Radical Protestant in the mask represents the protesters against the authorities among the burning of the capital of the European quarter. Burning rubber tires wheel of fire smoke soot street fighting

Images like this one are flooding the Tel a lie Vision and the newspapers daily. Most alternative news is not much better. This is all designed to keep us under a stress. The insecurity of money, economy and food is thrown into our face every minute. All this is done on purpose. First you are told what is going to  happen so that you can manifest it because the bad guys cannot manifest. They have to scare us into submission so that we do the manifesting for them. What will happen is what we envision to happen. This is why this fearmongering is used but with little effect. This is sign of peoples awakening. In the past since almost everyone believed in what we were told, people manifested the bad things they were told to manifest. Now the situation has changed and even the organized and payed  rioters are not achieving what the satanic “banksters” were hoping for. Instead it is revealed how Hollywood manipulates masses. How ignorant and empty-headed actors are, those stars we were fantasizing about are proving to be shmucks at best.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio at the Los Angeles premiere of his movie LOS ANGELES, CA. November 11, 2016: Actor Robert De Niro at premiere of

In any case, what is happening throughout the world is stressful to most people. Ad to this other types of stress like work, family, relationship, diseases….and you can draw pretty good picture of the amount of stress people are exposed to daily.

So what does stress do to human body?

Human body to be able to function well, it needs a lot of energy. This energy is electricity. About 30 % of this electricity we produce from the food we eat and the rest is produced directly from the electromagnetic resonance of our environment and the strongest source of energy in our body is a plexus chakra. This energy flows through our body and Hindu call it the prana. Chinese martial artists call it the chi.

Chakra Meditation Word Cloud Website Banner - wide dark banner with rainbow colored spiral and male lotus position silhouette on left side and a transparent word cloud surrounding All That Is in white Stock Photo - 43131712

Plexus chakra supplies the heart with energy. Heart sends the energy to the brain and the brain serves as an switchboard directing the energy to various parts of our body.

Now let me explain more about the energy.

I have mentioned in previous articles that everything is just an expression of a frequencies. Since there are many different frequencies representing materialistic things in our world and frequency is a vibration that produces sound, I call it a symphony of sound. So every organ, every muscle or bone, nerve, blood vessel and hair have their own symphony of frequencies that represent them.

Our brain is fragmented. Each brain fragment is tuned to different frequencies and responds to different symphony of sounds which correlates to different parts of our body. So when the brain send energy, it sends it tuned to varieties of symphonic sounds and in this way provides the energy to corresponding parts of the body that resonate with those frequencies. I hope that you can follow me so far.

Human brain lobes, beautiful colorful illustration detailed anatomy. Sagittal view of the brain. Isolated on a white background.Mind Modulations Brainwave Infographic

So now let me explain how does stress affect the energy balance in our body.

Every thought is a complex electromagnetic signal that represents actual thing. This thing can be image (visualization),it could be a feeling, it could be a fear or anger, reprisal…. Since different thoughts are composed of different specific symphonies of sound, different parts of the brain will be resonating with different thoughts. In fact they will be producing them. To produce those thoughts brain will be using energy. Everyone who ever handled radio transceiver is familiar with the electrical power needed to transmit those signals. The brain is no exception. To produce and broadcast thoughts the brain uses a lot of energy.

In normal circumstances we think of something and we either do it or say it so energy is released and the brain returns to its normal state. But if we are under a stress, we have one particular symphony lingering in our brain for hours, days, weeks or even years. This means the the brain will be using tremendous amounts of energy producing and transmitting the same symphony of sound being it anger on a sibling, fear of losing a job, worrying about a disease, hate directed towards specific individual or any other stress imaginable. We say that the part of the brain that resonates to those frequencies that produce those thoughts has trapped the energy because it is using it and not forwarding it to the corresponding organ or body part which resonates with the same symphony of sound. Cells that do not receive needed energy will have problem running the cellular osmotic pump so they will have problem hydrating themselves. Also the lack of energy cells interpret as something is wrong and they start to go into defensive mode. They start to produce stress proteins. They stop their maintenance and are ready for defense. Longer such state persists, cells experience acidity from a insufficient water and they become toxic same as if we would be poisoning them with a wrong diet or toxic elements in the food.

So if by any chance the cells of a particular organ have been acidic from before  because of a wrong diet for example and now there is further deprivation of energy, this is perfect mix to trigger a cyst, tumour or cancer. Dr. Hamer explains this in the New German Medicine.

I have explained how thoughts can be harmful to your health especially if they linger in the place and you do not let them go a way. This is why hate is dangerous. Not to the human to whom it is directed, but to the human who is  generating the hate. Stop hating, stop worrying, stop obsessing about things. Do not let dark thoughts linger in your brain. Let them go or even better do not even generate them. Feeling of love, unity and well being is product of the heart and uplifts us generating much stronger electromagnetic field and in this way it promotes healing and bliss.

So to all of you Trump haters or Hillary haters, is it worth your health????

Change your thoughts and unleash your hearts so that we can reach the new Earth as soon as possible.

Love and light to us all



Border Collie puppy, 6 weeks old, playing with a duckling, 1 week old, in front of white background

We all love our pets and we want the best for them. This is why we spend a lot of money getting the best food and the best care for them. But are we doing the right thing? The chance is, we are not.

We have grown accustomed to trust our vet., the Tel a lie Vision adverts and colourful packaging. We think “the experts know best”.

But do they?

I have lived for 25 years on sail boats. My first  companion was Portuguese Water dog by the name Sailor. The first 6 years of his life we were cruising the Bahamas and Spanish Virgin Islands. I did a lot of spear fishing and Sailor’s diet was exclusively raw fish. He has never been sick, his teeth were white and healthy, breath clean. Then we sailed to Croatia. There I was asked from my brother to help develop his tourist business so I got land locked. I had no time to go fishing so I looked for the best dog food I can get. I started giving Sailor Pedigree brand of dog food. This dog food was made in Hungary. Just in 6 months things started to happen. Sailor would freeze and then urinate and get back to normal. He developed heart murmur and was given diuretics by local vet. This was before I started my medical quest. I have realized that the food was the problem and stopped giving it to him. I started to get him fresh fish from local fisherman and raw meat, I stopped the diuretic and in just one month Sailor recovered.

