

Love and light to us all.

5 thoughts on “TIME&PAST LIVES RELATIONSHIP Something to wrap your mind around.”

  1. How come she is so fat, grey and in obvious poor health?
    I have a hard time listening to anyone who looks really unhealthy..after all, if you can not understand and control your own health..Well, frankly, what could you possibly understand.. or have to offer me?
    I consider what Darko is saying because he sort of walks the walk…

    1. Mark, most people do not have control over their desires.
      Dolores was a hipnotherapist and her knowledge comes from direct communication with a higher-self through her clients. She discloses fantastic thing brother.

    1. Mark, not at all.
      One of my clients had the Ayahuasca ceremony recently and he asked the Ayahuasca mother (spirit) if he was doing the things correctly by following my protocol and the Ayahuasca replied that he can trust me fully because She said that ” Darko is an old wise spirit”.
      You can imagine how this boosted my trust in what I am doing brother.

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