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I wrote about this subject some time ago but the ignorance of the public and the blind greed of the corporate establishment are reminding me that this subject has to be talked about and more exposure has to be put on this matter.

The young population is especially targeted and the most susceptible to experience the ill effect of the microwave radiation. The young people’s health problems which were influenced by the EMF emitting devices often results in the formation of cancer.

The corporate world is protecting themselves from the liability by publishing misleading statistics and the doctors and scientists on their payroll are shamelessly covering up their dirty secrets.

By now, we know that major media is nothing more than corporate advertising agency so the statement reported in the New York Times written by their science reporter Gina Koala saying that there is “overwhelming evidence” that cell phones do not lead to cancer is false an misleading. “Despite the explosion of cell phone use,” she said, “it looks like the incidence of brain cancer has remained pretty much rock steady since 1992.” The “bottom line,” she concluded, is that “You can use a cell phone without worrying.”

This is completely misleading since the most aggressive and deadly brain tumor (Glioblastoma multiforme) is increasing steadily at the rate of 3.1% a year in the last few years.

We have to take into consideration the fact that it takes time for cancer to develop a visible health problem and to be detected, so a sudden increase of brain cancers we can expect to occur in a couple of years from now.

Since the majority of the public believes what they are being served by their media, they are unaware of the danger they are exposed to.

Very few people are using just the basic cell phone. The great majority is using the so called  smart phones which constantly communicate with the cell phone towers exchanging data. This creates a constant microwave radiation so not only the brain is in danger during the phone call, but we are endangering the organ closest to the cell phone while carrying it in our pocket or attached to the belt.

The young generation is so hooked on the cell phones. I see how they carry them stuck in their underwear during the time they are in the gym and I assume nothing changes when they leave the gym as well.

No wonder that ovarian and testicular cancers are on the rise as well particularly in young people.

How can “science” get away with this and keep us ignorant?

This is because scientists argue that the cellular damage to occur from the ionic radiation of the microwave energy has to be much stronger than what cell phones are capable of producing.

It is correct that the ionizing radiation from cell phones is low but the statement that only a strong ionic radiation will cause cellular harm is false.

If we place a smart phone in a beehive, many bees will not return back to it and in some instances, the whole beehive becomes abandoned.

Why does this happen?

Animals know instantly when their environment becomes toxic. They do not have to wait for the symptoms of ill health to discover this.

There is no need for the harmful frequency to be so strong to actually break the DNA bonds as scientists are implying.

Even low microwave radiation interferes with the normal cellular activity. We see this in their reaction of producing the stress proteins. Cells produce their stress proteins whenever they are in an alert mode of fight and flight situation. Realizing that cells produce stress proteins when they are in a danger, signifies that even a low-intensity microwave radiation interferes with the cellular activity. If nothing else, the cellular hydration, cleansing, and reparation will be stopped.

Now here is the question, why aggressive cancer forms under the influence of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) radiation is easily understood.

I have explained that cancer is not a disease. It is an additional cleansing organ our body produces to help itself when the particular area of the body is dangerously toxic.

In the instance of microwave frequencies, the tumor grows as a physical wall to protect sensitive organ from being irradiated. It is not a cellular malfunction as we are wrongly being told. This can easily be reversed but since the EMF radiation does not only come from the cell phones and electrical devices but they are also a part of the wrong frequencies emitted from the wrong foods that we eat, reversing the problem takes more than just stopping to utilize the cell phone.

People with higher body toxicity will develop cancer faster when they are exposed to the EMF radiation. Toxicity has a cumulative properties and more toxic the body becomes the easier it surrenders to cancer.

Also, easily affected will be the children because of their fast growth and rapid cellular multiplication. No wonder why the instances in children’s brain cancers and leukemia are so high.

Portrait of cute toddler speaking by cellular phone


Our bodies are always adjusting to their environment and they adjust to tolerate those frequencies, but there is always some ill effect caused by genetic adjustments to those frequencies.

