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When we think of memories, we recall our experiences of the past. Everything that has happened in our lives can be recalled. Memories are reminders of thing that had happened to us and as a reminder, they are making us more aware of things that can happen when we are in situations that could be potentially dangerous.

You can be warned many times not to play with a razor because it is very sharp and it can easily cut you. The warnings will do a little in preventing you from playing with the razor until one day you accidentally cut yourself.

Getting injured has now become the experience you needed to get so that you fully understand the meaning of this danger. After you had your experience you will become more aware of the danger and every time that you touch the razor, you will recall the incident and you will be extremely careful not to do the same mistake again.

What is a memory?

As we know by now, everything that we experience is just our brain’s interpretation of electromagnetic frequencies that we are exposed to.

The brain transforms those frequencies into everything that we see and experience.

For example, a dog is identified by the brain and as he walks, its energy is moving through the energetic field of the space around him. Since space is energy, it has its electromagnetic properties. Now when the dog is moving through this energy field, his electromagnetic field is making a disturbance on the electromagnetic field of the space he is going through. This electromagnetic disturbance will remain after the dog had walked away and it can be picked up by sensitive equipment. Also, the electromagnetic trail will be picked up by another sensitive electromagnetic detector we call the telomere.

This means that our cells are aware of things that we are not, since the telomeres are the antennas of the DNA that inform our genes of the environment around them.

Once our cells have the information, it is obvious that our brain has the information as well but the information was not a part of our conscious experience.

Why is this so?

I believe that the reason we are not aware of everything that is happening or has happened in the environment around us is that we are not living in the present, observing and feeling the environment we live in, and another reason may be the distraction the deep awareness may bring.

Memory cartoons, Memory cartoon, funny, Memory picture, Memory pictures, Memory image, Memory images, Memory illustration, Memory illustrations

Can you just imagine if you have to concentrate on doing one thing and you are aware of everyone that is thinking about you and you are detecting everything that has happened on this spot you are in now during the centuries or millennium before this present time? It could be quite confusing and noisy don’t you think?

Our experience of the environment around us comes in photographic images. A million times a second, a new picture is taken of the space around us. We remember only the things we are focusing on. The rest we ignore and do not remember. This is why we have different experiences and different memories from the same event.

For example, a woman meets a handsome guy. She will remember his eyes, his mouth, his shirt and pants, his shoes and socks and the hairstyle he had. She will remember what they spoke about, what they have been drinking and eating, even though she ate very little.

On the other side, the man will from the same experience remember her face, her chest, her hips, and legs. Everything else will be lost as it was not rendered important from the man’s point of view.

Since we have a photographic memory, how can all the other things be lost?

They really are not lost. They are embedded in the electromagnetic field of the photograph and they will stay there forever only the conscious mind will not be able to recall them since there was no attention given to them during the event. This does not mean that the information is lost and can never be recalled again. You may recall things in your dream or while having another experience some details from the past may be recalled as a warning or a reminder.

The photographic images are the imprints of the electromagnetic field and same as a tape recorder or a memory chip, this electromagnetic imprint will remain stored forever or until the electromagnetic field around us disappears. Same as the computer would lose all its memory if it would be cut off of the electromagnetic charge so it has to have a battery to support this field when the computer is not in use or plugged into the electrical outlet.

When we are hypnotized we can recall the events fully and remember things that we have never been fully aware of. But there is something stranger than this.

In the deep hypnotic state, we can recall being in the womb, being born but we can also remember past lives and many of them have nothing to do with our parents.

How is it possible to retain memories of events that are not related to our body or to our parents as we received their genetic pool?

Where have been those memories stored, and how did we receive them into our brain since this is a new body that was not exposed to those old electromagnetic photographs we call the memories of experiences?

To explain this I have to use channeled information because there is no other way at the present time, to obtain this knowledge.

The planets are living conscious bodies. All life on the planet is activated by its resonance. Those frequencies the planet is emitting are influencing the genetic activation.

