Bacteria, fungus, and virus are not causing diseases?

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As I often mention that what we are being told is mostly false and manipulated and nowhere is it more noticeable than in medicine.

I have received a very interesting video from my friend Tom in which Dr. Stefan Lanka talks about the nature of pathogens and their inability to cause diseases we attribute to them.

Often, when I consult my client, some other member of the family joins in and then becomes interested in hearing what I have to say about his/her health issue.

They always become surprised when I end up recommending the same healing protocol even though the health issue that they have is different from the health issue of their family member that I was consulting, they have a different “disease”.

How is it possible that the same protocol will help in healing all those so different “diseases”?

Even when the pathogens are involved, the protocol remains the same.

Those of you who are following my work and are open-minded, you see it clearly because it is self evident, but the more we are “educated” the more difficult it is for us to see what is the obvious.

The indoctrinated knowledge (school information, lies) make it impossible to even listen to what is being said if it is contrary to the previously accepted information, this is how our brain operates.

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I can’t tell you how many times people have confronted me saying, “I cannot listen to this bul*** any longer.”

Those who attacked me the most were the health professionals, from doctors, nutritionists, to their mimickers (bloggers), and profiteers of the supplement industry.

As the vegans and the vegetarians are concerned, I am a crazy lunatic.

The self evident things that I often mention do not count. “Show me the studies that support your theories”, they demand, “and not yours but from other, acknowledged, scientists”.

When I point to Dr. Batmanghelidj, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Hamer, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr Royal Rife… this means nothing. Why? Because they are not recognized by the mainstream science. They are not acknowledged.

If you want to know the truth, you cannot expect to find it in the same box of information that has created the lies.

A friend was mad at me when I suggested that President Trump could be a good guy.

He asked me to point him in the direction where he can find alternative views.

So, I gave him some sites such as BCP, And we know, The X 22 report…where people are also commenting and sharing information.

After briefly going through the material he told me that this is a Trump oriented stuff and it does not count.

Other friend who is very religious wanted to discuss religion with me and got mad at me when I suggested for him to get acquainted with some other religions to see where is the difference.

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We all want to stay within the comfort of the known and we want the truth to be the one we know.

Unfortunately, there is no progress if we do that.

We have to be ready to listen and absorb what we hear. Give some time to the brain to process the information and come up with the conclusion.

If we are not ready to listen to something that is different, how can we ever learn the truth?

I am very proud of those few of my friends that follow my work and have tried the Self Healers Protocol because the science behind it is so drastically different from the science we are being indoctrinated with.

All of the chronic health problems are caused by toxicity, and pathogens can survive only in a toxic body.

Pathogens cannot attack a healthy cell, they only survive on a decay.

Once you cleanse your bodily fluids, no pathogen can touch you. After all, the symptoms of an ailing body are not caused by pathogens. They are simply the symptoms of a toxic body and the bodies attempt to detoxify itself.

This is why the Self Healers Protocol is so successful in establishing health, no matter what the medical diagnosis suggests.

Toxic body becomes acidic, its electric voltage cannot be maintained which produces the feeling of a chronic tiredness. This also lowers the immunity of the body and problems occur.

As I explain from the quantum point of understanding, High voltage (energy) maintains a stable vibratory field. The stable vibration makes a healthy body.

The lower the voltage becomes, the easier it is to influence vibratory changes and the change of the vibration is interpreted by our brain as an anomaly,we call disease.

This is the easiest and the simplest way to explain the whole complex science of medicine.

As Jesus have said, “keep your temple clean”,and you will be healthy.

To do so, all that we have to do is to hydrate with sea water plasma, and eat the food of God as all omnivores do in nature.

Because it is so simple, it is so difficult to believe.

Keep in mind that whatever we have been told by our religious leaders, by our professors, media and popular science is manipulated and not to be trusted.


Only a corrupted knowledge becomes licensed and the ultimate prize for misguidance is presented as the Nobel Prize. In a noble way we have been fooled.

You have waited for a disclosure, here it is but are you ready to accept it?

Love and light to us all.

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