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Once we get into our fifties, if we are not medicated we become the targets of our health experts and they will use any persuasive or scare-tactic they can to put us on some type of medication, we like it or not.
This is a regular occurrence in the case of my wife’s parents. Because of their health plan, they have medical checkups every year and every year is the same old story.
They are being told that everything is good but because of their age, they should be taking a blood-thinner (aspirin), statin (to “control” the cholesterol), and a flu vaccine because flu in their age could be fatal.
My in-laws are losing their friends rapidly. Some of them are dying and those still living are avoiding them because they think that my in-laws do not want to share their problems with them. All of their friends every time they meet, talk about their health problems and what medicines they are taking. They compare the medication and exchange their experiences.
Often they say, “this medicine is fabulous, I am taking it for 20 years and I feel really good”. They do not even realize the stupid comments they are making. If the medication did not help them in 20 years, maybe and most likely, they would feel even better if they would not be taking it in the first place. It obviously has no effect on them. They could as well be using a placebo and have a better effect.
My wife’s parents find themselves isolated since they have no health problems and they do not use any medication which as their friends are concerned is a lie and an impossibility.
The same sentiment is shared by their doctors.
I am starting to receive more and more often letters from my friends who follow my protocol expressing the same problem.
Most of them are being pressured into accepting some kind of medication often accompanied by a dose of fear through misinterpretation of medical facts.
God forbid if you tell your doctor that you are eating meat and raw eggs and drinking water with sea salt diluted in it.
Two taboos will be immediately addressed, hypertension and cholesterol.
Doctors are so brainwashed by the teachings of the medical university that it is impossible for them to engage a single neuron to light the bulb in their brain and just maybe, trigger a thinking process.
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With the fire in their eyes they will spew out how dangerous is what you are doing and that whoever suggested something like this to you, should be imprisoned and their medical license should be revoked because they are endangering your life.
The fact that your blood cholesterol is normal and your blood pressure is low, does not faze them at all. The oxidative stress is happening and your body is aging. This makes you brittle and weak and as the doctors are concerned, it is just a matter of time before you will croak.
This type of thinking is systematically implanted into our sub-conscience in many different ways but mostly through our mis-educational system and the major media They all dance to the same tune.
Exactly the same message we are receiving from the alternative medicine.
The alternative medicine is bashing the mainstream allopathic medicine and its systematic drugging of the population while it is using the same false knowledge to explain how you have to supplement your nutrition and reinforce your immune system through the “natural” medicinal poisons which they are eager to sell to you in all kinds of colorful “natural” packaging like it was just picked off of a tree.
This is just like a blind leading a blind and awaiting a miracle in a hope to see one day.
Since we had all been forced to go through this universal brainwashing schooling system, its residue is there and it takes a strong mind to resist this badgering of a licensed health “expert” and his/her professional opinion.
If you want to know for sure that the doctor has been fulled by the system simply ask him/her some questions like for example:
How bad is the cholesterol?
If your health experts mention a good and bad cholesterol, immediately, you can tell that they had no clue and whatever else they try to sell to you is just a smoke. There is no such an animal as a bad cholesterol and they should know this. Even when we eat the cholesterol, we cannot absorb it because we cannot absorb foreign protein. Cholesterol breaks down in our digestive tract into amino acids and fatty acids and only they are absorbed. Your body uses them to create what is necessary so if your body does not need extra cholesterol, it will not produce it. On the other side, if your body needs extra cholesterol, it will produce it utilizing the fat or glucose and protein to make it.
Blaming elevated cholesterol on the food we just ate only proves how little this health “expert” knows about the body he is supposed to heal.
The same you can do if they mention that salt raises the blood pressure. This is also a tale of fake knowledge.
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Another lie is that salt causes a water retention. If that would be the case, all sea divers would suffer from a water retention and in fact, none does. They are absorbing huge amounts of sea salt daily whenever they are diving and they actually feel great.
Matter of fact, we all feel great when we are swimming in the sea because our body is absorbing large quantities of water and sea salt which stimulates blood cleansing and healing.
If they suggest that you have to protect yourself from the sunlight to avoid a skin cancer is another tale of a brainwashing. The sunlight is an absolute necessity in transforming the cholesterol into a hormone we call vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is a transporter of a GcMAF marker necessary to point your immune system in the right direction to destroy cancer so it is actually contrary to what we have been told.
If they suggest a low salt diet especially when you have a kidney problem they have absolutely no clue how the body works. The sea salt and water are absolutely necessary for the proper workings of your kidneys which we have not been told in the medical school.
If your doctor suggests that eating a red meat causes a colon cancer, you are better asking a parrot for a health advice.
If your health expert advises you not to eat a lot of eggs or pork so that you do not raise a cholesterol in your blood he/she are not fit to talk about a diet what so ever.
If you hear a health expert saying not to eat too many ripe bananas to control your weight by not getting too heavy, they are just like a tape-recorder repeating what they were told and it is all wrong knowledge since a raw banana has close to 0 calories that your body will receive from it since all of the carbs are packed within the cellular membrane which is made of cellulose and your digestion cannot penetrate it.
When we eat and hydrate correctly, our body will not show the signs of aging for many years so 90-year- old is just a teenager. There is no need to be concerned about its health.
The last time I had my health checked was when I had a motorcycle accident in my late twenties. I do not plan to have a “parrot” advising me on my health any day soon and neither should you. No good will come out of it.
So if for some reason you have to get your doctors bill of health, do not allow him to bully you into taking some poisons. You do not need them no matter what your age is especially if you are following the Self Healers Protocol.
Since you are following my work, you understand more about your body than any brainwashed doctor does and you can use this article to back you up.
There is a great awakening happening and more and more doctors are realizing their limitations but such doctors will support your decisions not to take any drugs.
If they do not, ditch them.
Love and light to us all.

9 thoughts on “YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR BLOODWORK DONE! Says who?”

  1. At 62, my health is good & I’m on no medications. I would think my family & friends would be interested in knowing how I do that, but no one asks, they prefer to sit around and compare their illnesses & medications !!!! Thank You for sharing these articles & keeping us on the healthy path . . . . It is so difficult to pass by “traditional picnic food” in the summer time, I LOVE potatoe salad !!!! (((((warm hugs))))) to you Darko . . . .

  2. Hi Darko,
    Does blood work show any more than a point in time?
    I mean if our cell genes are changing 60 times a second, how is readout of blood meaningful?
    Is blood slow to change? If so, why?
    How quickly does our cholesterol change, and why?
    Thank you.

    1. Mikie the speed of genetic reaction is one thing and the cellular respond to it the result that is visible on the bloodwork is another brother.
      Level of blood cholesterol is adjusted to the cellular demand and not to the availability of the ingredients.
      As soon as the cellular demand it taken care of, the cholesterol drops to the standard programmed levels. We are talking hours brother.

  3. How do they come up with normal lab values and are they actually accurate for both people with the non-Protocol and the Protocol way of eating?

    1. Becky, what we call the “normal” values are the common values regularly found in people. Since there is probably no one who eats the food of God we actually have no clue what should the parameters be.

  4. Darko, I’m curious what happens when we follow the sea salt and water protocol in the absence of potassium rich foods. I hardly get any potassium rich foods besides meat

    1. Mark I explain in my book and in several of my articles that we cannot absorb potassium from our food. Our body makes it and to do this we need sodium, oxygen and energy.

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