WHO is saving the human kind again!

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The always vigilant, well-funded world health organization (WHO) has proved again that the billions of dollars it receives annually are well spent as their scientists are constantly vigilant in discovering the causes of illnesses humans are suffering from and protecting the humankind from them.

The newest demand that WHO is issuing is for a bacon to be labeled the same as cigarettes and pesticides as a carcinogenic substance.

Now you can rest and sleep in peace, the WHO is watching over you, my brothers and sisters.

Here is the article from a Science Alert:


Not surprisingly the research is done in a Great Britain, the cradle of medical, scientific stupidity.

The researchers do not focus on the ingredients that are added to the meat product as preservatives. They simply imply that all red meats are carcinogens as well.

Again and again, there is no separation in specification between the raw meat and the cooked one.

I can not believe that someone is actually getting paid for this nonsense and that this stupidity is actually considered and published in the media.

The Medical Press dances to the same tune:


Obviously, the word of the correct diet is spreading like a wildfire and efforts are being made to frighten people into submission and keep them dumb and happy by loading them with sugar.

I am always warning people not to eat commercially preserved meat products. They are toxic and cause health problems, especially leukemia but, colon cancer?

All cancers including the colon cancer are caused by a toxic blood and a lack of a cellular energy within a particular organ. The great majority of colon cancer sufferers are vegetarians and see-food-eaters ( those that eat everything they see).

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Since a great majority of people are see-food-eaters, it is normal that they will make the highest percentage of colon cancer sufferers out there.

If we consider the percentages suggesting that an overwhelming majority of people who eat dry meat products are eating commercial, cheap, fast curred, salamis, sausages, frankfurters, and ham.

For those who do not know the difference, in the past, the traditional way of preserving meats and meat product involved drying them up.

For example, the Prosciutto or Prsut as we call it in Croatia is a leg of pork that was dipped into a solution of water and sea salt and kept there for several days. Then it is put on a piece of wood or a flat stone with another wood or stone on top of it and let there so that as much of water as possible is being squeezed out. More weight is added as the leg of a pork gets thinner and thinner. When it is as dry as it can bee, it is smoked for several days so that the flies do not lay their eggs on it and it is left on a breeze to dry some more.

When it is hard as a rock, it can be stowed away and it will not spoil. It is eaten predominantly raw and it is a delicacy. It has to be cut very thin since it is very tough and cannot be chewed otherwise.

As you can see, this is a lengthy process and the modern money grabbing industry has no patience for something like that. Nowadays, the fresh leg of pork is injected through the vein with a solution of sodium and potassium sulfate and nitrate, with other additives and artificial aroma of smoke is added as well.

Today’s Prsut does not see the real smoke and breeze. It is moist and resembles a ham which is prepared in a similar way. Couple of years ago a friend presented me with a gift of an expensive Parma Prosciutto from Italy and I thought that it was a ham, that how bad and moist it was.

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What used to preserve the meat products was the dryness of the meat but today this is achieved with a toxic additive that prevents the meat from auto-digesting itself. If the meat cannot be digested, how can it be of any value as your nourishment?

It becomes obvious that modern meat products are non-digestible and toxic. They remain in the intestines for long periods of time and slowly decay-causing toxicity and bad odor.

Also, a toxic table salt is used in the process adding to the meats toxicity.

The corporate meat-curing techniques are fast but they produce toxic garbage and since we do not know better we continue to call it our food.

Comparing a fresh red meat to this chemically poisoned garbage can be done only as a form of deliberate misguidance because I refuse to believe that our doctors and scientists are so stupid and brainwashed to actually agree with this nonsense but then I stumble on an article like this one


which proves me wrong. Many doctors and scientists are actually that stupid and brainwashed.

How can one have a title of a scientist if they do not perform scientific experiments?

It is impossible to relay on statistic data if the objects of the statistics are all utilizing the wrong diet. Having more or less of some toxic food will not add much difference to the result of the study.

