PERU November 2015

As my work in Peru continues I have realized that the most common health problems in young people are diabetes and digestive problems.

... stomach problems, severe stomach cramps, stomach pain severe vomiting

Stomach pain, noisy digestion, diarrhea or constipation often follow the “di-agnosis” (two not knowing) of leaky guts, Krone’s disease, gastritis or gastroenteritis or whatever other label was given to the poor sufferer. Doctors are trying to help with pills further worsening the situation and label of autoimmune disorder (disease) is often implemented.

If nowhere else then at least in this case it would be obvious that food has to do something with it since digestion is involved but of course no, savior comes in the form of anti acids, stomach coating or anti inflammatory medication form. If you would take any of those “medications” while healthy they would cause health problems so why do we believe that they will help us when we are sick???

I have discovered that most of the problems are caused by wrong food and dehydration. Even if the food is toxic, body will solve the problem by cleansing the toxins out. If you are dehydrated, cleansing is stopped and the situation worsens. Diet of most people here is terrible. People are dependent on carbohydrates and brainwashed by doctors, society and customs to believe that what they are eating is healthy and cannot possibly be the cause of their troubles. Average plate consists of three different carbohydrates and small peace of fish or meat usually deep fried or grilled till it becomes black.

Many tourists are coming to have Ayahuasca ceremonies. Most of them are vegans or vegetarians since we are brainwashed in believing that eating animals makes us killer and bad human being. Mostly they have health issues and hope to cleanse with this ceremony. Shamans claim complete cleanse and preparation includes several days of pure carbohydrate diet. People are blindly following this toxic ritual disregarding the fact that the shamans and their families look unhealthy, fat and wrinkled in most cases. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to follow recommendation of someone looking good and healthy? I see that reason has left our reality. We are so sheepishly conditioned to follow instructions that observation is totally out of the question. “Are you going to believe what you see or what I have told you” is a great line from musical Chicago, and it is so true. We do not even realize how obedient we have become. We have lost ability to think and reason and all we do is just follow the instructions.

What is amazing is the first question that comes out of the mouth of “sheeply” human when the change of diet solved their health issue and they feel good. What is the question you may ask?

“Dock when can I go back to eat normal food again?”

Is this a stupid question or what? I guess we are not just sheep, we are outright STUPID.

No surprise there. Studies show us that intelligence (IQ) drops dramatically in people on heavy carbohydrate diet especially if wheat products are in question.

File:Man eating pizza photo.jpg - Uncyclopedia, the content-free ...

So go ahead and indulge in your stupidity and save the World from carbon imprint of CO2 caused by animal production. One stupid thing after another so after indulging on pizza, pasta, bread, beans,tofu, sprouts, quinoa…go and hold the sign for “Global warming” and interfere with those who do not agree. If this does not work forbid them to speak after all “science” proved CO2 is the main culprit of global warming. Just ask the most honest guy on this planet, big All, he will tell you all about it all the way to his bank. The fact that there is more ice forming than ever is totally unimportant. We do not have to think just follow. If you are not with me, you are against me another honest men’s saying to follow. Oh and do not inhale, this will not save you because you are not Bill, another epitome of honesty and trust. Now we wonder why we are in such a mess?

Eating healthy: Fat people who i hate and don't want to be

So don’t worry, be happy this is why you are here for, isn’t it?

Sorry for my venting but if we do not awake we are lost my friends.

With love and humility I urge you to wake up and change.


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