Do you have a healthy heart?

Unless we had some symptoms indicating that there may be some problem with the heart, we are all convinced that our heart is healthy and we do not have to worry about it.

The same as with any other “disease”, we assume that we are healthy if we do not experience any health problems. Feeling tired or stiff does not count as a disease.

Having dry or oily skin is not a health issue, it is the type of skin we have, we are being told.

Falling hair is a hair problem, it is just an esthetic issue, a genetic glitch they say.

Diminishing eyesight is an eye issue, it is genetic or a normal sign of aging, we are being told.

On and on we can go mentioning various things which are not really “diseases”, or not classified as being diseases. We are considered to be healthy although having those minor “insignificant” issues.

What is considered to be a disease?

“A disease is a condition of the living animal or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms.”

What causes disease?

“Disease may be caused by external factors like a pathogen, or by an internal dysfunction for example an immune dysfunction of the body.”

This is what we are learning in a medical university.

So, if no pathogen is found, and hormonal values and other blood values are ok, we are pronounced healthy.

There are some doctors, scientists, because they are using their brains and not just repeating the school obtained nonsensical explanations, that continue learning as they go and many things that they encounter simply cannot be the way we are told that they are.

Those doctors have other ideas and if they come close to the truth, they are being silenced.

Often even if the truth was not found but healing was achieved, if the “disease” is profitable to the medical/pharmaceutical/supplement industry, the scientist is going to be silenced.

Thankfully to the www, the voices are being heard and here is a video that was sent to me by my friend John in which one of those medical scientists explains the heart and heart diseases in a completely different way. The doctor’s name is Thomas Cowan.

I would love you to watch this video.

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I do not know much about Thomas Cowan’s work then a couple of videos of his that I watched, but I love the way he thinks although there are things that I do not agree with.

I am not implying that he is wrong and that I am right. It is just a different way we see things.

In my opinion, Thomas is still too closely connected to biochemistry, and some implanted “truths” which lead to different conclusions.

If we remain stuck on atomic values and molecular relations, we can easily be misled.

The structure is everything and it has nothing to do with the atomic values.

The structure of our reality is of an electromagnetic nature. There are no solid bonds. Everything is kept in its place through electromagnetic fields which can be interfered with and easily changed. By changing the structure (sacred geometry), we change our reality, the “reality of our experience”.

Heating objects change the electromagnetic field and change the properties of elements. Our body is raising its heat to deal with toxic structures, it changes their geometric net, it changes them. We call this detoxifying effect.

Going back to the heart, Thomas believes that the heart does not pump blood. This is easy to observe. Just cut a vein and the blood flows out. Cut en artery and blood will shoot up to 25 meters far. This is a lot of pressure.

The reason why the heart can effectively circulate the blood is exactly what Thomas is explaining, an electromagnetic conductivity mechanism that I have explained in my book and some of my articles and videos.

Thomas then explains that some underlying diseases in the body are damaging the heart and causing the deterioration of the heart muscle.

Well, this underlying disease is actually blood’s toxicity.

Here is my video explaining what causes heart problems/diseases.

When we ignore chemistry and use physics to create a model of a human body, it is all about a geometric structure. This “sacred geometry” can be changed by using electromagnetic interference off our brain for example, but it can also be changed using heat.

You burn yourself and your skin becomes red, then black, and starts to have a bad odor. Those are all just interpretations of our brain while it is analyzing the structural changes of the geometrical net as it is shifting under the influence of heat.

People who had received the depopulation jab and magnets are sticking to their place of inoculation, can delete those magnetic forces by applying heat to the vaccinated area.

The heat will change the structure of the geometry that is creating the magnetic forces and the magnetic effect will disappear.

Thomas is under the impression that toxic plants are causing healing of the heart. They are influencing the state of fight and flight which stops the seepage of cellular toxins into the blood. Cleaner blood changes the symptoms.

His medication makes people dependent on the production and the manufacturer.

Those are drawbacks especially once when you realize that one can cleanse and eliminate those toxins and achieve complete healing of the entire body.

Not only that the heart muscle will recover, but also the heart valves and blood vessels will repair themselves, and all will be cost-free and independent of industry.

I am promoting the self-healing protocol only as a temporary solution because people have a hard time accepting a simple self-evident truth that vegetables are toxic and are not our food. Even when they make them sick, they find other excuses to blame their sickness on.

Now, are you ready for the full truth?

We can change our reality simply by expecting it to change in any way and shape we desire it to be changed. We only have to visualize what we want to experience, and firmly believe that what we had visualized is actually happening. We have to EXPECT this vision to be our reality when we open our eyes.

We can expect only if it makes sense to our mind and this is where faith comes into the equation.

To be able to do this, we have to be purified, and this is what we are now experiencing all about.

We are cleansing our minds of all negativity, all past programming, all lies, and misbeliefs.

This is why our reality is so chaotic at this moment.

The cleaner we are, the more aware we become. We awake to a whole new reality.

We start to see it the way it is, and not the way we have been told that it is.

The cleaner we are, the more we are drawn into the heart, the central source of our electromagnetic existence of a structural geometric form.

What a journey this is, especially to those who are awake.

Please wake up and have the full experience of this special, once in a billion years occurring event.

We are here because we are very strong and experienced souls, free yourselves and help our Mother Earth by holding the light during this spectacular event.

Love and light to us all.

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