So how do we know what food to buy?

Here is a tip. Every packaged animal food is toxic and not worth getting. Here, fish food for aquarium is an exemption.

Why do I make such a broad statement?

Every dog food contains carbohydrates, better brands use rice and the real junk food uses Soy. Same goes for cat food and pellets for birds. If it is caned it contains preservatives find in frankfurters and other human meat products. Those bring toxicity related to leukemia. So do not be surprised when your cat develops this blood cancer. If you live in suburbs the cat can venture outside and catch its pray. This will make it healthier but city cats do not have this option and the number of cats with leukemia is rapidly increasing.

a cat and a goldfish 01 hd pictures

Another common disease in male cats is obstruction of the urethra. Veterinarian will prescribe expensive low ash cat food. Here again the problem are carbohydrates in cat food. So simply stop giving the cat “cat food” and get gizzards, liver, kidney and meat. Give them to your cat raw and you will see how quickly they will recover. Cats are carnivores and they will thrive on such food.

There is a general practice to make mastectomy on dog that is being spayed. This is done strictly for profit but clients are advised to allow this mutilation because it will prevent breast cancer that might develop later in the digs life. Do not give to your dog dietary carbohydrates and your dog will never be in a risk of developing cancer. This means no dog food. Do the same I have recommended the cat owners and supplement it with fresh fruits. Your dog will need some time to adjust to the raw food but they always do.

yorkshire terrier

If you are horse owner, stop poisoning your horses with grains. Instead give them a steak tartar with the grass they eat. Grains are toxic to all animals and in horses they produce the same thing as in humans, they give colics.

Birds love meat as well. Give your birds some meat or worms to feast on. My parrot Mini got always excited when Hilno pulled a bag of smoked bacon from the fridge and rushed to get as close as possible not to miss the treat. Once Mini thought that Hilno pulled the bacon from the fridge and quickly approached the package just to quickly turn around realizing that those were the sun dried tomatoes. What a bummer! Hilno and I were rolling laughing at her reaction. So much for the vegetables.

Amazon parrot

Two things you can give all your mascots is water with sea salt, coconut oil and raw eggs. Sea salt will provide them with all the necessary minerals, coconut oil has easily absorb-able saturated fats and eggs have all the protein, fats, enzymes and vitamins your pets need. To keep them healthy you can give them occasionally a bit of colloidal silver in the water.

With colloidal silver you can keep your aquarium fishes and creatures healthy and water will require less often to be changed. Whenever you introduce a new plant or fish into your aquarium treat it with colloidal silver to ensure that no harmful bacteria or fungus or virus will be transmitted.


The animals require the same thing as we do. They need food that was created by our creator and not the one we have destroyed by our manipulation. If you feed them with the same junk people are eating, your pets will suffer from the same health problems as humanity does.

I hope this article was helpful. If there is something in particular you want to know do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and light to us all.






I apologise to everyone waiting for blog about our mascots but this I find very important as I was not aware of the fact of how many small innocent babies and children are suffering from medical poisoning induced by those who are supposed to protect their lives.

A client from Canada came to see me with her child. The 7 months old baby was red from a head to toe. Baby looked like a lobster just taken out of a hot water. Hilno and I had a hard time to hide our tears as we were looking at this unfortunate boy. Surprisingly, the mother was not panicking. She explained that this is very common appearance in Canada and many children suffer from this problem. She said that doctors were treating her baby with all kinds of medication including steroids but the only thing that would put it under control was antibiotic. Yet again soon after the rash would come back. The mother Miss M. hoped that I could help.

This is the photo of her baby son when they visited us.


As you can see, he was feeling miserable, in pain, without hair and not interested in what is happening around him. I could not believe my eyes. The picture does not really show the intensity of redness the baby had. No one could help this child? Miss M. said there are so many children in Canada in the same condition as her baby is. My friend Angela who is from the USA said “yes, my son had the same problems and they followed him during his whole life. This is why he was always feeling miserable and crying.”

As I have mentioned many times in the past. Doctors are trained in creating diseases and not in healing them. Since they refuse to acknowledge that they have been head, they continue with their destructive procedures making lives of children and grown-ups miserable. All this because of profit and inflamed egos.

So to the millions of mothers whose babies and children are suffering from excema, skin rashes and other chronic skin problems pay attention to this article.

Your babies are polluted on purpose through vaccines, baby formulas and other medical treatments All baby foods are toxic because they are formulated on the wrong knowledge. So even those baby foods that claim to be organic, are not healthy for your babies and children. Babies bodies wants to cleanse but is lacking water and salt so it tries to get rid of the toxins through the skin since in this way loses less of the precious water and salt. It is a toxic situation and this is why no medication helps except antibiotics. Why antibiotics calm the skin?

Antibiotics are so toxic that when they are administered into the body, cells close down. They stop cleansing and the skin clear up. This is short lasting relief because soon after the antibiotic has left the body, skin rash returns.

I gave instruction to Miss M. what to do and she left. I have seen the baby one month later. The skin was much better but still not where I was expecting it to be. Three days ago Miss M. came to see me with her baby. It was a brand new baby boy. Hilno and I were choked from emotions. Baby is smiling, alert to the environment, playful.

