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We often have a tendency to attribute the worsening of our health to the aging process. There is no difference when it comes to the loss of our hair.

When you express your concern about your hair-loss and you are over thirty years old male, “this is normal” will be the response of your trusted health guru.

After the quick question quiz about your family, doctor will decide if he/she can play the genetic card, the autoimmune card or if it can slap it onto an existing health problem like diabetes, Lupus, hypothyroidism, AIDS, iron deficiency, a hormonal problem or whatever else he may use to show his expertize. This is important so that the trusting relationship can be established through which all of the future poisons (medicines) will be sold which will most likely have absolutely no beneficial effect.

The same as it is with all of the other health problems, a hair-loss is a symptom and not a disease. This means that when a doctor slaps your hair-loss to an existing hypothyroid problem, he/she is admitting that they know absolutely nothing about the subject. How can you blame one symptom to be caused by another symptom?

This is like saying that the reason your engine stalled is that a red light indicator of low fuel went on. The engine had stalled because no fuel was available. The empty fuel-tank and the red indicator light were just the warnings of what will happen, they are the symptoms. The cause is the absence of the fuel. The red light did not empty the fuel tank and neither was the fuel tank emptied because the red warning light went on. One symptom cannot influence the other symptom.

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This is why it is ridiculous and a waste of time to attribute one symptom to another one when we are looking for a solution to a problem. This only shows a confusion and misunderstanding of the problem.

If your mechanic does not check if there is a fuel in the tank and immediately starts to recommend changing the wiring or the electrical connections to the red warning light, there is something wrong with this mechanic wouldn’t you say? You will most likely never go back to this mechanic ever again but when your doctor does this, we keep coming back again and again, and again……..

Why is this so? Why do we do this?

Why do we return again and again to the same doctors when all that they do is fiddle with the symptoms?

The reason is simple. We are doing what we are told by the experts with diplomas and the white coats with a stethoscope around their neck.

If you wonder why the stethoscope? The stethoscope is used as a symbol of the medical profession you have to submit to as an inferior patient.

When doctors use their stethoscope, they are checking a symptom really for no reason at all since they have no clue what causes them. It is just to give the symptom a name, a box which will justify a medicinal remedy of a poison which will hopefully temporarily suppress those symptoms. Doctors are not told to look for the real culprit and even if they want to find it, they cannot because they do not possess the knowledge to go there.

As it is with all of the chronic health problems so it is with the hair loss.

The doctor’s reasoning is a simple process.

If you have all of the symptoms of the hypothyroidism and your hair is thinning, the hypothyroidism must be the cause of this.

Since one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is a change of the hormonal blood values, the hair-loss is probably related to those changes.

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Another symptom of hypothyroidism is slowing down of the cellular metabolism, so this also could be the reason of the hair-loss. Wait a minute, if all those changes could be somehow influencing one symptom against another, maybe the hair-loss is the cause of the hypothyroidism?

Utilizing a medical reasoning, this is a viable question but even a child would laugh at this scenario.

I am just explaining the stupidity that is involved here and the level of the medical knowledge that we doctors receive in the Medical University.

I have used hypothyroidism as an example but the same line of thoughts is used in every medical evaluation. This is why if your blood picture is clear, with no apparent problems, doctors declare us healthy and say that it is all in our head, that we are imagining not feeling good.

If all your values are good, you cannot absolutely be sick, this is what doctors believe.

Believe what you can see and touch because that is the only thing that exists. This is the fundamental base of our science and here we are fundamentally wrong. Often we can feel the pain when all of our blood values are in order. You cannot see or touch the pain, you cannot prove that the pain exists, you cannot measure its intensity, but you can still feel it.

Since fundamentally everything is just an expression of energy, with the more sophisticated equipment we are able to prove more and more things which we could not do before.

Now, as we return to the issue of a hair-loss, everyone who is following my work by reading my blogs and communicating with me already knows the answer.

What is common for all of the chronic problems and why do they occur?

The first symptom and the cause of all our chronic health problems is a toxic blood.

Why is a toxic blood a symptom?

Because there are many different toxins that can be found in the blood including the medicinal remedies or over-saturation with unnecessary supplements and vitamins which are the culprit’s of a toxic blood.

The toxic blood becomes the culprit of the cellular toxicity since our cells will refuse to hydrate with the toxic blood.

Another reason for the cellular dehydration and acidity is the lack of the cellular energy.

The dehydrated and acidic cells cannot maintain proper electrical charge and they rely on the energy that they receive from the brain.

This is why a lack of such energy further dehydrates the cells by preventing them from producing the potassium and engaging the cellular osmotic pump.

Here you see the stress connection with a chronic health problem.

This is why a toxic blood and stress are the basic culprits that can manifest a symptom of a hair-loss.

Here is a video in which you can clearly see how a cleansing of the body helped the hair-growth.


Now here you had heard how eating mostly raw vegetables made this miraculous change.

Well, you know that by eating raw vegetables we are actually starving and cleansing the body and you can see the dramatic change on this man’s skin.

It was not the vegetables, it was the cleansing process.

Using additional remedies as topical additives are unnecessary and something you have to pay for which has no real health benefit.

Sometimes those medicinal things can reduce the inflammation because it prevents the cellular forced hydration. This can sometimes result with temporary improvement but in the long run, unless you cleanse your blood, and subsequently your cells, no lasting benefit will be achieved.

This is another reason why to use “The Self Healers Protocol”.

Keep in mind that the skin is a blood cleansing organ and the detoxification of the blood will show symptoms on your skin.

If you are very toxic on the cellular level, you may actually experience faster hair-loss during the cleansing period since your blood will become very polluted from your cellular garbage that ended up in it.

As soon as the blood cleanses, the hair will start coming back in a full force.

During heavily toxic body detoxification one can lose all the hair from the body. This is the case of chemotherapy, but it can also happen if your cells are really extremely toxic and you start with a fast detoxification with water and the sea salt protocol.

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There are also people with a deeply suppressed emotional problem that is trapped in a gene and it can even come from the past life or from an inherited gene of a family. Because we are not aware of it we can’t release this energy and it can cause our boldness. Such cases are not that rare and are the causes of many chronic health problems.

Here a past live retraction or getting in touch with your spirit through Ayahuasca, for example, can resolve this problem.

The clean blood is always the first necessity in every healing process.

Love and light to us all.

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  1. I am also experiencing with my clients in the past few years that losing hair is part of our ascension process for some people along with weight gain.

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