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What label would you put on an agency that distorts the science, creates a fraudulent advertising, writes a fake news reporting, is criminally negligent, lies for profit, has the power to kidnap your child and submit it to a torture, and is protected by the law?

The first thing that comes to my mind is a Mafia cartel but their criminal immunity comes from bribing the politicians so they do not fit the description.

This means it has to be a government agency. Only the government can legally murder and torture innocent people and be protected by the law and be immune to prosecution.

So is there anything worse than a government run health program?

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I do not think so but here we are. We are witnessing a fascistic medical system being implemented in the western world and the brainwashed zombies are frightened that by repealing the O-bummer insurance they will be exposed and vulnerable.

The insurance is a money scam, and medical insurance is a scam and a fraud of the worst kind that preys on the weak and scared. The sad thing is that governments are immersed in it up to their throats.

This is the reason why people are paying 5 times more than necessary for their medication. Every honcho on the take has to get his/hers share. Bigger the government, higher the cost.

There are generic drugs available for those who prefer to be drugged and not healed but the government approved insurance companies will not accept them. Now you know why. Some government beggar would have been left without the doe and this cannot happen. The government steals collectively.

Here is an article on the generic drugs:

To increase the sales of the toxic health disrupting drugs, the sheepishly public has to be convinced of their importance and their health benefits. This is why articles like this one about the importance and the health benefits of the cholesterol reducing drugs – the statins, are published in the mainstream newspapers around the world:

To you who follow my work, I do not have to preach about the importance of the cholesterol for the properly functioning body. You would be surprised to know how many brainwashed doctors there are that believe in the good and the bad cholesterol lie and sincerely repeat those lies to their patients instructing them to swallow the statin poison daily.

Now there are not enough people taking this poison as far as the pharmaceutical complex is concerned. The general public has to be “educated” so that they can make “educated decision” on this matter.

Do not eat eggs, coconut oil, butter the good doctor will advise you. Have margarine instead with tofu and coffee.

Many health professionals are still blaming the circulatory problems on the saturated fats promoting the vegetarian carbohydrate loaded diet even when you come down with diabetes.

Yes, monitor your sugar, shot the insulin and be sure that you have some carbohydrates so that you do not fall into hypoglycemia. The recommendations are straight from the medical books written and edited by the pharmaceutical corporate world.

To make sure that the public is well informed of the impossibility to heal from diabetes, articles like this one are flooding the news:

Hurray! There is a diabetes cure on the horizon!

How many times did we hear this one? The health industry will never allow diabetes to be cured, it is their big cash cow.

So the lies are piling up. Those stupid immune cells that attack mistakingly their own host. Ain’t that just awful?

Only the brainwashed “experts” can swallow this big lie.

As long as they can keep you convinced of the health benefits vegetables provide, and their necessity for the well functioning human body, their insulin producing labs have nothing to worry about. There will be a plenty business for them and for the health professionals involved in this scam.

The body can easily heal from diabetes but there are several fraudulent “truths” that have to be debunked before so that people can let go of the fear and change their diets. This is easier said than done.

The News articles educating the population with the false knowledge, are making sure that nothing changes and the sheep stay in the herd.

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Onto this lie, we can paste the next one claiming that even if you do not eat a lot, you will gain weight if you rink dietary beverages:

The falsehood of this claim that the dietary beverages promote obesity even if not much nutrients are ingested is equal to another false claim that the second-hand smoke is more toxic for the body than the original smoke inhaled by the cigarette smoker.

We are being fed a lie after a lie. No real news to be found anywhere, only lies and deceits.

Stop eating carbohydrates and the miracle will happen but this cannot be revealed, the cash cow would be endangered.

To make sure that articles like this one are not being seen by many, stricter and stricter measures of censorship are implemented so please keep spreading the word and help to awaken as many people as possible.

Sick people are living in fear and they are easily swindled. So please help them to see the light.

Love and light to us all.