Miss M. admitted that she was afraid to follow the instructions I have given to her but when she saw that even with minimal changes I recommended the baby got better, she made decision and did what I have told her to do. Here is what she wrote to Angela;

“Hello Angela,
It was very nice to meet you the other day at Dr Darko’s home. Here are the before and after pictures of my baby boy. My son had eczema since he was 2 months old which covered his whole body. He is exclusively breastfed. I have tried many creams for eczema including cortisone, I have seen many doctors and dermatologists in Canada who prescribed medication for his eczema and nothing worked as everyone told me that there is no cure. I thought that going to Peru would make him better because the air he breathes would be different from Canada but my son’s skin didn’t change until I changed my diet. He is currently 9 months old and no longer has eczema after following Dr Darko’s protocol. He now drinks water with sea salt from bottle and still breastfeed.”

Here is the photo before he came to Peru


 And this is how the baby boy looks now after only 3 weeks of following strictly the Self Healers Protocol that was adjusted for him


To me, this is worth much more than all the money of this world. And it took only 3 weeks to make a life of this precious baby boy enjoyable and fun to live. Unfortunately not many people are following my blog so please share this story and information with as many people as you possibly can. We can and we are making the difference.

Love and light to us all my dear family




It's a wonder I don't burn more calories with all those molecular processes carrying on when I'm sitting here.

I thought that my next blog will be about animals but as you can see, I have not been active several days. Things have come up that took preference. So this blog will be about my experiment and what result did I get.

Six months ago I started eating more junk food.  What I call junk food for most is the healthy choice they make. I started having every night before going to sleep, a  snack while watching a movie. One night would be the roasted peanuts with sea salt. Next day popcorn with a ton of butter and sea salt, then small dark chocolate with 75 % of cacao where the sugar is in the third lace in the ingredient list. Actually I have started with the chocolat first for couple of months and then I started to incorporate the other toxic foods. I wanted to see how will they affect my health. Since my body was very clean this was an opportunity to see what amount of toxicity is created by those type of snack that we mostly deem safe to eat.

Let me take you through my observation as it occurred.

Having my regular diet which consists of my morning liquid breakfast, small peace of meat with salad for lunch and some fruits for dinner I was maintaining my weight between 77 and 79 kilograms.

As I started to have chocolate while watching a movie I have noticed my weight to stay on the higher number. I do exercise every day so it is not because I was not active. This was not a big deal because the change was very slow and reducing the amount of eggs in the breakfast for a couple of days would bring me back on track as far as my weight goes and I could have my drug, the chocolate.

It was more difficult to control my weight when I incorporated the popcorn and mi agility has started to diminish slowly.

Worse effect I had when I started eating roasted peanuts. I was buying raw peanuts and Hilno was roasting them for us. We added sea salt and ate them. My weight jumped above 81 kilogram and unless I skipped breakfast shake completely I could not stop the weight from increasing further. Another thing that have happened with the peanuts is that if I had them one day and then skip one day and have popcorn or chocolate my stomach was feeling ok. But if I had peanuts second day in the row I had indigestion.

Since we came to the time of celebrations, Christmas, my birthday, New Year, friends birthday, Hilno’s birthday I added some red wine  and some bakery made cakes. Well those cakes have finally tipped the scale.

After Hilno’s birthday last Monday I felt slight fever and headache that subsided during the day so I decided to finish the last chunk of the cake with the intention to start my yearly detoxification the next day.

Free stock photo of food, blueberries, bakery, chocolate

Several minutes after finishing the cake my body said enough and started to detox. Now Hilno has muscle tested and it showed that the cake was not the cause but cumulative toxicity has triggered this body cleanse. I suppose the last cake was the cream on the top that had flipped the scale.

Mi headache started to get stronger and so did the fever. The heaviness of my stomach was increasing slowly as was my weight, I did not feel indigestion. Since my body was otherwise clean, there was no phloem so no cough. Just fever and headache not even diarrhea. Just some mucous with stool and mucous continued even after there was nothing else to eliminate since I was not eating..

I decided to start with the cleanse by fasting so I just drank water with sea salt, incorporating lime with it sometimes. No food. Third day of fast I drunk a glass of freshly squeezed grape juice Hilno made. I am continuing my fast by supplementing with one glass of fresh grapefruit juice a day, having it as a lunch. Finally my body broke in sweat and loads of toxins left my body. The headache is gone and my whole body feels like it has lost half of it weight. Actually my weight came down to 78 kilo from 82 kilos I have had before the cleanse started. I will continue with the detoxification as I want to take this opportunity to get rid of all the old fat and start again with my healthy habits. I would like to slip into another experiment but Hilno is already showing her teeth since she does not want to cook only for herself. We will see what will happen.

Not only that I feel light, my head feels like floating. This I have experienced before when detoxifying and it is good feeling especially after those headaches. This feeling reminds me how good it feel to be healthy and young. Although the yogurt, home made whip cream, cheese fruits and especially meats often come to my attention, so far I am ignoring them. It is not the hunger that makes us to eat tremendous amounts of garbage, it is our mind. Our habits, flavours, tastes and images of delicious foods we have invented that have nothing to do with the food we are programmed to receive. Our food has become our most addictive drug and every time we have a snack, it is just another fix.

As the evening is approaching, I feel the fever coming back so the detox is not over. This showed me that I have cumulated toxins from eating a bits and pieces of occasional snacks in my past. Our body simply does not tolerate the wrong frequencies.

I hope that you can use my experience as your guide to improve your knowledge.

After all, I am doing great.

Anger Management concept with a green monster face mad scientist type of character screaming with an angry human expression expressing emotional stress from work or personal life.

Love and light





fbi: secret agent in black costume and orange necktie reach out on camera and show visiting card, close up

Newly elected USA president Donald J. Trump has done some revolutionary things lately that shows how fraction of the globalists has lost its power. Although the “Neocons” are still left home free important changes have taken place. Trump has ordered for the chem trails over the territorial USA to be stopped and recently Trump has requested that the FBI  investigate the CDC for vaccine fraud

President Trump Orders FBI To Conduct Massive Raid On CDC Headquarters

I want to mention that I have only voted once in my life and that was because I was ordered to do so by my school. Since then, realizing that world governments are just criminal clans i never voted again.