The most common error all doctors and “scientists” make is by agreeing that when toxins are taken in moderation, they do not create a health hazard.

The most popular advice one will hear from his/her doctor is; have it in moderation.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Eat sugar in moderation

Drink coffee in moderation

Have Coca-Cola in moderation

Only someone who has absolutely no clue about how our body works can give such advice.

I often talk about it, it is not the amount that creates a chronic disease, it is the daily presence of a mild toxin that does that job. This is why the medicinal remedies are so dangerous. They are mild toxins. They prevent cellular hydration so if they are ingested on a regular basis, they little by little dehydrate our cells and make them toxic which is the pathway to a chronic health problem.

Since the cells cannot hydrate in the presence of toxins in the blood, they slowly dehydrate and become acidic and toxic themselves. Without water, cells cannot cleanse so they keep those toxins within their cellular membrane. If they do not detoxify, they do not manifest symptoms associated to a detoxification process such as a runny nose, phloem, vomiting, diarrhea, fever or skin eczema but because of the cellular dehydration, allergies appear.

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Since the vegetation defends itself through toxic deterrent, vegans and vegetarians will develop these problems in time. First, they pride themselves never to have the flu or feeling sick with an exemption of allergies but I can assure you that in time, sometimes it takes 30 years, the body will collapse and recovery even with the Self Healers Protocol is a painful and slow process.

Do not wait to the point when your body starts presenting you with symptoms of health problems.

Give it a try and make your own experiment. It does not require any medication or supplements. It is cheap. Al it takes is a will to try.

The WHO is feeling obligated to do something to validate its existence so they are using a fake science to attack what is left to us as a healthy source of nutrients while they are promoting vaccination and spreading AIDS and other diseases through the World.

Global health | Doctor wearing gloves holds globe royalty-free stock photo

Please contribute by making a donation, it will be greatly appreciated and if you have more than enough, consider to finance a humanitarian action where we help many people who are in bad health not just by educating them but also by feeding them and ensuring that they have a good quality water and sea salt available so that they can heal themselves.

Love and light to us all.

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  1. I just gave Darko $21 USA dollars.
    (Has Ben given a dollar yet…? :___0( -Oh, Ben knows better than the teacher! I forgot, we are all here to applaud ThighBEN!)
    My whole life I have been confused about Cured Meats..In one quick 400 word blog, I have total understanding of cured meats: Dry and Hard!
    -Makes me realize, I have not seen cured meat in 50 years!
    Darko is a genius of health.

  2. Sodium nitrite (pink salt) is use to cure bacon. Is this good salt? If not what kind of salt do I use to cure bacon?

    1. Jeri, nitrates are toxic. They are used in the food industry as stabilizers and preservatives because they prevent decomposition of meat and pigment so that the preserved meat holds its color. This makes them none-digestible. They are the direct cause of colon cancer and other intestinal problems related to intestinal inflammation.
      Use the sea salt and dehydrate the bacon. Love and light.

  3. Hi Darko!
    I stumbled across this video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJlCjayk1HQ), and it’s the closest thing I’ve seen to your ideas in the “mainstream”. It looks like she is on the right track because she feels so much better. All she eats is beef, salt and water. I think the next step for her is to eat more raw and use real sea salt.
    Her dad seem to have success as well with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLF29w6YqXs
    If you have time, could you maybe watch these and write a blog post about it? They seem to be on the right track, and they don’t know *why* it works but it does. It would be interesting to hear your take on this Darko, as I said it’s the first time I’ve seen something *close* to your ideas in the mainstream – and something in my brain has clicked and I finally FEEL it make sense. Before I only logically knew you are right, but now I definitely feel it and I’m ready to start with your protocol.
    Another thing I learned is that you won’t get scurvy when you eat like this, because Vitamin C is apparently mainly used when eating carbs. Their molecules is very similar it seems so you’d need a lot of Vitamin C when eating carbs.

