Herpes is not a death sentence.

For a lot of people hearing that they are infected with herpes virus is same as receiving a death sentence.

As we are toldĀ  by the “science” that it is impossible to cleanse the body of viruses. Doctors repeat it like parrots and pharmaceutical industry cashes in on it by selling toxic suppressiveĀ  medicament’s.

From the time of Luis Pasteur we are blaming pathogens for our problems. We think that by poisoning them we are going to miraculously heal. Well how can you heal if you are full of poison that you intentionally brought in to destroy pathogens and since virus lives inside of cells, the only way to reach it is to get the poison inside of the cell. This would destroy the cell so the conclusion is; there is no way virus can be eliminated.

This is incorrect. Virus can survive only if the environment supports him. So instead trying to kill, we have to change the environment. This i simple and effective.

Check out the video bellow.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkPw65iafXE&w=573&h=325]
By establishing clean environment and proper alkalinity we can clear viruses out of our system.
This process takes some time but it is effective so do not worry by thinking that you are doomed if a bubble shows up on your skin.
Have a great day.

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