Since this is not political blog I will not elaborate on this or on Trumps presidency. I will only acknowledged the positive things that are happening because they are related to the overall health not only of humanity but our planet in general.

Soon it will be revealed for the public how fraudulent pharmaceutical industry really is and this will bring global awareness to medical malpractice and fraudulent treatments that are created not to help human kind but to benefit the pharmaceutical and medical complex on expense of non suspecting and scientifically dumbed down public.

People that are following my work are very well aware of this fact.

As on one hand we are making a progress, on the other hand our “scientists” are showing us how ignorant and brainwashed they really are. There is so much material that I can use as an example so here, I will use some examples so that you can see it for yourselves.

“Nicotine normalizes genetically induced brain deficiencies”

Now if some drunk comes with this oration, I could understand but prominent health “experts?”. There is no excuse for this stupidity when for a long time we are aware of toxic influence of nicotine on our body and cellular activity.

“Smoking cigarettes affects the neurotransmitters associated with anxiety and the state of wellness. Smokers have significantly higher rates of clinical anxiety compared to non-smokers. This may be explained through tobacco’s effect on GABA, the neurotransmitter most responsible for the state of wellness and a lack of anxiety. In the September 2007 issue of “BMC Neuroscience,” Dr. Tamaki Hayase found that nicotine significantly increased anxiety related behaviours and symptoms, even 2 hours after the last exposure. In addition, in the June 2007 issue of the “Journal of Applied Behavioural Research,” Dr. Janet Audrain and associates found that anxiety was significantly correlated to nicotine intake. The largest co-factors in smoking-related anxiety were level of addiction, when people smoked because they were having a bad day, smoked in order to wake up, and smokers who had low levels of self-esteem.

Smoking is also strongly related to depression. Nicotine and other tobacco additives have a direct negative impact on dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters associated with depression and mental health. Some smokers may use cigarettes to feel better, while nicotine withdrawal may itself cause the depression in the first place. In the January 2008 issue of “Nicotine & Tobacco Research,” Dr. Michael Lyons and associates found that major depression was significantly associated with current daily smoking as well as nicotine withdrawal. Some of the accompanying depressive symptoms were nervousness, restlessness and difficulty concentrating.

Smoking cigarettes can also have a serious negative impact on cognitive abilities, especially with long-term smokers. Nicotine directly affects the neurotransmitters associated with learning, memory and cognition. The hundreds of additives in cigarettes also have a negative effect of cognition. Long term smokers are at a particular risk for developing dementia as they get older. In the August 2007 issue of “Neuropsychology Review,” Dr. Gary Swan and associates found that smoking was significantly associated with brain matter degeneration and cellular death, cognitive decline over repeated measures and dementia. In the report, they also found that mothers who smoke put their child at an increased risk for neuro-developmental deficits.”

This is what was found years ago as depicted in this article;

I have explained in my book how nicotine interferes with cellular hydration causing cellular dehydration and acidity. From quantum point of view, nicotine introduces frequency that changes the genetic resonance and in this way it changes cellular response. This alters their chemical production expressed in the above article.

To better understand the disconnect of those scientists let me explain something about the brain.

Picture of Human Brain

When the child is born, frontal lobe of the brain is poorly developed. Only parts of the brain that control the autonomous nerve system and necessary parts of the brain for the survival are developed and fully functional. Those are the cerebellum also called the reptilian brain, occipital, temporal and parietal lobes are developed. The frontal lobe is mostly empty. This is why children do not possess  sense of good and wrong. Often they kill little animals and we see it as child cruelty. The matter of fact is that child has to be thought of how to behave in this game we call the reality of life.

As the child is learning, the frontal lobe is being filled up. Some people get hooked on the fear factor and their brain development is halted or slowed down. Such people have poorly developed frontal brain lobe and most likely will suffer from anxieties. They are also cruel insensitive and revengeful, materialistic and full of ego.

Younger the child is when it starts to smoke, more certain it is that he/she will exhibit such behaviours since the toxicity of the nicotine will prevent proper brain development. This shows us that smokers have poorly developed frontal brain lobe because of the fact that they are smoking. So claiming that smokers instinctively know that they need cigarettes to medicate themselves is laughable at most.

If you research the techniques you can use to accelerate frontal brain lobe development, you will find a lot of different suggestions. One indisputable fact is that people who meditate have very well developed frontal brain lobe. This is why they are calm, loving, eager to help.

Ukraine, Odessa, Koblevo - august 26-29 - Indoor session of sound meditation with Tibetan singing bowls at Avatar yoga festival on august 26-29, 2016

Now why does meditation have such profound impact on the frontal globe?

During meditation one disconnects from the influence of its thoughts and pre programmed “truths” and become influenced by the frequencies that he/she is receiving directly from the spirit, the higher self or the Christ consciousness. Those frequencies have profound impact on the frontal globe and it develops very quickly. Observations have been made that in areas of mass meditation, the crime rate drastically drops.

The only explanation why have the corrupt scientists stepped so low is again the money. With their “scientific discovery” they are opening  door for the necessity of yet another drug to make money on.

So that you are not mislead in thinking that the alternative, all natural approach to the health is telling the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, please read this article;

The article is full of claims of which only few are correct.

They claim that eating mostly vegetarian diet is healthy and one of the reasons that those people live longer lives. Why do I say longer and not long lives? Because the Taoists in China live longer, up to 256 years of age and even this is just a fraction of the life age we are genetically created to have. Those grains are definitely taking their toll.

What  extends the life is eating frugally and living in peace and love. Combine this with the clean environment and water and you can easily see why those people are living longer and healthier lives.

As far as the apricot seeds goes, yes they have vitamin B17 but that is not the reason they do not suffer from cancer. To develop cancer your body has to be toxic and deprived of energy. Since they do not have stress, and eat little, they will never develop cancer, seeds or no seeds.