    1. Mikhaila Peterson looks extremely unhealthy. And her jumpiness indicates a jumping unsound mind. Even her speech is garbled.
      I think your judgement for success is amazingly low.
      Please read Darko’s books and please read all his postings again.
      You are far – very far from understanding Darko Healthy Protocol.

      1. You didn’t actually watch the videos or read what I said, did you? She was very sick, she got better on an all meat diet, but she still got allergies and stuff so obviously she isn’t 100% healthy. I’m not advocating HER diet, but it is the closest thing to Darkos that I’ve seen in the “mainstream” so I was curious on Darkos take on it. Please read what you are replying to before jumping to conclusions.

      2. I watched the video.
        I agree with Johnnie, Mikhaila Peterson is almost impossible to understand. Mikhaila Peterson is also extremely jittery.
        I honestly had a hard time understanding what she is saying, since she mumbles, has her hand often in front of her mouth.. Probably high on weed or cocaine, I would like to see her blood tested for drugs.
        Is Mikhaila Peterson 40 – 60 years old, I could not tell?
        I am sorry if I am not agreeing with you..but I am giving you my honest opinion.
        -Do you have any one else you want us to audition?

    2. David, as you know by now, everything we are being told is wrong. Mikhaila has allergies because she is dehydrated on the cellular level, that’s all that allergy is.
      Meat has plenty of vitamin C and we absorb it very easy through a meat diet.

  4. Check out Biltong from my country of South Africa. Has to be the best dried beef snack in the world. And it’s not the same as beef jerky. It’s much better. And its really easy to make. 
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  5. Biltong Ingredients Nutrition. 2 kg filet of beef. 150 ml red wine vinegar. 50 ml Worcestershire sauce. 2 tablespoons coriander seeds, coarsely ground. 1 tablespoon black pepper, coarsely ground. 50 g fine sea salt. 150 g brown sugar. 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda.

  6. Darko I’m just curious, how did you come to the conclusion that sea salt was the best way to cleanse the blood and hydrate? I tend to look towards ancient tribes for a lot of my health advice and many were extremely healthy despite a low salt diet. The Inuit were well known for not consuming any salt because they frequently drank blood. In fact, many of these tribes hardly consumed water. Most wild animals consume only tiny amounts of water as well.
    I’m not saying salt is bad, but I’ve done experiments on myself and there is only so much sea salt I can consume before water retention begins to occur despite how much water I may consume. I also notice I become almost numb to everything emotionally when I consume too much sea salt and am more prone to developing headaches.
    I’ve also been following a meat base diet for over 8 years with a short 2 month experiment with vegan (never again) and to be honest I’ve never really craved salt at all during this time or prior. I’m always looking for ways to maximize my health but I find too much sea salt is counterproductive. I seem to do well with only small amounts and noticed sipping water only when thirsty can help retain the minerals and vitamins.

    1. Mark, to receive the knowledge that I posses now was an inside job. I started to ask my spirit for help and in times of inner peace (meditation) I started to receive”ideas”. Since they were often contrary to what I was told in medical school, I started experimenting and bit by bit my understanding of everything changed.
      If you experience a water retention when drinking water with sea salt, your blood circulation is compromise.
      If you experience diarrhea after you drink water with sea salt, you are toxic.
      Healthy people do not have any symptoms when they drink water with sea salt whatsoever. If you experience headache, joint stiffness, muscular pain….you are damaged on a cellular level. In any case if you do not detoxify, you cannot heal brother.
      The animals in the nature know places where to go and load up on salt, and they do it regularly.
      Inuit people are obtaining all the salt by drinking blood and eating a raw meat and not eating dietary carbohydrates and toxic plant so they do not have to cleanse much. You cannot compare a human in a modern setting in a toxic environment to an wild creature brother.
      Accept my guide and you will cleanse an heal and for the first time in your life experience how it feels to live in a clean healthy body my brother.

  7. Dr. Darko…the sailors of old ate salt pork on their long voyages and developed scurvey due to lack of vitamin C – doesn’t pork contain Vitamin C?

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