What is “Palliative care“?

This is recommended way to treat elderly under medical supervision.

It may all look fine and dandy but is this really what health care should be about?

According to palliative care elderly people should be cared for making sure that they have their “necessary” medications. All of those people are on at least 6 pharmaceutical drugs from statin, diuretic, blood thinner, beta blocker, to anti depressants, sleeping pills and most f them end up on pain re-leaving patches before they leave this beautiful and compassionate World.

None of these drugs are meant to cure anything. Just contrary they cause more harm. Statins prevent cholesterol formation so that cells are prevented from rebuilding their membranes causing muscle, circulatory and neurological problems. Diuretics used to lower the blood pressure cause further dehydration and acidity in the body. Blood thinners cause problems in the blood coagulation which causes strokes… It is not necessary to continue explaining the toxic effects of medical drugs. Listen to them on the pharmaceutically sponsored commercials while you look at pretty pictures or funny events accompanying the commercial message designed to distract you.

No wander that people on this type of care end up onĀ  pain patches. Those treatments are not designed to heal the body. They further dehydrate it, increase the toxicity so the body start to cry for help (pain). The answer is to shut it down and this is achieved with analgesics (pain killers) in the form of pills , injections or patches.

Palliative care is nothing more than accelerated aging under the medical care with suppressed symptoms until the end.

Aging can be graceful, slow and enjoyable part of your life. Chronic diseases and chronic pains can be eliminated by healing the body and not by further poisoning it with medical treatments. Unfortunately not many people are talking about this. Reason for this is that we are glued to Tel a lie Vision screens and we tend to believe the lies that come out of there. Mass media is under the total control of Khazars Zionists and they serve only their agenda and this is how to steel your money and get rid of you. Stop complying, educate yourself and take back your power.

If you are suffering from any chronic debilitating disease r chronic pain and do not nw where to go, contact me and I will help you.

I have to apologize for not having programs going. We are restructuring and low on funds. As soon as possible we will continue with radio and video programs.

Love and light to all of you my friends and family of light.


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