Eating “unprocessed” bread. This is oxymoron. You have to manipulate (process) the grains to make a bread. Grains are not healthy for any animal including a human. and we know why. I have explained this many times.

So as the longevity and health of those people goes, the benefits come from plenty of rest, work, little and few meals, clean water and environment and meditation. Their healthy diet comes from animal based products and fruits which is contrary of what the article states.

There is another article that was sent to me from Mark but it involves animals so I will dissect it separately for all of us animal lovers to learn more about how to maintain our pets healthy.

With love and light for us all.

Portrait woman and horse in outdoor. Woman hugging a horse Stock Photo - 46006531





What will detoxify the body better? DISTILLED WATER OR WATER WITH SEA SALT IN IT???


sea ocean water

Many people are asking me this question and general opinion is that distilled water does better job when detoxifying our body is in question than any other type of water. Why do “experts” think that distilled water will do better job in the detox. process?

We know that water has a great capacity of absorption. So when using our brain and the limited and controlled information it possesses great majority of people come to the conclusion how water with less minerals dissolved in it will have higher capacity of absorption. This means that such water will be able to absorb more toxins and eliminate them from the body through the cleansing organs filtration system. This all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, similar logic is used by our health ” experts” in great variety of conclusions. The reason is partial and misdirected knowledge we are given in medical universities and through our whole schooling system. Although it is so obvious and true that distilled water has much greater absorption capacity then water full of minerals from sea salt, Distilled water is the worse water to be used for detox process of a body. Even water with lemon juice will do better job.

plunged into the water lemon picture

Now, why is this, and how can I claim things that work against our logic? Not only that I recommend drinking water from a well or river that is rich in minerals, I recommend to you to add a sea salt in it if you want to be able to detoxify your body. This makes no sense, it is illogical. Yes it seems so but not because it is not true but because we do not have complete information so we come to the conclusion based on the information we possess.

What is the missing information you may ask?

Missing electrolytes in the water we drink.

Now the confusion will really set in. What do electrolytes have to do with cleansing of our body?


You see, they teach us in medical school how kidneys have tough time to eliminate salt from the blood and this is why we should not have to much salt in our diet. It is known fact that kidneys, skin and mucous tissue will filter the water out and only small amounts of salt will be filtered out with it, leaving most of the salt in the bloodstream. So it is logical to understand that more salt you are eating, saltier your blood will become and more water you will retain causing swelling, water retention, hypertension and other health problems.

Still, we are working on partial knowledge here.

What they refuse to tell us is that our bodies are propelled by electrical currents. This is why electromagnetic potential has to be maintained. Every time we mention energy, we are actually talking about electromagnetic potential, electricity is the energy we are talking about. For electricity to be able to flow through the water (blood), water has to be ionized. Since distilled water has no particles and no ions, electricity has a problem to move through it.

I often receive mails from people that read my posts saying that they have been on water cleanse drinking a gallon of water daily and they feel stiff and not well at all. Some even told me that they were in pain and as soon as they added sea salt to the water, in minutes they have felt a relief.  So what is going on?

Young man holding his back in pain

Our cleansing organs have a role in balancing electrolytes in the blood. This is why they do not let electrolytes to escape when water comes in and does not bring electrolytes with it. So you can drink a lot of water but if the concentration of electrolytes cannot be maintained, cleansing organs will eliminate water keeping electrolyte in the blood. Of course, it is impossible not to lose some electrolytes during the osmotic process so by drinking a lot of water, as the water has to be eliminated, body will lose some more electrolytes. This will decrease the amount of total water within the blood. We become dehydrated.

Still, all this gibberish about electrolytes does not explain what do electrolytes do in toxin elimination from the blood.

Doctors and blind scientists did not take the time to see what will cleansing organs do if there is a lot of salt in the blood. They trust the crooked science that cleansing organs have problem filtering the salt out of the body. This is not true.

More salt you add to the water you drink or to the food you eat, saltier will your urine and sweat become. This contradicts our teaching but nobody pays attention to it since you cannot contradict the establish “truths” without being ridiculed.

Still we do not have the answer, why the cleansing organs need electrolytes to cleanse the blood of toxins.

As electrolytes are necessary for proper functioning body, not having electrolytes coming into the body and losing them all the time as water is released, electrolytic problems start to occur. Electrical flow through the blood is disrupted. Electromagnetic potential goes down. Our muscles cannot relax properly and cellular functions are suppressed. This creates muscle spasms and problems in cellular hydration. It affects our nervous system as well. Blood cannot lose more electrolytes so it keeps them in as much as possible. Now electrolytes are not just what we are told like sodium, potassium and chlorine. Every particle in the blood is in ionic form, they are cations and this means positively charged. I have explained this in my book and in many articles in this blog site. So less sodium, potassium and chlorine there is in the blood, more other ions will be utilized to maintain proper electromagnetic conductivity in the blood. Unfortunately, toxic elements are also in the ionic form so they themselves will be utilized as electrolytes.

This explains why drinking distilled water when you wish to detoxify is the worst thing that you can do. You are eliminating more electrolytes but since you are not replenishing them, your blood will remain toxic as it will utilize toxic ions as conductors of electricity so your blood will remain polluted in the process.

Since the sea salt has all of the minerals and ions that are normally present in the blood and serum of our body, it becomes the best supply of electrolytes and ions that our body needs. So by drinking water with sea salt, you are replenishing necessary electrolytes and the toxic ions can be eliminated from our blood.

Through this article you have learned not only that having sea salt in your diet is of great importance especially when you want to detoxify your body but also that low salt diet actually forces your body to keep toxins in the blood and pollute the body even more.

Everything we are told is wrong, wake up. Be master of your body and stop slaving for the system. Stop being afraid, let me help you to regain health through the knowledge. You are the master of your perfect, self healing body. Absorb the truth and heal yourself.

As you heal, please send some contribution my way.


By donating you are not just helping me, you are helping others who benefit from my work and are unable to contribute.

