The final take-down of the system has started

I try not to go into the politics in my blog and videos because it is more important to spread the truth than to bash a system.

I am frequently being asked about the plandemic we are in, about the current President or Presidents would be a better way to say it, and I shy away from discussing it.

There are more reasons for it than one.

There are many people giving their opinions about what is happening, giving advice and they are followed by thousands or even millions of followers who place their trust in what they are being told.

We are being told to invest in cryptos and gold not realizing that this change we are about to experience is not just the usual revolution, a change of guards. This is an end of the reality that we know, and the emergence of a completely new reality that is not going to allow any bad thing to be repeated from this game we are just demolishing.

The tool of enslavement is called money. Well, this is the first thing that we are going to ditch in the new reality.
Wealth should be the last thing we should be concerning ourselves with at this moment, but everyone is urging us to horde the wealth and to preserve it.

Stop listening to such nonsense, money is the most irrelevant thing since it will not exist in the near future.

People who are aware of what is going on, and there are not many of those, are demanding justice to be done.

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Jail Dr. Fauci and B. Gates, hold the pharmaceutical industry culpable for the vaccine lies and the suffering they create.

This was sent to me by my friend Simon

Well, and what about Rockefeller’s and their foundation?

What about our professors and the entire schooling system.

Every sick individual is in this situation because he/she was fooled by the system of lies they were indoctrinated with.

Every teacher should reflect and realize what damage has their influence created on the current state we have found ourselves in.

How many lives were ruined, how much misery was created because they were just following orders?

Even today as the truth valve has opened and the truth is being revealed, there are many doctors who are continuing to poison their patients with chemotherapy and statines and other useless and highly toxic poisons including the depopulation jab, and they do it all for the sake of money.

The lies we are being forced to accept as our truths are so deeply embedded, that even those of us who are aware of those lies cannot easily peel away from them.

Here is a video of a great doctor Covan who is struggling with acknowledging that the virus does not exist.

He realizes the spike protein is simply a toxic protein, and this protein is lashed to a virus that has not been decoded or seen. The viral RNA was never isolated but its spike is well known. Does this make any sense?

The spike can be isolated but not the virus that supposedly carries multiple spikes on itself.

Does this make any sense at all?

We can isolate those spikes and not the much larger carrier?

It is difficult to find a scientist with the bolls to say the truth and compromise his/her reputation.

There is a limit to how far is one willing to go.

Because of this, we are always scratching the surface and inevitably returning to submission.

So that this vicious cycle is broken, we had to go deep into the core of the problem and the evil that supports it.

Rounding up the sacrificial goats would not create any change, and every known participant is the sacrificial goat because the architects of this delusion are being well hidden from the public eye.

The war had to go deep into the unknown and what was revealed has surprised even those who thought that they know it all.

Only a very well-planned action under the cover of confusion had any chance of succeeding.

This was planned for many years. Many false events have been orchestrated by the good guys as well, just to gain the trust of the system they were fighting against.

Few had to be sacrificed so that many can be saved and the results of this elaborate game are being revealed.

The truth bomb has been lit and its explosion will rock every one of us.

Be ready, it’s coming.

Very few people were able to understand the truth that I am revealing for years, and what is coming, will literary blow our minds.

People will get crazy and will have to be hypnotized not to harm themselves, and others.

The more we are aware of, the easier we are going to take it and our true work will just commence.

Those who want the change are separating from those who do not, the Rapture has begun.

Open your heart, be of service to another and as one, we are going to rise into the glory of the divine.

The veil is coming down so that we can all see the truth behind it all.

Love and light to us all.

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