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Before I get into the article I want to remind all of you that are contacting me personally and not leaving a reply on the post unless you attach your e-mail address, I cannot contact reply since your e-mail address is not automatically captured.

By leaving a comment, other people can benefit from your experience or a reply.

Many of you, my friends, are sending me messages of miraculous recoveries but who can really benefit from your testimonies are other readers who are skeptical or just not ready yet to make the plunge.

We are all aware of how different are the messages revealed here on this site and for most people, it is very difficult to accept things that are contrary to their beliefs. Hearing other people experiences could trigger the final decision to take the plunge and give it a try.

I have mentioned before in my articles that we can heal if we cleanse and change our diet. Since there is a lot of information about how to do this on this site, many of you are making the attempt of changing the way you eat and hydrate with water and sea salt. Many of you are successful in your attempt but many of you are not.

Why is it so?

In general, people are reasoning that if they just reduce the number of carbohydrates, hydrate and cleanse, their bodies will heal.

Unfortunately, this is not how it is.

To make it easier to understand I will go into the quantum aspect of our existence again.

Our body is a robot that responds to electromagnetic frequencies. When we eat our food, the food represents specific frequencies. Those frequencies stimulate our genes to vibrate. This vibration stimulates the cells to respond with an adequate reaction which we can see as cellular chemical changes.

If certain food makes our genes to vibrate in such a way that cellular chemistry changes, this means that this type of food is not to be used anymore.

If we continue eating such a food our cells have to adjust to it and for the cells to adjust, the genetic expression has to change. This usually ends with us showing symptoms of ill-health.

When we are sick, minimizing the amount of bad frequency will not allow the genetic recalibration since the bad frequencies are still present. We may slow down further deterioration but healing is out of the question.

For the body to heal, first the cells have to return to their normal working order and to do so the genetic expression has to be adjusted. For this to happen, a total absence of the bad frequencies is necessary. Only then the genes will start resonating correctly and return the cellular chemistry to where it should have been in the first place.

Readjusting the frequency we can do through the food, electronic frequency transmitters and our thoughts since thoughts are electromagnetic waves as well.

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Since we are most familiar with the food it is easier for us to understand what to eat to be healthy. This means that as far as the healing goes, no traces of the wrong foods can be present in our meal.

Many people ignore this fact or simply do not understand it and are surprised that not much improvement was achieved with their state of health and they did so much to change their diet.

So much is not enough if even a trace of the wrong food is present in the meal.

Often I receive a question about our intestinal microbiome and how to change or improve it so that it will stimulate our immune system in working better. I think that those questions are sparked by articles from the medical alternative and the supplement pusher sites but lately, the main medicine started publicizing the same nonsense as you can see from this article:

Here, the mainstream medicine acknowledges the fact that people have the wrong gut bacteria but instead telling the truth they are brainwashing people into accepting human source products as their food because they are “healthy for us”. When we accept this then we may easier accept the human flesh in the hamburgers and sausages we buy and the fetal tissue in the vaccines they stab us with.

Our World is becoming more and more Satanic each day.

Just about everything that is presented to us is fake and the truths are being censored and labeled as conspiracies. How do you know when journalists are lying to you?

Their lips are moving.

Unfortunately, not just journalists are liars. By sticking to their faulty beliefs and not being open to other information, almost all professors and doctors are liars as well.

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It is a known fact that the gut microbiome is supported by the food we eat. So is our microbiome is wrong, this means that we are eating the wrong food. Correct the food that you eat and your microbiome will change.

This is too simple for our sophisticated scientists and the industry cannot profit on such truth so false studies and narratives are promoted. Politics as before.

Fortunately, the humanity is awakening and we are realizing the truth. For those that have had the strength and courage to implement the new information, the era of the New Medicine has started already.

We are a self-healing organisms but for the healing process to start we have to adjust the frequencies.

We can do this by cleansing the wrong frequencies out of our cells and providing the beneficial frequencies which will readjust the genetic resonance.

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Do not hesitate to contact me because by me following your daily lifestyle I can catch the mistakes that you are making and guide you to faster recovery.

Within our genetic structure, there are imprints of old experiences that had happened to us a long time ago even in previous lives. Some of those frequencies are bulbing up with this energetic change we are in. They create fear and phobias. It is easier to deal with them when our body is healthy but sometimes psychological regression has to be performed for those thoughts to be acknowledged and released.

About this, some other time.

With love and light.



  1. Greetings Doctor Darko!!
    what do you think about Doctor Jack Kruse? He said artificial blue lights exposer and not getting sunlight is the cause of all most all diseases.
    He also said you can eat as much cooked carbohydrates in summer but less to no carbs in winter season and you will be fine. Your thoughts please
    Thank you.

    1. I am not familiar with Fr. Kruse work but from what you are mentioning his statements do not have any sense. Human metabolism does not change depending on the seasons and although the blue light is stripped of many beneficial frequencies, it is not going to cause severe toxicity.
      People work under the fluorescent lights for years with very mild influence on their health.’His statements do not hold the water brother.

  2. IMO, for Anjello to post his comment promoting carbs below your strictest article to date on why No Carbs should EVER go in body, is disrespectful.
    Not sure why you allow these “troll comments”…

  3. I don’t get it, Dr Darko. How can there be so many opinions on one subject? I follow your blogs and read things like glucose being bad, brain using fat for energy, ginger and turmeric being toxic if taken daily…..then I read Medical Medium saying glucose is good for brain, or Dr Mercola saying turmeric is excellent. Vegans say fat is bad. Paleo says fat is good and milk is bad. Humans are all different, but milk is milk. Ginger is ginger. Glucose is glucose. How can scientists not make a definitive answer? Its like they want to deliberately confuse us.

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