Thank you for your love and kindness.

Love and light to us all.

FOOD-HEALTH relation. Getting more technical

To be able and keep our bodies healthy and young looking all that is required on the quantum level is to maintain the correct frequencies. Why do I mention the quantum level? By quantum I mean that basic source that identifies us before our brain gives it visual form of matter we call the body.


For the body to be healthy it has to resonate with adequate frequencies. Those frequencies will produce a light some people can see and we call it the aura. Proper frequencies will give our aura colours of blue, yellow and white. Lower, suppressed frequencies will change those colours into grey and dark. This is why by seeing the aura, healer knows immediately when your health is undermined.

Human aura - energy body - couple - profile Stock Photo - 12995491

For your body to be healthy and vibrate correctly, your organs have to have the correct frequencies and this means the correct aura and colours. Here again healer can see the aura and identify the organ with problem.

For the organ to resonate correctly, its cells have to resonate with good frequencies. As you see, same as the Universe, our body is fractal where the small particles complement the larger one and they all resonate in unity. If one part starts to resonate differently, the whole structure becomes undermined.

Nature, everything that was created from the essence by the creator resonates in synchronized mode with the program of creation, the flower of life. This resonance produces the genetic code necessary to support the life forms. This genetic code is common throughout the Universe though it has different genetic activity. This is because every planet and star resonate differently but within the harmonic code send by the creator.

Why is this important to know and how does this affect our diet?

When you observe the nature you will notice that wild animals eat their food the way they encounter it. So what enters their body, are the original frequencies designed by God (creator). Those frequencies support the resonance of their cells and organs and this means they support health of the  body that eats this kind of food.

Everything is defined by its frequency so if this frequency changes, so will change the object. If the plant or animal are dying, the frequency stays the same for a while and then it gets weaker and weaker. Even the dead retains the same original frequency that identifies it. This explains why you do not have to eat nearly as much when you eat fresh food.

People manipulate the food they eat and this changes its frequency. Different manipulation in different types of food produce different frequencies. When those frequencies enter our body they influence changes of the cellular resonance that starts to adjust to the new frequencies. Modulators of those changes are genes. Genetic expression changes and with it changes cellular activity. So when scientists discover a “cancer gene” or “aging gene” all they have discovered is genetic response to the frequencies that have entered our body. Those are not permanent changes and they have nothing to do with our ancestors or oxidative stress. They are the immediate response to current environment that our genes are exposed to at the time.

Now as you better understand what is going on, you can see how fraudulent and disconnected our popular science is. Just read this article;

Scientists claim that fat cells start to behave differently as the body ages. What a nonsense. Only brainwashed human can come to such an conclusion. The fact is that as pollution increases, the genes re calibrate and adjust to the new frequency. It has nothing to do with age. When the body is clean and resonates with correct frequencies there will be no genetic activation changes. The body will resonate with its divine frequencies and will be healthy all the time.

Now as food altered frequencies enter the body in smaller amounts, genes will be less affected and changes will be slower. This is why when we eat more food that is altered, we get more exposure to the wrong frequencies and our health is affected more severely. If we reduce the amount of food with altered frequencies, our body starts to recover. How is this possible???

Recovery of health is influenced by resonance of the environment. Our cells get affected most by the resonance from immediate environment. So what is closer to them will have more influence on the genetic resonance. Resonance of absorbed food will have the strongest effect. Less of the wrong food we eat, less of the wrong influence so what starts to affect our genes are the other frequencies from the environment further away. So this is why you should spend time in the forest, barefoot, exposed to sunshine. The resonance of grass, trees, animals, planet Earth and the Sun will bring the good frequencies and influence genes to return to the correct resonance. This is why fasting speeds health recovery.

Now you can better understand this article;

As you can see there is no mystery. As they feed monkeys less, they are healthier and live longer. So do people. All this talk about aging influenced health issues are pure nonsense and they are used as an excuse to push more drugs into our throats.

Self Healers Protocol is based on introducing original frequencies to the body through the food.

“Let food be your medicine”.

By establishing the correct resonance, we correct the genetic expression and not just that our health returns into our body, our bodies rejuvenate and we become young looking.

We have to free ourselves from the oppression of the system we have adapted. We are all strong individuals with purpose. We are not followers, we are not sheep or cattle. We have to respect one another because we are divine. No one has power over the other. Live and let live. Support is what makes everything functioning well.

Thank you Mark for these articles you have sent me that I have used as the reference.

Love and light.







The amount of obese people is rapidly increasing. This is not just the case in USA. It is happening all around the globe. Scientists are feverishly searching for the ways to help obese people to slim down, or aren’t they? To me it seems that they are searching for the proof of obesity predisposition to keep the status-quo and not to help people to slim down. has published an article in which it states; “Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) today report in Cell Metabolism that they have created the first model of genetically induced obesity in fruit . The model can be used to study ways to dodge adverse health effects triggered by the perfect storm of to obesity and calorie-rich, nutrient-poor diets.”

Further they write; “To create the fly model, the researchers manipulated a neural circuit in the fly that they have discovered is strikingly similar to one that exists in people and other mammals.”

Here we see first that scientists understand that incorrect diet and having a lot of it, create obesity but this facts are pushed a side and the blame is diverted to the genetics. Blaming genes makes obesity another disease that needs medicinal treatment and since genes are to blame, curing such a disease will not be easy and it will be costly I can guarantee you my friends.

Obese people can tell you how impossible it is to lose weight. There are so many different diets that they have all tried with no success. Many people are pushed under the knife to reduce their stomach or fill it with balloons to prevent people of overeating. Some have their intestines reduced so that less nutrients enter the blood and in this way reduce the number of calories their body receives. Doctors should be prosecuted even for mentioning such dangerous and completely unnecessary method to be used for  something that is natural, easy to deal with and does not require any medication or special treatment.

