Are your circuits down?

Recently I explained how polluted blood undermines health of women and what changes it brings into their life. But what about us, men?

Do our circuits have anything to do with toxic blood?

It would be silly not to think so.

Reproductive system is made by cells the same as the rest of our body. This means, polluted blood will interfere with cellular hydration and force the cells to become acidic. Acidic tissue causes changes in electromagnetic field so the brain will try to correct this by inducing forced hydration (inflammation) this way forcing cells to hydrate and cleanse the acid out.

More polluted blood floods cells, earlier will the acidity and swelling occur. This means , more the men is sexually active, faster will the problems occur if his blood is toxic. This is why people can eat the same food, have the same problems, use the same drugs but show different state of health.

Some thirty five years ago my brother did research on impotency in man. I was helping him more as experimental rabbit and we have discovered that bad blood circulation causes loss of erection in men. Great, so how do we fix it? We had no answer to this questions and most doctors do not have it even today. My brother made living surgically installing implants and pumps and I quit medicine and became furniture salesman in Brooklyn New York. Later I returned to medical field but as researcher and what I have discovered hit me like a rock. I talk about it in my book but in few words, medical schools train students how to make people sicker to extort their money. Some wake up but for the love of money continue the wrong practice but most have no clue what they are doing.

Losing erection is not the only problem men acquire from toxic blood. Prostate goes through similar process and inflames. Since the cells are not being helped with medical care the problem intensifies and prostate turns into cancer.

Another problem are varicose veins. If man has sex or masturbates and blood is polluted the veins of scrotum turn varicose. They pop out and become painful.

Other problems like lack of lubrication and lack of interest for sex are also common occurrence caused by the same culprit.

Here I have explained dozen of so called diseases as one, caused by the same problem of toxic blood.

What makes blood toxic? Bad food, bad beverages, stress, lack of water and lack of salt.

Can blood be cleansed?

Of course it can. We have three organs to take care of this but they need water and salt to be able to operate.

By cleansing the blood and changing your diet and psychological state you can have blood clean like a new born baby. Same will not just clean your blood but allow cellular cleansing and healing and guess what? You will be healthy as new.

Erectile problems may be caused by your mind. This is rare but it happens. Over stimulation and rough manipulation of genitals can also cause mind traumas that stay in the way of erection. All these problems are fare second. Just imagine how many people have circulatory problems. They are all on the way to become impotent if they do not do what is necessary to get out of this predicament.

Read my book and learn about blood circulation, inflammation and hydration. Those are the best lectures that will save your sex and life if this is the order you look at things my friend.

Embrace the change!



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