As we know, Earth’s Schuman frequency activates the protein and the genetic expression of all life on the planet Earth. Every experience of the disturbed electromagnetic field is being recorded. The information is then stored within crystals. The crystals of this planet are the library of Earths history.

When we accomplish our task and pass all the experiences we decided to have during our life time, we leave our old body behind. Our spirit has to go and offload the stored experiences as they are the records that belong to the mother Earth. This is done in a crystal cave deep within the Earth where every spirit that has ever reincarnated on this planet left its mark.

If our spirit decides to return and reincarnate again on Earth, before it can enter the fetus, the spirit has to visit the crystal cave. Here it will reload the complete databank of all previous experiences it had on this planet and bring them into the new body.

Since the receiving and emitting antennas that are receiving and sending the electromagnetic information are telomeres of the DNA, our genes are directly involved in the memorizing effect as they are the one doing the decoding of the information.

Now it becomes clear why toxic people have reduced the ability to memorize things and to recall their memories.

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More toxic is the body, less energy flows through it and the telomeres coil up and shrink.

Such telomeres have more resistance to vibration and their receiving and emitting abilities are reduced. More pollution there is in the body, weaker is the electromagnetic field, tighter is the curl of telomeres, and they are shorter with the reduced scale of vibration. The reduced range of detected frequencies will limit the number of genes that will be stimulated to resonate, which limits the amount of information our cells will receive.

This limits the body of what it can experience and causes it to age and deteriorate.

On the other hand, the stored electromagnetic information of our previous experiences sometimes bubbles up into our sub conscience and creates vivid dreams and nightmares.

Since we operate mostly from our sub-conscience, we are not fully aware where do those images come from.

We can be suffering from phobias and nightmares not knowing where do they come from, what is triggering them and how to get rid of them.

As we are living in the time of changing frequencies where we are exposed to higher and higher resonance it is very important for our bodies to be clean of toxicity with a strong electromagnetic flow. This will allow a higher number of genes to resonate. This resonance will bring new information as it will create cellular changes but also more old information will be coming up with this resonance and we have to clear it out of our body.

This we can do easily by acknowledging them, forgive and ask for forgiveness. Then through deep respiration clear those energies and establish a new, clean field of energy for our body and Mother Earth alike.

I hope that this information is not too confusing and as strange as it sounds it will make it easier for you to understand what is happening in your life and why do you feel the way you do.

The more we understand what is happening, the easier it is for us to overcome our fear. The fear factor is the biggest energy consumer in our body that deprives our cells of energy and curls the telomeres.

Let go of the fear. Let your spirit take over. Trust your intuition and your gut feeling as they are directly influenced by your spirit and serve you as your guide.

Since your genes possess all the information that you need, you can easily extract this information using kinesiology, pendulum, and dousing.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and light to us all.

.the older one gets... there are moments there..   I understand, Maxine.


  1. Hi Darko,
    What about the “Mandela Effect”? Some people remember things that, when checked, in reality did not happen. One famous example is in the Star Wars movie, when supposedly Dark Vador would have said “Luke, I’m your father”, whereas if you check the video he says “No, I’m your father”.
    A simple and more straithforward exaplanation is that our memory is not reliable and we remember what makes the most sense to us, hence thousands of people remembering a wrong information.
    Or is there something else here?

    1. Guillaume, as I have mentioned the memory is an electromagnetic imprint caused by an original electromagnetic signal (event) but it can be caused by other sources as are our brain (subconscious thought) or someone else and our brain identified it.
      If someone beliefs that for example gold is in this place, this belief is electromagnetic disturbance that leaves its imprint. Now if douser comes to douse for gold he may receive this electromagnetic information and believes that there is gold there when in fact it is a false signal.
      Dousers often have this problem. This is why we have to erase the false signals an we can do this simply wit our request for the false signals to be eliminated.

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