What is food?

Since the time we are born we are being guided by external force in what to eat and how to eat.

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It starts with parents and we accept their knowledge on that matter.

In the school we hear what is the “proper” diet so we start changing what we eat. We see commercials so we try “new” things and as we start getting fat or feeling bad we ask doctors for help. Unfortunately doctors know very little about diet since diet is not part of medical studies. Interesting, isn’t it?

Next step is to go and see nutritionist. Well I do not know where their knowledge is coming from but I haven’t met any nutritionist so far that makes any sense. They all copy one another and add to their repertoire of dietary recommendations by borrowing little bit from one another and it is all based on “popular science” of mislead well read individuals whose authority is based on diplomas of books they have read or acceptance of the “scientific” circle they are part of.

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In my opinion veterinarians know more about diet than any other “professional” but still the knowledge is coming from accepted “science” so it is a part of mislead culture. Since we are told and encouraged to accept what we are served and rewarded if we memorize and act upon that information, observation, thinking and reasoning is out of the picture.No wander we cannot find solution to any health problem. Because we are not encouraged to think, facts slip by us and because we are proud of our faculty status we do not dare to be wrong or ask the wrong question because our “reputation” is on the line.

Since this is article about nutrition let me show you on examples what do I mean.

We know that cells of plants have membranes made of carbohydrate called cellulose. We are told that we cannot digest cellulose and that there is no animal that can do that. We are aware that what we call nutrients (sugars, minerals, proteins, vitamins, enzymes…) are parts of the cells and only minuscule amounts are present in the extra cellular liquid (juice).

Also we are aware that plants are defending themselves with toxic elements since they cannot run and hide from predators. Some of those chemicals we found to be helpful if we are sick because they suppress the¬† symptoms of pain or inflammation so we call them medicinal knowing not to eat them if we feel good because they will harm our health¬† and jet we follow “experts” that claim that the healthiest diet is to eat raw vegetables. And if we become bloated or sleepy we are told do not worry it is healthy so bare with it, take curcumin, garlic, ginger, cinnamon…or any other toxin we call medicine or anti-oxidant to suppress our bodies reaction to protect and defend itself from the toxic unhealthy things we have eaten and mistakenly called food.

Same “experts” will tel you not to eat eggs because they are full of cholesterol that will raise your cholesterol and create disease. They are the same experts that are telling us that protein cannot be absorbed into the blood stream as such and it has to be broken into amino acids first. When absorbed the liver will utilize them for whatever purpose it may find necessary. Cholesterol is fat-protein combo. So how exactly will cholesterol enter our blood??? You see we do not think.

No wander we see people doing things like this

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or eating this way

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and not realizing that they are doing something wrong. Well no one told them so, I guess and Tel a lie Vision said that this is good for them. They are fat and sick because they are not using medicines, food has nothing to do with it. Diabetes “experts” instruct people to eat carbohydrates to be able to balance the insulin being administered to them by sophisticating electronic mechanisms.

How about if we just observe wild nature. There are no chronic diseases present there. Shouldn’t that be a clue for “scientists?”. I guess this is to intellectual for them and it is not part of the curriculum.

Simple fact that by cooking we are changing the chemistry of the food should be enough to tell us that here may be the problem. In my article on the “frequency” I have explained that everything there is is expressed in its own distinct frequency. As you add heat you are adding energy and there comes point where frequency will change. So if the frequency has changed so did the thing that is represented by this frequency and in this case this is the food. We notice the change in flavor, consistency, color… but we do not associate it with change of food characteristic. It is not the same food anymore. The change of frequency creates distortion in our body. It forces our genes to adapt and by doing so the whole cellular activity is compromised because it is programmed to do things in a different way.

Humans have capability to change the program but only if they believe in things that they are doing. Since we live in fear and false “scientific” programming is implanted into our belief system, we are in a mercy of our handlers. We have to snap out of it. We have to start observing, use our brain for thinking and go within for guidance since we have the knowledge embedded into our genetics. Do not pay attention to titles because they represent only levels of misguidance. We are omnivores by our digestive system so observe what omnivores eat. In the wild omnivores are the bears, wolfs, foxes, boars..and imitate them.

You can decide to use your privilege of choice and eat just fruits or stop eating all together but to do so you first have to understand who you are and how to go about overriding the basic program. Since everything is just frequency of energy this understanding is a base of your further progress.

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