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Very often when we are not sure of something, we reply by saying: “Well I think that this is…”

We often use the expression: “I’ve just thought of something.”

In Croatia, the saying is: “Misliti je drek znati”, which loosely translated means that if you say that you think that something is like this, you know nothing.

So what are thoughts, and how are they generated?

If we ask a neurologist this question, he will answer that thought is generated by neurons in the brain. Actually, they can prove neural activity of the brain as thought is produced, and there is some sophisticated equipment that can capture thoughts, similar to telepathy, and record them.

This means that there should not even be questioning of the origins of thoughts.

Many of you may feel surprised seeing me talking about thoughts since seemingly there is no mystery about them and everything is revealed but is it?

We often hear the statement; “The power of thoughts”.

What power are we referring to and do thoughts possess any real power?

In some of my earlier posts and in my book “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body” I explain that our brain is just a sophisticated computer. It computes.

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For the brain to be able to compute it has to have some information. The more information the brain will have, the better and more precise will its computing results be.

We are all aware that if you want to debate and draw a conclusion, you have to have premises. Premises are the information that will serve as the basis for the conclusion that you will make.

This means that premises are the necessary information that will bring the thought of conclusion. The premises will be the information your brain will use to calculate, compare, and come up with a reasonable thought, conclusion or statement.

Since we have complicated our world in which we live, we spend a big part of our lives learning how to survive in this world. Our brain needs to collect all the information necessary so that it can advise you what to do and what to think.

Most of our thoughts are the direct result of this collected information. Our slave masters are using this knowledge to control us. They do this by standardizing the information that we are exposed to and have to memorize. This way we all think alike and our thoughts are controlled by the available and memorized information we have been fed with.

Yes, I think that fed with is the correct word to use here because a lot of the information is hard to swallow but we accept it anyway, this is how standardized we have become.

There is also another kind of thought which does not originate in our brain. If there is a thought that did not originate from a human brain, where did this thought come from?

Before I can answer this in a way that it makes sense, we have to know what is a thought?

The scientists now agree that thoughts are electromagnetic impulses, waves.

The brain can generate them but it can also receive and analyse the thoughts.

Since the brain is the computer, it cannot invent any information that it does not possess. The brain only tries to make a sense of the world around it utilizing the information that it has previously collected.

Many “experts” will not agree with this statement but the statement is true.

Often people hear information that is contrary to what is stored in their brain already and they simply reject this new information. Information that was rejected cannot be used for brain’s calculation and with the limited information, we can come to limited conclusions.

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Such people who reject information that differs from the information that they already possess we call small minded. Such people are often looked upon as fanatics, clinging to their beliefs without being willing or able to even elaborate on the matter.

Often we encounter such people in religious sects but you would be surprised to know that most scientists and high ranking professionals behave exactly the same way.

No matter what the new information shows up, they stay clinging to the old information they possess.

I have just mentioned a new information. How is it possible that a new information manifested itself. If our brains are just computers, where did the new information come from? Someone somewhere had to do the impossible and created something from nothing. How is that possible?

Well, it is not. The brain has no capacity to invent something new. The new information was created outside of the brain, the brain received it and if there was enough clues or premises, this new information triggered a change in perception or thinking and formed a new, different conclusion.

This is where the saying “when you are ready, the master appears” comes from.

And yes, every new information comes from a master who assesses when you are ready to receive a new information, which then provides you with the necessary clues you can act upon and solve a problem that was previously unsolvable.

Who is this master you may ask?

The master is your spirit, your higher self or your true self whichever way you want to call it. He/she sends you the thought which your brain will capture an process. We call it the intuition.

Sometimes, thoughts can be sent by extraterrestrial intelligence as well.

In general, the new thoughts, inventions, are sent to those who possess enough information that this new clue will help to improve the scientific knowledge and in this way better the society.

The greatest mind of the 20th century my countryman Nikola Tesla said that he had received the images of the things he has “invented” and built.

Tesla said that the images came to him in a sleep or in a meditative state.

Johan Sebastian Bach wrote the whole symphony straight out on the paper without any corrections. This is unimaginable but he also said that it all comes to him in a dream state.

We tend to classify people as geniuses or over achievers but in fact, the brain is the brain.

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It is a transceiver. For people to receive the gift of a new information, they have to be dedicated and have to possess all of the available knowledge so that the new information can be received and properly utilized. People have to be ready for the new information from their master.

Why are we not being told the truth?

It is obvious that knowing the truth would speed up the progress and reduce the time of our slavery. This is exactly what our masters wanted to avoid.

The future will change the way our society functions.

We will no longer have to learn things that do not interest us.

What a relief. My friend in the high school who was extremely talented artist wanted to be academically recognized and teach art in the school for arts but had suffered immensely because of having a tough time to pass mathematics and physics that were the part of the high school program.

What a nonsensical requirement for a talented painter and sculpturist!

New school programs are already popping up, like the Waldorf and Montessori school programs where the natural talent of the child is nurtured and elevated without outside influence.

Cute baby looking thoughtfully into the laptop.

Such a child can easily connect with his higher self without having to worry about the rules and the pre-approved dogmas. Not even the Sky will be the limit to the creativity and final outcome.

Your cells are listening to your thoughts and are always ready to please you.

Be careful how you structure your thoughts since the cellular logic is not exactly the same as our own.

Think love, health, happiness.

Confirm that you are wealthy and healthy. This is easily understood.

I do not want to be sick can easily be interpreted as I want to be sick by your cells.

Your cells react to the images your thoughts create.

I do not want to be poor, can easily be interpreted as:

I do not want to!

I want to be poor.

Always think positive and be in the service to another. Here you cannot get wrong.

Love and light to us all.

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  1. A very special post. For sure.
    Darko is so deep… and yet he makes the deep seem ordinary, by that, I mean everyday, as he effortlessly reaches down to us / out to us.
    Most extraordinary blog!

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