But then same should be done with the cancer treatments or the way they treat diabetes melitus, digestive problems and on and on we go…

What puts all the chronic diseases into the same bucket? They are all blamed to be genetically controlled implying that they are transmitted from parents to their children. This makes total sense. We can all see this. Just look at family photographs


We all know at least one family where all members of the family are fat. It must be the gene. It has very little to do with the junk they are eating. They all claim how they are eating very little but their body is such that turns everything into a fat. Oh, and hypothyroidism is second thing to be blamed.

It is much easier to say, “it is not me, I have a health issue!!!” than to do something about it. The sad thing is that many obese people would do the right thing if they would be told what the correct thing is that they have to do to be able to loose unnecessary pounds. But as you can see, the medical industry is generously supporting the scientists that can demonstrate and back up by the “science” that there is a genetic reason for obesity so it is a diseases that should be medicated.

If you follow my blogs then you are aware that genes react to their environment. The whole family is fat because they eat the same garbage they call food. If one member eats differently or smaller amounts and has more active life, mysteriously he/she is not affected by those genes.

Since we are all exposed to the fake, manipulated science, we start recommending foods according to our understanding and those recommendations are wrong.

Portrait of obese woman cutting paprika by using knife while looking receipt at laptop

As you can see, vegetables are not the answer. They could help you but only once you know the true reason of why you are fat and change your food correctly.

Those of you who have read my books are familiar with the culprit of obesity. It is what “scientists” and therefore doctors call the safe carbohydrates. All the starches that are loaded with glucose.

Glucose is claimed to be a safe, healthy sugar because we are told that our cells use it as principal energy source.

Those are lies.

Principal energy source for all animal cells is fat from triglyceride.

When we eat to much we gain weight. Our body is saving energy in the form of triglyceride in adipose tissue. Not being able to preserve glucose so that it is available to the cells when we do not eat, is a clear tell that glucose is not the correct energy source for our cells. So when your cells adjust to glucose they reduce the number of mitochondria and cannot produce enough of energy utilizing fat. This creates a hunger when you do not eat for more that two hours so we tend to over eat when we have the chance. Since we overeat on carbohydrates, only small amount can be utilized for energy fix and the rest liver has to convert to triglyceride becoming fat at the same time. So we end up with fatty liver and fatty body not being able to correctly utilize fat for cellular energy.Unfortunately to observe is not what we are told to do. Remember what you are told and repeat it when asked. This is the staple of our education. And everything we have been told is wrong. So is the diet we are recommended to have.

Cooked green leafy vegetables, onion, garlic, beans, grains….all promoted diets from vegan, vegetarian and paleo are subjects to the same errors of not understanding the human body, nutrition and  energy. Losing weight is easy process. You do not have to starve while doing it but you have to change the diet. This is not easy if you do not understand why, so read my books or articles in this blog site that cove this thematic.

If you need a help or support let me know and I will gladly help. By eating correctly you will not only lose the unnecessary pounds, but you will become healthy at the same time. I have received many thank you notes from people that followed the Self Healers Protocol. Do not be discouraged from your failures in the past. You were not exposed to this new knowledge and knowledge makes all the difference in the world.

f2This is not just possible, this is easy.

With love and light





Can there be such a thing as complete manual for the human body?

What does the word complete actually mean?

Complete means completely finished. No margins for expansion, no room for changes. It is done, finished .

Let me ask you a question. Is there anything finished on this planet? Even God did not finish and the whole Universe is going through changes every 13 thousand years. With the Universe, our planet and everything on it experience changes as well. This change we call evolution. Evolution is not steady and gradual process of change. It is sudden, abrupt moment of upgrade, a change in which new ideas come to life. The old is being cleansed and the new life starts to explore environment in which it found itself. This is why no one ever found transition type of fossils. There is no physical relation between the old and the new. Sponge to crustaceans. Crustaceans to fish. Fish to reptiles. Reptiles to mammals.

Those are all new, improved designs, creations of the creator and the work is never done.

Now we are in one of those events of rapid change. Energy and its frequencies is rising and with it the DNA is changing influencing changes in resonance of the genes among all life on this planet and beyond.

As more genes started to resonate, humanity started to awake. We are becoming conscious of what is happening around us. This awakening is starting slow so that we can absorb first the most obvious things without getting into a state of panic. Mind always panics when it does not understand what is happening. This is why it is taking so many people that much time to realize that governments did not represent them. When it takes so much evidence and exposure of criminal offences of politicians and still plenty of people fight for the old. Can you just imagine what is happening in the minds of scientists as the truths as they know them dissipate  and contradictory facts start popping up? This is why it is not surprising to see articles like this one

Scientists have found a protein that regulates the aging process. It is the same as the scientists of Cern looking for the God particle. The quantum mechanic is showing us that there is no such a thing as one, individual. The one we talk about is a collective. There is always a multitude manifesting as one.

There are multiple misunderstandings in the above article. Telomeres do not get shorter with cellular proliferation. Telomeres are DNA protrusions and they are curled up. As the cells start living in more polluted environment and level of the energy goes down, telomeres go in tighter and tighter curl. So they only appear shorter. This is why the rejuvenation process is so quick once when the environment cleans up. Cells cleanse, regenerate and with it heal themselves and the body, making it to appear younger. Cellular oxidative process has nothing to do with aging same as blood cholesterol has nothing in common with the fat that you eat or hypertension has nothing to do with the salt you ingest. Scientists are still tap-dancing in the dark refusing to accept the now obvious truth  that genes control every cellular action and they do this under the influence of frequencies they receive from their environment. Environment is everything and as the environment is changing, life changes with it.


 So whatever is complete in one millisecond, has a new completions in the other. This is the beauty and marvel of creation and we are a big part of it. We do not only enjoy the fruits of the creator but we plant the seeds for the new creation ourselves. We are indispensable part of this creation and its process. We have experienced the worst of it and now we are in the process to create the best that we can grasp. Why didn’t I say simply, “the best”. Because we can only imagine what we can grasp. What we cannot imagine, we cannot create and this does not mean that it is not possible to create more. We are simply not there yet.