    1. Jericca I have mentioned that about the second hand smoke before.
      The nicotine is toxic to our cells so it does not matter how much of the poison is in your body. As long as there is poison present in the blood circulation, cells will refuse to hydrate an diuretic mechanism will spring into the action dehydrating us even more.
      So the claim that someone inhaling a small amount of someone else’s nicotine smoke will cause more harm then the full lungs of smoke of the original smoker is laughable at best.
      The truth is that the small amount of the second-hand smoke will cause almost equal health damage. Love and light

  1. there’s one piece of truth in the article you pasted above, darko…it is this: “Experts said if people were worried they should stick to drinking water”…it’s quite hard to find though as the print is very small…just look at the caption beneath the photo of the obese guy who is munching on a bread roll…

  2. PS: sorry!…just spotted that you posted two articles above…the one i am referring to is the second one = ‘dietary beverages promote obesity’…

  3. What we see happening not only in the medical industry but everywhere mankind acts, in all systems we’ve created, is because people are blindly following the rules they’ve been taught to adhere to, basing everything on the results of poor and/or manipulated research and being too scared to leave their illusory comfort zone, which only keeps them completely oblivious and divorced from reality.
    But those who have power don’t realize what they are doing either. There is malicious intent behind it, based on greed, that’s for sure, but I can’t give them the credit of being so smart as to orchestrate all this, knowing perfectly well what they are doing and how to achieve their goals. They don’t look that far ahead — they work on the principle “Après moi, le déluge” (“After me, the flood”), always used by the power elite probably even before Madame de Pompadour coined it. What we see are the byproducts of their egotistical intentions and they try to temporary plug leaks or put band-aids on all the decaying areas, but things get only worse and worse. And we all do it — everything we, humans, do causes more harm, even when done with the best intentions!
    Why? Because we don’t act the way nature does, which is perfect, without bad byproducts – for what we observe in the physical reality are only the final results but we have no clue what the hidden causes and laws behind these effects are. Our aim is to achieve particular effects and we work to produce or change certain symptoms, but we don’t work from the root, from the core. It’s the materialistic “scientific” way we have adopted and used for centuries. We’ve dumbed ourselves down to sticking to it and knowing nothing beyond it. We keep brainwashing each new generation because that’s all we know – that’s how we’ve been raised; and also because we are lulled into slumber in the comfort of the false sense of security our society and all the structures we’ve built give us. All our doctors and other “professionals,” with few exceptions, are products of this system, they are nuts and bolts in the machine – they regurgitate what they’ve learned and what they read but they wouldn’t question the very basis of their false knowledge because they either don’t even think of questioning it or because they are afraid if they do it would turn their whole world upside-down and they will lose their comfort and security.
    But all this is just a phase in the process of evolution of consciousness, and we see things are changing fast. It’s so wonderful and exciting to take part in this change, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. Here is a very simple way to ‘Set Yourself Free’
    …Suddenly, these individuals stop caring about what brand they wear. They see through the BS of media. They tend to unite the good from the indigenous and the modern, in a new sustainable lifestyle. They prefer walks in nature and nights around a campfire over getting drunk in clubs. They desire healthy organic food over processed food no matter the taste. They see the world as their home and the people as its global citizens. They love animals, nature and every human being as they realize we are all ONE! They SEE the world’s greatest lie “you are not enough” and THIS is their freedom.
    All good,

    1. Honestly, all there is is a light an consciousness. Everything else is their creation. The light is a wave form but our consciousness transforms it into a particle. Those particles form what we see.
      Are the particles real? Yes they are real to us but they are the product of our imagination an expectation since they behave exactly as we expect them to behave.

  5. Sometimes you just need to be respectful and accept people’s choice and experience. The perception(or imagination card) often=deception – and that is not love nor light.

    1. Honestly, now you talk like a Millennial. The truth is the truth an the lies are the lies. How people react to them is their choice. I am not going to agree with something that has no sense just so that I do not offend someone. This has nothing to do with compassion brother.

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