MIP PERU the change game

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The time has come for me and my family to move to Peru where we will continue with our work in health research and public awareness. For those that are not familiar with our recent experience of losing our home and property in a hurricane this move requires more money that we have managed to put together.

Angels and family as you know my wife Hilno has finally received her passport so we are getting ready for return to St. Martin and there we will start organizing out move to Tarapoto in Peru where we will continue on the humanitarian project of global awareness of truth in medicine and healing. The move is costly and we are asking for donation. If this resonates with you please donate through my PayPal account connected to my e-mail darko.vlck@gmail.com or through this blog donation button.. Your donation will speed up the process. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
With love and light.

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  1. A special energy awaits your special energy in Mission Possible Peru in the City of Tarapoto, in the District of San Martin. For those of you who wish to aid or follow Darko and Hilno’s Progress in setting up the Cebnter of Meta Physics here in Tarapoto can do by staying on this website or you can see more at Mission Possible official website Here is the Cerelias Project deep in the Amazonian Jungle. here Please pass on to your social media sites The work we do and the work we are about to do When Darko and Hilno Arrive http://xi4.com/cerelias-project/

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