Is there such a thing as an “original thought”?

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To those people, and there are very few of them, who actually think before saying something, it must be surprising that for the last100 years of raging a war against cancer and other chronic health problems no actual progress was made.

Often I refer to the schooling system as the indoctrination system, and never before this was so visible and into the face as it is today.

Just a glance on what is happening in the USA on the political stage reveals the whole truth.

Young people who are still in colleges and those just coming out are overwhelmingly geared towards Marxism. They are Bernie Sanders supporters.


Because they were indoctrinated with those ideas without being given a chance to evaluate them and think. Memorize and repeat. This is the schooling strategy.

All those socialists cannot debate because they do not posses any other information. To debate, you have to have information on various aspects of what you are debating about so that your brain can calculate the most likely outcome. This calculation we call thinking.

Those students just regurgitate what they had to remember.

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Sadly, the same is going on in the science of medicine as those programmed brains are leaving medical schools, their thoughts are nonexistent. The only thing that those “doctors” are capable to do is to repeat what they were told, and to stick to what they know as the truth.

It is enough to receive some false information that you accept as the truth, to make a further progress impossible.

This is exactly what is regularly done as a part of the schooling process.

If knowing something about some subject is not creating an opportunity to discover something new, how else can we go forward in our knowledge?

Can we override this information and come up with some original thought?

This question was given to Eckhart Tolle

As you can see, E. Tolle is answering the question with another question basically proving what I have just said.

We receive information, it could have been through a question that we remember. More informations we have, the more confusion it creates and more questions pop out as a result of it.

The answer to any question will be done through the brain’s calculation/filtering process because some informations we hold as the truths which will automatically void conflicting information or questions. We deem those questions as being “stupid”.

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If we think about what I have just said, then an obvious realization occurs that this is the reason why we cannot progress solemnly depending on our brain to come up with the solution.

The brain can calculate but it cannot invent or come up with a solution to a problem it has no information about.

So, how can we make any progress at all?

There is an old saying: “when you are ready, the master will appear”.

This master could be a teacher, but it could also be something you’ve just read or heard and was necessary for your brain to be able to complete the picture.

Still, the information was known and available, but what if this is something that nobody knows and it is the missing link that is necessary for you to have in order for you to solve the problem?

Such information will come from your spirit, from your true essence of the conscious energy that have created you. This is the information E. Tolle forgot to relay.

Only after we have exhausted all information available and could not come up with the solution, and we are ready to make the step forward, the missing information becomes available to us.

The master appears.

This is the way we learn. This is the way we progress.

We have to learn how to think and to do so, we have to load our brain with as much information as possible, and not reject information because it does not support the filter of the previously accepted “truth”.

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This is the reason why I was given information to ignore everything that I was told and to live in now, observe, think, and when the masters message is received, experiment by putting it to work.

About 36 years ago I have separated myself from medical books and medical studies.

I have stopped reading medical reports and I have started clearing my mind.

About 20 years ago I have returned back to the medical field to find out why we cannot heal anyone utilizing the medical knowledge that we receive in school.

I refused to look at what new studies have discovered and instead I have started to observe and meditate.

As the drops of information started to arrive, since the information was contrary to everything I have been told in the medical university, I have started to experiment by implementing that new information.

My first preoccupation was to cleanse the blood. As I was meditating about it a thought came. This thought shook me so much that I have immediately opened my eyes in disbelief.

“This is ridiculous”, was my initial reaction.

The message was, “drink the sea water”.

This was about 20 years ago and I am still drinking all my water with sea salt in it.

The brain is a computer. The more information you allow to enter, the better results in calculation will be experienced.

Many people say: “I am listening to my body”.

Yes, you are feeling a discomfort or pain which you interpret on the base of the information that your brain is loaded with.

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If you eat a chef salad that contains boiled eggs, ham, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, and you experience bloated stomach and headache afterwards, how will you interpret which ingredient in the salad is responsible for this?

Vegans and vegetarians will automatically blame the ham and eggs for this.

In fact, the cabbage and the broccoli is what produce gas because of toxic alkaloids and terpenes they posses.

Also the hard boiled egg contains coagulated hard to digest proteins contributing to the overall effect.

We cannot trust the brain if it is loaded with a false information.

Knowing the truth is the most important thing. A simple tell is the Major Media. What they promote is definitely not what you want to do.

Observe, think, try it yourself, and when information is needed, ask the question by focusing on it and the answer will be presented to you.

Love and light to us all.

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