How strong is your immune system?

What we are told about the immune system of the body is all wrong. This is why doctors and especially the supplement pushers are promoting a high doses of vitamin C, Astaxanthin, and other antioxidants to “strengthen” your immune system and protect you from “bugs”, COVID-19 at this point.

It is amazing how much our “experts” know, and how intelligent they are. Shame that nothing they do or say results in healing.

Isn’t it strange that one needs to drown in vitamin C for it to have the desired effect?

You cannot just take few lemons to prevent the flu. You actually have to get “submerged” into it.


Everything in excess becomes toxic, so does the vitamin C, and just before it will kill you, vitamin C will triggers a cellular shutdown. This is when it becomes “medicinal”.

The same happens with high doses of vitamin D.

When the cells shut down, this is when they stop cleansing themselves so further blood pollution stops, and the symptoms of blood detoxification start subsiding. Doctors refer to it as being cured.

In fact, only the cellular cleansing process has been stopped.

I have explained this when I was talking about the COVID-19 theater play, only it was not presented on Broadway but it was played all over the world on every station available.

Only toxic body can produce the symptoms of disease and it will do it as the cellular toxin finds itself in the blood. The presence of a bogyman called virus, fungus, or bacteria is completely irrelevant.

This is why we have symptomatic and asymptomatic “diseases”.

Since our bodies are toxic, various bacteria and fungus lives in it feasting on those toxins.

We carry those pathogens but we do not exhibit any symptom of a disease, so we can say that we are all asymptomatic carriers of diseases.

infectious cartoon

When the blood starts cleansing, the symptoms of a “disease” appear. The more toxic we are, the stronger will be the symptoms of the disease we have.

Now, doctors look for an excuse and chose one of those pathogens declaring that this is why we are “sick”.

With antibiotic the cleansing process is stopped and we are declared as being curred.

If the cleansing process cannot be pinned on any pathogen, we are told that we have an idiopathic disease. A disease for which we do not know what has caused it.

Idiopahtic should be spelled “idiot-pathic” to better describe those experts who are interpreting what is happening.

Due to the school acquired knowledge, we doctors, behave like a pure idiots. We have completely lost the ability to reason.

Even while observing how people fall ill after being vaccinated, we still insist that vaccines save lives.

Since the immunity is not what we have been told it is, the question arises: what is this thing we call immunity and how can we strengthen our immune system?

As I have explained in some other articles, from the quantum point of view, a correct frequency is interpreted by our brain as a healthy cell/organ/body.

A shift of the frequency will be interpreted as a diseased cell/organ/body.

The higher is the voltage, the more stable will be the frequency and the more difficult it will be to change it. This signifies a strong immunity towards the change.

If we translate this through our brains projected reality, the more energy the cell/organ/body has, the stronger magnetic field they will have which will prevent toxins and pathogens from approaching them and invading them.

This strength of a magnetic field we call immunity, and it is strictly dependent on the energy/voltage of our cells.

The more acidic are our cells, lower will be the energy because overly acidic cell cannot maintain the correct voltage.

At the same time, we can be reasonably clean on the cellular level and suffer from low cellular voltage/energy at the same time. The reason for this is a stress/fear.

The same as stress can lower your energy and diminish your magnetic field, happiness, love, and excitement can strengthen your energy/voltage and the consequent magnetic field.

Now, the question is, is there a way that we can find out what is our energy level, how strong is our immune reaction/magnetism?

Many people can see aura. Some people have a very weak and dark aura, and some peoples aura is well pronounced and in colors from gold to green, blue, and purple, and extending to a meter or more around the body.

The aura is formed by the magnetic force of the body and its influence on the energy of the environment. The stronger is the magnetic energy, the larger is the aura.

The color of the aura is related to the frequency with which the body radiates.

There are instruments now available that can measure weak energies. They can capture the energy of the thought as well but those instruments are costly.

In this video I explain how we can easily check the state of our energetic body:

As we have entered the new paradigm, everything what we know from our past became obsolete.

We have to start learning again so that we can enjoy the benefits of this new world we are creating for ourselves.

It is difficult to ignore the accepted programs/truths and accept the new ones. This is why we have to be open minded and allow the new information in. This way, our brain will have the time to calculate, compare and come up with a different conclusions.

For some people, this is not an option. The programming is set to deep so they reject any information which differs from the previously accepted information to which we refer as being the truth.

Such people will not be able to change by themselves, and a beam/ frequency of transformation will be necessary for them to “snap out of it”, let go, and accept the new information.

This transformational energy will soon be released and it will affect all of us since it will be the energy of transformation that will create an evolution effect, but about this we are going to talk in the near future.

Many disclosures are surfacing now which are helping people to see with a clarity how they have been fooled into believing lies.

When enough of people becomes aware of the situation, the “hundred monkey/the heard effect will be achieved and the frequency of transformation will be released.

We are rapidly approaching this point. This will be fabulous and as President Trump said, “it will be Biblical”.

Those of us with high voltage and stable frequency will go smoothly through this event. This is why Jesus Christ said, “keep your temple clean”.

Use the Self Healers Protocol to cleanse and correct your frequencies.

The cleaner you are, the higher voltage your cells can hold making you healthy and fearless.

Those two attributes will help you to go through the shift peacefully and effortlessly.

If you need any assistance, you can always count on my help.

Love and light to us all.

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