“I knew something was wrong with that child” ADHD

More and more children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) each year. This dis-ease or disorder is nothing new. I remember my mothers favorite expression of me saying “where Devil cannot go, he sends YOU”. Are children of this time any different than when we were young and ADHD did not exist?

Children at a swing at the playground, children playing

Maybe this is not how you use the swing but is this a sign of “disorder?”

Children have undeveloped frontal lobe of the brain. This is because they lack experience. You will notice that many animals shy-away from young children because children are rough. They do not realize many of their actions and have to experience things for themselves. You can tell the child hundred times not to play with the knife but until they cut themselves all your nagging was in vane. Experience is why we decided to enter human body in the first place. We could see how it is to be human, we were told how it is to be human but we did not listen because we wanted the experience.

Children these days seem to be more active but there are many reasons for this. Number one is the food. The main ingredient of the food that children are eating is sugar. You may not be aware of this but cereals, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and all processed products on the market are basically sugar. Sugar is explosive fuel that brings lot of instantaneous energy that the child has to use or it will be transformed into fat. Here is your answer why are today’s kids fat. If you prevent the child to utilize this energy in play or you suppress it by “medication” child will gain weight. Our children start being polluted with sugar already as toddlers. Sugar is # one ingredient in babies formulas. No wander that juvenile diabetes is skyrocketing.

The other reason why the children of today are restless and more violent is the exposure to Tel a lie Vision. Children programs are full of violence. Most of them in a form of cartoons but there is no difference. War and killing is the predominant theme in those movies that are made to target young children and if child shapes a peace of the bread into the form of a gun he or she will be expelled from the school. Something is not making sense here.

One thing that no one is talking about is the change in energy and its frequency. The whole Universe is changing and with it our Sun and planet Earth as well. Everything is going through mutation (evolution) in accelerated way. Children are born more aware, they learn faster so they need more stimulation. Present tendencies of educational system are to slow children down. Children are bored they want more challenging experience. They express their boredom with “inappropriate” behavior¬† they get labeled with ADHD and sedated with neuro-suppresssive drugs.

What needs to be cured is not our children but our politicians that promote this kind of nonsense.

Today’s children are born with different DNA with larger amount of active codons. They learn faster and understand better. They will be teaching us the new technologies. They are the ones that will change the World. Often what we think is autism is just stronger expression of the child’s frustration for not being able to fully express itself in this restricted child body. All this information is suppressed, more and more children with special abilities are coming to this planet and they will help us with the transition process. Avoid to medicate your children, do not vaccinate them and allow them to be the way they want to be because this is their purpose. They came here to do the work so let them and support them. Do them a favor and restrict their Tel a lie Vision exposure. Engage them in complicated games and programs because here is where they flourish. Make sure they eat correctly and give them ample space to vent themselves.

We are entering the evolution not just of men kind but of the whole Universe.

Enjoy the ride.

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