Knowing the plasticity of genes as demonstrated by Dr. Bruce Lipton, and realizing the power of our thoughts as they change crystalline structure of water which was demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto we should be able to influence our genes to instantly heal our cells and our body so if this is really true, why can’t we do it?

My friend Elke asked me; “Darko how is it possible that some people can heal utilizing medicinal plants, you use food and others use aroma or light therapy? ” Everything is just energy represented in variety of frequencies. Ultimate frequency generator and with it healer is the brain.

I use the food frequencies to trigger healing processes in the body because this is the easiest and cheapest way of healing that our mind can grasp. Understanding what is happening is as important as the frequency brought into the body by the food because understanding will create positive thoughts and aid in the healing process as placebo effect.

The era of instant healing is about to commence. Jesus Christ showed us how this is possible and now we are going to be able to do it ourselves. This will be the short lasting future of medicine. Why short lasting? Because where we are going, diseases cannot follow. This is the new World we are creating. So join and help with this process. Take several minutes each day, close your eyes and picture the World you want to live in. Describe it in details. Closer to the detail you will come, the faster you will transform your reality. Enjoy and I thank you for everything you create because it will become a part of my reality as well.

Love and light

s g24




My friend Yahiko has send me this video that talks about the complexity of genetic influence on cancer. The message of this video is actually an explanation why cancer cure has not been found yet and why so much time and money is spend in researching the cancer with no cure in sight.


Many things mentioned in this video are correct but the true facts about genes and their plasticity is not revealed portraying cancer as mysterious and unsolvable as the egg and the chicken scenario.

Why is this so?

First, science we know is incorrect. It is boxed in “scientific truths” which are not disputed so no wonder we cannot have a progress. If we look at the basic physics we are told what the speed of  light is and what the speed of the sound is. We are told that they are constant. This is incorrect. Light and sound are just expressions of energy and its frequency. This means that their speed is the same. Now how can that be the truth when we can actually see the difference?

The speed of light and sound depends on the medium through which the energetic waves are moving. The speed will be rapid in the Space and it will slow down in our atmosphere and further be affected in the water or earth. In every medium the speed will be different. We can say that the speed of light depends on the speed in which the light can be absorbed in given space. Same is for the sound.

Audible sound has another component in it and that is the resonance of particles. So sound will change depending if it is in the air or water and also it will depend of the concentration of gases since every different type of gas will resonate differently.

Light will demonstrate different colors as the frequency of light separates as the angle of absorption will be different for different wave lengths and going through medium in different speeds.

Illustration on how light disperses when passing through a glass prism.(vector also available)

As you can see there is no universal constant.

Now as we talk about genes we have to understand that every change cell makes regarding its manipulation of chemicals or adaptation to them is created by genetic change. In this we have to understand that the gene does not change, only its activity changes going from dormant to active or the other way around. This means once genes are set to their activity, cell will behave in certain way not being further influenced by genetic action.

Genes are within chromosomes and chromosomes are within the cellular nucleus. For long time we thought that the cellular nucleus is the brain of the cell. Now we know that the cellular nucleus can be removed and cellular activity will stay intact. In other words, cells can live normally without their nucleus. By normally I mean doing things the way they were programmed to do. The problem presents itself when cell has to adapt to some new element. Without the nucleus, cells cannot adjust themselves to new environment and they can easily be destroyed. Every change and adaptation that cell will do is controlled by the activity of its genes within their nucleus.

In the video above you could see the complicated scenario of genetic activity. Now add to it the hundred thousand chemical reactions every cell in the body performs in every second and you will faint. Only self righteous peacocks can think that they can control cellular expression by chemically manipulating cells.

Now the statement that there is not known cure for cancer is totally false. First, cancer is not a disease, it is a state that body creates to deal with toxicity in an environment that is low on energy. Different circumstances will create different cellular environments which will stimulate genes in different ways of which some create uncontrolled cellular proliferation that we call cancer. I wrote about cancer several times and many people have healed from cancer utilizing the Self Healers Protocol. My friend Jeremy Ayers in Barbados does the same utilizing different methods and Shaman Nilo, here in Peru does the same utilizing only energy as the source for healing the cancer. Matter a fact, cancer is being healed in every corner of our planet but no-one is supposed to know about it. The lies about cancer being incurable are spread through the medical universities and the fake major media publications. The lies are so embedded in our minds that we think that only doctors can help us even when we see that this is not the case. People start looking for alternative ways to heal only after they have been told by their doctors that there is nothing else that can be done. Almost all cases of cancer that I was helping to resolve were like this.

This brings me to another thematic and that is vaccines.


Articles like this one; talks about facts presented by studies done by the vaccine industry. They are glorifying their achievements of saving lives. According to them there will be great loss of life if vaccines would not have been implemented. But they clearly state as Mark pointed out that 10 % of reactions to the vaccines bring serious consequences. Now take a 10 % of a hundred million of vaccinated people and you have a pandemic on your hands.

Further all the statements that they make are false. Everything I was vaccinated against I have contracted after being vaccinated and I am not the only one. In  fact, most children will become sick from the disease they were vaccinated against and that is known fact but not publicized.

Vaccines are used as the mean for global depopulation so please do not allow yourself and your family to be vaccinated.

Here in Peru, primitive tribes that have not been vaccinated are healthy and many vaccinated children in the urban zones have autism and cerebral palsy or hydrocephalus that they are trying to pin on the Zika virus. By “they”, I mean medical industry and fake major media outlets.


We are told to eat certain diet that lowers our immune system. Instead of vaccination, change your diet and you have nothing to worry about.

We are living in strange times and we must relay on ourselves. Wake up to the new knowledge and take action, be in command of your life. Do not allow others to dominate over you.

Love and light