The Illuminati are using our governments to implement the brain programming through the school education and Tel a lie Vision programming, now this is expanded through the cell phones and next generation is going to be the 5%G wireless programming which we are hopefully going to stop before it takes the hold.

Do not use microwave ovens, they radiate toxic frequencies into the room and the food itself that was irradiated by them is toxic to our cells.

Stay clear of this microwave ovens

A Large Communications Tower on a Blue Sky

Special attention should be given to the RFID chip also called the RFID 666 chip. If you accept it your intellect and IQ is lower than the one of a dog. Even the dog would not take it voluntarily.


We have to learn the truth about who we are and use our power to liberate ourselves.

The knowledge is the power and we are here to learn. Do not think that your education has finished with you getting the diploma. That was just the bad programming, the sheepishly period of your life when you were told what you need to know to be able to serve your slave master.

Now you have to learn the truth. We are here to learn from our experiences. As long as we live, we are learning. There is no point in living when we stop learning, our purpose was done and we leave our Avatar that we call our Body.

So get busy learning or get busy dying, your choice my friends.

Love and light to us all.



  1. Hi. You are correct when you say that for “damage to occur from the ionic radiation of the microwave energy has to be much stronger than what cell phones are capable of producing.” Microwave ovens are also actually very safe and microwaves are less energetic than even visible light. If you were exposed to a high dose of microwaves, you could suffer thermal damage (as the microwaves heat up the water molecules in your body) but you wouldn’t become irradiated or anything like that.

    1. Yes Sean but as I point, even small electromagnetic radiation with the wrong frequencies will cause cellular reaction on contribute to the cancer formation as a part of the cumulative toxic effect. Love an light brother.

  2. what do you suggest we do about cell phones? I rarely talk on my cell phone, only text and use the internet. I dont use my laptop much either, and I dont use microwaves. But I do keep my cell phone in my pocket. Should we put it on airplane mode or what? Are there certain phones that are less radiation?

    1. Chris, I use the cheapest cell phone with no Internet access.
      Important is that if you have a “smart phone” keep it away from your body or at least do not have it always in the same place.

  3. Hi Darko. If one is already not using microwave oven, and keeping smartphone away in a different root at home, and putting it in airplane mode while driving for instance, danger of side effect should be lower (thought still existing). What do you think about Shungite stone? They are said to protect the body from the side effects of cellphones/WIFI waves. Of course the best option is first to reduce exposure, but then, should using shungite be a good option ? Thanks for your article.

    1. Guillaume as long as we know the truth an o not act recklessly we are going to be. ok. Shungite stone is good protection and so is a quarts crystal when you program it with your thought. Your power of intent is strong enough when it merges with your belief system so just protect yourself and stay grounded.
      The article is directed more to those who are not sure an o not believe in their power which is the great part of the population.

  4. this note is for any smartfone users who talk regularly…it’s well known that you need to keep the phone well away from your head whilst chatting…BUT how do you do this and still hear the other person’s voice clearly?…ANSWER: use a good hands free handset…the one i’m currently using i can heartily recommend since even with the phone a metre away from my head the sound quality is actually much better than it is when the integrated speaker inside my smartfone is placed right against my head!…
    the name is BLUE handset (available online)…there is NO electrical connection to the earphones (which are very comfortable to wear), ONLY some plastic air tubes!…i have NOTHING to do with dr. m’s marketing whatsoever!…this tip is only passed on from my own personal experience in good faith to help other readers here…too much love & light to all!…

  5. On the same note……do you know anyway to deactivate or remove these chips in dogs? I have two rescue dogs and they chip them all. Thank you

    1. Natalie hi.
      I am in Peru in an area where they do not have scanners for FRID chip so I cannot experiment. Removing the chip surgically is possible but if the chip brakes, it will kill the dog as it is laced with poison for this particular scenario.
      You can expose the chip to strong electromagnetic pulse and see if that will destroy the chip. Dr. Beck magnetic pulser can be tried for this purpose.
      Usually the chip gets berried in a growth so removing this growth with the chip could be the safest solution. Love and light.

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