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Coming to this site with the knowledge implanted into our brain by the schooling system, things will be very confusing. This is why it does not surprise me when I receive requests from some of my followers to explain things in an easier fashion.

When I say “followers” I am referring to people who are open minded and willing to absorb a new, different information which is contrary from the one already stored in the brain performing the filtering action. The absorbed and accepted information serves as censoring an filtering device with which we evaluate the truthfulness of the new information that we are exposed to.

This is why I applaud every one of you to have the courage and expose yourselves to the new information without censoring and rejecting it. This new information will help you by expanding the information bank in your brain so that your brain can make a better job in calculating when making a new conclusion or decision.

I am always thinking about how to simplify my explanation of a complicated system and this is why I am using the food as an example since we are all familiar with it.

Because of the misinformation of the popular science, there are some “truths” floating around that are being used to confuse those who may be on a correct track.

One of that misinformation is a soluble fibre of vegetables used by our body to regulate the digestion, and another is the “bio-form of minerals” or so called the fulvic minerals.

When I wrote about the soluble fibre of plants, I had explained that there is no such an animal as soluble fibre. Since fibre is just another name for cellulose and cellulose cannot be digested, the idea of soluble fibre is incorrect. The parrots calling themselves health professionals are simply repeating this nonsense that was injected into the “science” by some reputable (miss-informative) source and is being repeated to an oblivion by everyone who wants to sound relevant and educated.

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Another lie perpetrated onto us by our health “experts” are the fulvic minerals.

The experts are claiming that minerals cannot be absorbed into our body and used by our cells unless they are in some kind of biologically accepted form. This is how the fulvic acid minerals were born. They are very important items for the supplement pushers because they give them revenue but as far as our health is concerned, they are all just a big joke.

You do not have to believe me, try it for yourself.

Start drinking diluted Sea water every day. The Sea water has all the minerals which are present in our blood. They are not fulvic (they are not mixed with the fulvic acid). They have been dissolved by running water from the earth and accumulated in the Sea. They are in the exact form for which our “scientists” claim is impossible for our body to accept them.

Soon after you start to drink the Sea water your symptoms of detoxification will start.

Many people incorrectly think that the salinity of the Sea water gives them diarrhea, phloem, and strange urine color.

Those are just a symptoms of your bodies detoxification. When you detoxify, the symptoms will disappear even if you continue drinking the Sea water.

Since not everyone lives near the Sea, the sea salt can be utilized and it will produce the same effect.

Everyone who is telling you that you have to eat vegetables so that you can get minerals is just a parrot repeating lies, and for all of you who are spending money an buying fulvic minerals just think how much money you have thrown away into pockets of dishonest or brainwashed “health professionals”.

Fulvic Minerals

There are some minerals that we do not have to absorb because our cells produce them. One of such minerals is a potassium and another seems to be calcium.

For our cells to be able to produce those minerals, our body has to be supplied with sodium, silica, magnesium, and oxygen. All those elements are plentiful in the Sea water and the alkalinity of the Sea water is 9.5

The Sea water can be used as the universal blood substitute in transfusion so if we are looking for the best available medicine, we do not have to look any further. There is no need to know the blood group or R factor, the sea plasma can be administered to everyone.

The Sea water surrounds us. It cannot be patented so no one can make a profit on it, this is what we would think.

Well, the supplement pushers found a way. They are now selling the Sea plasma for a lot of money. The Sea plasma is one-third of Sea water mixed with two-thirds of a distilled water.

The Sea plasma is a great thing but water mixed with not purified sea salt is almost the same thing, much cheaper and easier to get in inland areas of the world.

We have been so deceived in believing that salt is toxic for our body that many people will refuse to take it no matter what someone is saying that is contrary to their beliefs. They will be so scared to drink water with the sea salt that from the stress of doing so their heart will increase its rhythm and the blood pressure will shoot up.

After seeing this video, I stayed speechless. In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine that people will be dumbed down so much as this Harvard graduate is.


The wonders of education. I just have no idea what are they teaching the students now since such snowflakes are released into the society. And what is the most absurd thing about it is the fact that those young people paid a lot of money to be “educated”.

They should request their money back since the educational program did not make them functional.

If you think that my views on the education are wrong then watch this video


and just for laughs please enjoy this one


Now you can be sure that watching a Tel a lie Vision will not make you smarter but the opposite.

Everything that we are served through the media is fake and we have a tough job ahead of us to change it all.

Love and light.



  1. Nice post Darko, I’ve always wondered about fulvic minerals…If we have access to ocean water, how much do you suggest mixing in our water? I’ve tried both sea salt and pure sea water and there is definitely something beneficial in the sea water that gets lost when it’s made into sea salt. The first time I drank pure sea water I immediately felt energized and have been experimenting with it every since.

    1. Hi Mark, I don’t know if what I am about to say is relevant to your comment or not. My experiences with drinking sea salt water are like this: if I drink the water right after I dilute it with salt, it would taste dull and salty; but when I drink it after 1-2 hours it would taste really silky and smooth. Maybe giving enough time for the salt and water to mix well there would be more benefits or no? I would think that there is some “communication” going on between these two wonderful life giving things. Have you read Dr. Pollack’s book which titled The Fourth Phase of Water? If you have what’s your say about it? Water and sea salt together, like Darko has said, it’s miracle. Love and light! 🙂 Lee

      1. Hi Lee
        The Sea water is alive an has plankton in it. By mixing it with the fresh water you are changing the environment an most of the plankton will ie. This may be the reason for the change of consistency. There is no problem which way you will drink it. Still, I always structure it befr consumption.

    2. Definitely the Sea water is the best. Mix one finger of sea water an the rest add drinking water in a glass. I used to mix 2 fingers of sea water but it gets really salty.

  2. I agree, this is a generational issue, and as such it is only a symptom, stemming from the same root problem all other major issues we have come from. If we make fuss about or try to fix each of them separately, we will continue on the same path of not addressing the actual cause.
    The entitlement, dumbing-down, drama-queen mentality and so on happen for a reason — to make us change our ways. It’s not just bad — all things come in packages, it’s our perception that colors them into opposites. At this point we cannot change anything else but our own self — when this individual change reaches critical mass all the major issues will be transformed.

    1. Martin I haven;t experimented with hydrogenated water. I had experimented with oxygenated water and although it is good and does many benefits, it really makes no difference when your body is clean and healthy. For example, I id not notice any different by using it. I believe that the same would happen with the hydrogenated water as well.
      Nothing can beat hydration and proper diet brother.

  3. If your body completely re-makes all bones every 7 years… Then, Yes, body would need a way of making calcium. Wouldn’t it have to?

      1. Hi Darko, so you say that sea plasma is better ti drink than salted water? My childern dont like to drink salted water, but once i bought “quinton serum” and they liked small vial and drink them one daily. Should i give them that until they start to drink salted water or is just waist of money?

  4. Silica? I thought Dr Jeremy Ayres said silicone was causing things like MS, autoimmune diseases. Or are silica and silicone different?

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