How to make a nanoparticle colloidal silver?

When you research the colloidal silver, plenty articles will be available, from the blue men to the cure for all diseases.

Unfortunately, the same as with just about anything else, most of the articles will be just one
“expert” outdoing another just so that you become more interested in their product which may or may not be good to begin with.

So before I explain how to make a good quality nanoparticle colloidal silver I want to explain why it is important to make nanoparticle colloidal silver and not the one they call the ionic colloidal silver.

I wrote about this topic but many people still do not understand the difference other than that the so called ionic colloidal silver has smaller particles.

The proponents of the ionic colloidal silver claim that since the particles of silver in the colloidal solution are smaller, they can be easily absorbed into the cell and in this way, they will do better job especially in those hard to reach places.

This reminds me on another false theory that claims that distilled water will do better job in cleansing the body because the distilled water has a stronger absorptive abilities from any other type of water since it is pure.

Yes, the distilled water can absorb more but the bodies filtering system will try to keep all ions in the body if it is low on them. This means that it will not cleanse. It will just eliminate water to balance its ionic levels.

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With the colloidal silver, things are different.

Every element has its properties, but no element will have those properties when it is in a state of an atom. When atoms bond together, they bond electromagnetically forming a grid. The grid that is formed gives this element its properties.

I have explained this when I was describing how to structure the water.

As more and more atoms bond together, the grid is being established and different properties are expressed.

The element will not have all of its properties until the size of it reaches a nanoparticle size.

One nanometer is one-billionth of a meter.

As you can see, a nanoparticle has a very small size and it will have no difficulty to penetrate any part of the body. This makes the claim of ionic colloidal silver proponents that it penetrates better absurd.

One of the properties of silver which is very important is that it oxidizes in a presence of light.

This is why it was used in a film industry. The silver colloidal solution was applied over a film of cellulose and we used this to take photographs.

Parts of the film that were more exposed to the light, oxidized more and here is your photo negative.

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The colloidal silver will not have this property until it reaches a nanoparticle size.

This is why the ionic colloidal silver is transparent and does not turn dark after it has been exposed to the sunlight.

The ionic colloidal silver is weak and in my opinion useless.

In nanoparticle size, the colloidal silver has a golden color since nanoparticles refract the light in such a way, and when exposed to a sunlight, it oxidizes to a dark gray color and loses its antimicrobial properties.

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How to make a good quality colloidal silver?

Get a wall unit adapter that will transform the electric power to 12 volts and 500 miliampers (o.5 A)

You want to restrict the electric flow so I do not recommend the amperage to be higher.

At the end of the wires place alligator clips so that you can easily attach a silver rods to them.

The silver should be pure, 9999 silver but 999 silver is ok as well.

Put distilled water in a glass jar, place a cardboard or polystyrene top on it.

Push those silver sticks through it being about 2” apart one from another, and plug the wall unit adapter into an electric socket.

Do this in a dark place so no sunlight gets to it. It does not have to be completely dark but the darker is the place the better so no oxidation of silver occurs.

No electrolytic action will be noticeable for a while since electrons have a problem moving through none ionized water. After a couple of hours, enough of silver ions will be released and the electric current will star to flow chipping larger particles of silver until it reaches the force to produce nanoparticles of silver.

As this happens, the water will start turning yellowish. Depending on the amount of water and the size of the silver stick being used, this process may take 6 hours and more.

In the past, the silver colloidal solution turned yellowish when then umber of silver nanoparticles reached 14 PPM (parts per million). Since the resonance of our planet has changed, now the solution turns yellow when 8 PPM accumulation is reached.

Nanoparticle colloidal silver starts to exhibit its antimicrobial properties in 3 PPM solution so 8 PPM solution is plenty strong but if you want it to have more PPM’s leave it until the solution becomes a stronger yellow.

If the solution turns deep red, the particles have become to large as the electric current is becoming to strong. Do not allow this to happen. Light gold color will give you a powerful nanoparticle colloidal silver.

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Keep in mind that besides the 8-14 PPM’s of silver nanoparticles, there are a plenty of smaller particles we call ionic also floating in this silver colloid solution.

Once you have your colloidal silver, transfer it into a dark glass bottle and store it in a dark place but do not refrigerate it as the cold will sediment the silver particles.

To make finer colloidal silver I recommend to place a heating element under the jar so that water makes natural flow and prevents bridging but this is not that important.

The size and thickness of the silver sticks is of no importance. I use 8” gage 9 sticks myself.

Make sure that the distilled water has no particles in it because they can interfere in the process and make the solution dark.

I hope that the instructions are easy to follow and that your colloidal silver will be of an excellent quality.

Love and light to us all.

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