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Many people are not satisfied with the way their body looks and the way they feel so they are realizing that movement is a necessary part of their life. This is the main reason why so many people, man, and women, are starting with some kind of exercising or activity programs. We often refer to this as the midlife crisis.

Why do we use the term “midlife crisis?”.

Because this usually happens when we notice boredom in our life, loss of enthusiasm and the necessity of changing the routine. So one day we look in the mirror and realize that our body has changed and not for better.

We realize that the body did not change and caused our inactivity.

Actually, it was the opposite. We have stopped to be active and as the result of it, our bodies have changed. So now we hit the gym, start hydrating and the miraculous recovery begins. It all goes well until we realize that whatever we do the belly continue having a bulge on it.

This is the same with men and women.

The toughest thing is to minimize this tummy bulge.

The cause of the stomach bulge is a higher accumulation of adipose tissue (fat cells) on the midriff of our bodies. As we have been accumulating excess weight, the adipose tissue has expanded and now even when there is no fat present, this adipose tissue creates a bulge on the stomach and the kidney area of our body, the so-called love handles.

Fat woman picks up a thick layer of the stomach. On a white background.

Women do have more problem with this especially if they had a baby.

The reason for this is that the body is expecting another pregnancy so it tries to hold onto some reserve food (triglyceride) and more adipose tissue is formed to be able to handle the fat load during the pregnancy.

Often, after the baby was born, mothers do not go back to their routines. They change their lives, their baby becomes the center of their universe and everything changes. This is where the family problems often occur as the relation between the husband and wife change as well.

Usually, if the woman goes back to the routine she had before the baby was born, she loses the stomach fat and with the proper exercising and activity, she will regain her beautiful body not leaving a trace of previous pregnancy or pregnancies. This was common in European women. I know quite a few of them that preserved their great bodies and it is hard to believe that they were ever pregnant.

The stretched tissue will return to its original state. I have mentioned this in the past, the body does not support what it does not need.

Unfortunately, many women stop being physically active. They think that cooking and taking care of their children is physical enough. Stomach muscles are not getting any exercise and they atrophy. Remember, the body does not support what it does not need.

When the stomach muscles are weak, the pressure of the intestines, inner organs and the pulmonary expansion during breathing will extend the weak stomach muscle wall and the belly will bulge looking like the person is pregnant.

Strengthening the stomach muscles will make them hold tight wall and no bulging will occur.

In many articles like this one:

the belly pooch is mistakingly attributed to a condition with the medical term of diastasis recti.

Diastasis recti is a condition in which the stomach muscles separated on the seam of their connection. In another way, this is nothing more than a hernia.

Client 3 before

If inner organ makes a pressure on this separation, it will bulge out same as in a hernia when intestine show up under the skin as it has protruded through the muscles that create the stomach wall.

Exercising is recommended to solve this problem but although it is helpful it will take a long time and it may not solve this problem at all.

As you have been reading my post on the cellular dehydration of muscles, you know the real reason why hernias occur and what has to be done for them to heal. I explain this also in my book The Owners Manual For The Human Body.

Briefly explained, dehydrated cells of a muscle will lose elasticity and diminish in their size. The same will happen with the muscle in which they reside. Since the stomach cavity is formed by crisscrossing groups of muscles, as those muscles get thinner and lose flexibility, openings start to appear. With increased abdominal pressure (lifting an object) intestines or nearby organ can protrude through this intestinal wall and this we call a hernia. Often we can feel the muscle opening before intestines bulge out and we refer to these openings as hernias as well.

Since we are not using these muscles because we are inactive, our body does not pay much attention to them and the muscles of the stomach wall get weaker and weaker to the point of becoming mushy and break easily. The surgeons are aware of this since surgically repairing such muscles is impossible. They just keep breaking.

This means that in the case of diastasis recti, hydration is a crucial part of muscular healing and has to be part of the recovery protocol.

As you know by now, no cellular hydration can take a place without the sea salt so following the Self Healers Protocol will solve the problem.

Most people with pudgy belly do not suffer from diastasis recti. This does not mean that the hydration is not necessary but proper diet and exercise are crucial.

To be able to reduce the adipose tissue we have to eat less so that not triglyceride is over produced.

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As we exercise we strengthen the stomach muscles which will keep the stomach wall tight and as the adipose tissue diminishes, so will diminish the belly flap.

We have the habit of eating three meals and more daily. This is unnecessary and causes problems. Eating once or twice a day is more than enough an if we skip eating occasionally that would be even better.

People who eat a lot of carbohydrates are often in a starvation mode as the energy is depleted so when they start eating they readily overeat. This triggers uncontrollable triglyceride production and most of this fat ends up in the adipose tissue.

I see this daily. Many people are exercising hard in the gym and their bodies look like a body of a truck driver. Chunky with big bellies.

Exercising is necessary but nothing can beat a proper diet.

There are many “experts” advising on the “best way to exercise” according to the result that you want to achieve but they all advise you to load up on carbohydrates. This is complete nonsense.

Eat the food of God, hydrate with water and sea salt and hit the gym.

If there is no time for the gym, walk and do 3-5 sprints several times a week.

This is going to force you to breathe deeply, oxygenate your body and tighten your muscles.

If you want to sculpt your body esthetically, working with weights under a supervision of a trainer will do miracles for your look and your health.

I am not a proponent of the more the better philosophy of bodybuilding.

Give me a body of Franc Zane and I would be very happy.

Frank Zane

If you are desperately trying to lose the belly podge and not succeeding, let me know and I will guide you there.

Love and light my brothers and sisters.



  1. A study published in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine found that a compound in red meat called L-carnitine is associated with the build up of plaque in arteries which causes heart attacks, strokes and vascular disease.
    Doc, any truth here?

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