STEM CELL THERAPY (fraud or stupidity?)

Stem cell research  and propaganda is claiming bright future and incredible results. “Scientists” are claiming that soon they will be possible to use stem cells to regrow limbs and organs. Fix defects and malformations as soon as they figure out how to activate the stem cells.

Firs we have to know what is stem cell (mother cell)?

When the egg was inseminated the embryonic cell started to proliferate (divide and multiply). All cells were the same and we call them stem cells.. They grew in number and than all of the sudden some of them changed their characteristics and started to evolve into the cells of the heart, tongue, liver, kidneys, bones, nerves…In one word they seized to be stem cells and became designated cells of different organs creating tissues.

In this picture you can see different names for same type of cells. Until actually producing an tissue all those cells are nothing more then stem cells.

Cells of our organs replace themselves when their electric charge drops. Usually this happens when the cell is toxic and cannot function properly. The cells simply divide in two. The young one resumes the place and the duties of the old toxic cell and the toxic cell will be taken apart with macrophages (immune system). If bigger problem occurs when tissue gets destroyed then there are no cells that can proliferate and fill the missing tissue. This is where stem cells settle in and transform themselves from stem cell into whatever organ or tissue they are going to replace.

Stem cells are represented in our body in great numbers. They are there to fix any problem that may occur but for whatever reason they do not do their job.

Now “scientists” instead focusing on how to activate stem cells and find out what makes them dormant and not responsive, they cooked up an plan how to extract more money from unsuspected victims who are scared for their lives and would trust anything modern “science” has to offer so they offer solution “mother cells therapy”.

So what is this “mother cells therapy” all about?

Doctors extract some stem cells from patients body (blood, umbilical cord, bone marrow..)  put them in glass containers with saline pollution and wait for several days to multiply themselves by proliferation system (they simply multiply by division). After several days they call the patient back and return those “mother cells” back into patients blood but in higher numbers than what they extracted. This they call mother cells therapy and charge a fortune for 10 minutes of actual work that does not and cannot bare any positive results. What makes them think that if billion stem cells are not doing their job now billion and quarter of them will miraculously make a difference???

It take one stem cell to make a difference if she gets activated and assume the character of necessary missing cells.

The deception goes so far that doctors are now referring to stem cells by desired outcome and call them kidney stem cells, liver stem cells, red blood stem cells, cancer stem cells… No wander public is fooled when the doctors are fooled themselves. Many times in the past I have been mentioning the short comings of “popular science”.  The science promoted and shoveled in our faces is as corrupt as are the banksters and politicians. Unfortunately majority of health professionals are involved in this deception as well and all for status and sake of money.

Doctor Injecting Medicine Into a Patient's Arm - Royalty Free ...

As I have mentioned, our bodies are full of stem cells. The problem is that they do not activate themselves.

  Obviously solution is not in saturating the body with more of the stem cells that do not perform.

Unfortunately doctors are not trained how to heal people but only how to cure them by suppressing their symptoms and critical thinking is forbidden. This is not the same thing.

Dr. Bruce Lipton explained how cells in our body react to the environment in which they find themselves. If you take stem cells and immerse them in one environment they will become the bone, in another environment they will emerge as muscle or liver… I have explained in my book and in several articles how polluted environment (blood or plasma) forces cells to go into protective mode. Dr. B. Lipton calls it “fight and flight” response. While in this mode, cells will not hydrate, cleanse or repair themselves and stem cells will not activate.

This means that cleansing of our blood and plasma is necessary first step for achieving stem cells activation. Before stem cells can embed themselves into problematic tissue, macrophages have to clean it from diseased cells and non desirable environment. Activity of macrophages is related to sensitivity of the immune system and GcMAF protein availability. Its distribution relies on vitamin D3 availability. All those things will improve if you fallow Self healers protocol so no wander that people doing the protocol experience miraculous recoveries as far as health is concerned.

Stem cell therapy is nothing but a scam. Ultimately all goes back to the frequency since frequency is what genes are reacting to. Every state of environment is defined by specific frequency and so does every state of cellular health. Cleansing and activation of cells including stem cells can be done simply by changing the frequency. You can change frequency of the environment to which stem cell will respond. This frequency can be in a form of correct fuel (food), sound, light and thought. This is why there are people who are healing other with their own energy and they can do it on a distance which means they are utilizing their thoughts.

In my opinion healing by thoughts is the near future standard but for now people will easier understand that hydration and cleansing of the body will change how cells will respond to their environment.

To heal itself is a natural state of every cell in our body and our body as whole. We will heal automatically as soon as we become clean. This will activate stem cells, fix and rebuild our organs so that the body can perform as it is supposed to according to its genetic code. Stop doubting your body and allow it to do what it is intended to do. There are no diseases. All deviations of what we consider “normal” is due to toxicity and cellular intelligence to adjust itself to new environment. Ultimately what makes us sick is medications administered by mislead health professionals we call doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists… Supplementing can cause similar health problems as medications or medicinal plants. The reason is the poor understanding of our body and with our actions we do more harm then good. Autoimmune diseases do not exist. Cells do not know how to work against themselves. We just have no understanding of what is going on if our knowledge came from university books and medical journals and pharmaceutical studies.

It is really time to take care of ourselves. Do not trust “professional” who complies with the standard curriculum. Think for yourself, ask questions and observe. Simply if your health care taker is sickly, obese or anorexic looking. If he/she smokes, drinks coffee, alcohol, coca-cola…how can you trust their judgement?

Love, light and happiness.

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