Are you feeling strange lately?

Daily I hear comments about how tired everyone is.
There are days when I feel more tired getting up from the bed in the morning than I was the night before getting into it. Even my eyelids feel heavy.

On top of this tiredness, many people are experiencing stomach pains, burping, diarrhea, low-grade fever, headaches, foggy brain, and temporary loss of memory.

Some people have stronger and some people have less pronounced symptoms but a great majority of people feel strange.

Why is this?
What causes those symptoms and can they be prevented?

Most people are distracted with their tools of entertainment and completely disconnected from what is happening around them. They do not even pay attention to the discomfort of their bodies.
A couple of pills or more takes care of it.

People have been robotized, walking, talking, and eating computers obeying set programming.

Those who are more aware, notice the changes we are experiencing. They know that something is going on but cannot figure it out.

Here, I will help you to understand this better because if you are here on this site, you are awakened and ready to engage.

Our Galaxy is in a part of the Universe with a different vibration.
As the frequency changes, our genes forward the impulse so that our cells can adjust themselves to those new frequencies and survive.

Every change of gene expression changes cellular behavior.

This means that our cells are changing, and with them, our bodies are mutating. We are being transformed into a new kind of human.

Our brains are designed to interpret every frequency in a particular way so as the frequencies are shifting, our brain is showing this through our senses.

Since everything is basically conscious energy, every form is conscious of itself and it does not want change.

Change brings the unknown and the consciousness of the physicality is afraid of the unknown seeking comfort in what it knows even if it is uncomfortable and in pain.

It takes courage to change and take a step into the unknown.

Whenever changes are occurring within our bodies, we become scared, we contract. This contraction increases the pressure on the sensory nerves and pain occurs.

The shifting frequencies are being interpreted as physical changes. This means that what was there before, has to be cleansed out for the new to be able to take place.

We have finished with one game of reality and before we enter the new game, we have to leave behind everything that cannot be part of the new game.

We have learned what is good, what we want to take with us into the new reality, and we know what we do not want to see there.

Since we have all been exposed to various experiences, we have created all kinds of emotional responses of which many are of a negative nature.

We do not want to bring negativity with us so it has to be cleansed out.

Since most of the cleansing is done during our sleep when we are not distracted by the daily events, we can have nightmares, vivid dreams of recollection of past events reliving unpleasant past.

This recollection is a part of the emotional release that will then be cleansed out through the gut.

We may get diarrhea, gas, inflammation, and pain.

Since those are toxic energies, fever may occur to transform them as well.

Besides the detox of emotional imprints, the physical changes can cause a temporary misfunction of our robot/body.

The brain may become foggy. We may have temporary problems with vision, hearing difficulties, loss of immediate/short-term memory.

I had a client come to see me. She could not walk without being assisted. She stood by the chair and I have offered her to sit down but she did not know how to do it.

Then she did not know how to stand up again.

First I thought that she has an inflamed brain or brain tumor, but this all has happened very suddenly so I have recommended she have her brain examined.

It was Friday night so she made a schedule to have the magnetic resonance done on Monday. In the meantime I suggested she drink as much plasma as possible.

She was cleansing and on Monday morning she was perfectly fine. No symptoms of any difficulty.

I am also experiencing occasional loses of memory. The simplest words I cannot sometimes recollect.

Two nights ago I was awakened with sharp stomach pain. In the morning the symptoms of cleansing showed up. Diarrhea elevated temperature of my body, headache, muscle tenderness…

Even that it was difficult at times, I was forcing a lot of plasma into my body and by the evening the pain subsided and the fever was gone. Today I am as new.

Some major toxic release was cleansed out of my blood.

Everything becomes simple when we understand our body and help it to do its job.

Those shifting frequencies and the symptoms that they cause are now mixed with the toxic load of our cells and the symptoms that are created by their release. This can make things confusing but do not dwell on it.

Do you have to know how the engine of your car works to be able to drive it?

Of course, not.

The same is with our robot.

The understanding that diseases do not exist and every symptom is a result of the body’s toxicity, cleansing process, and adaptation to its environment will take the fear out the equation, and knowing what the body needs to do its job, will help to make the process as smooth as possible.

The best way we can support our body is by following the Self Healers Protocol (SHP).

Love and light to us all.

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