Losing Patient

As I have told you many times, we are manipulated in science and in every other aspect of our lives and the biggest swindle is in the language that we speak. We can understand the correct meaning if we dissect the words. For example

medicine- “med-i-sin” is way more correct expression.

diagnossis-“di in Greek means two, agnosis– in Greek means not knowing

                      final translation is “two not knowing“. Patient and doctor are in the dark.

to cure-this word has nothing to do with healing. It means “to preserve“, so do not expect doctor to heal you. He/she is not equipped to do so and he/she knows it.

license as medical license for example-permission to do wrong. For example licentious means immoral or offensive. Medical license means that you are protected under the corporate law if you harm or do a wrong as long as you follow corporate guidelines. This is why no doctor see inside of the prison no matter how many people he/she harmed or caused their death.

To hear more eye opening truths pleas watch the video.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AV2Vth1eJM&w=573&h=325]

There will be more shows with this thematic. We have to start understanding the way we are manipulated and how to protect ourselves.


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