It is hard to tell how many women are suffering from Vaginitis and Vulvo-vaginitis, but I am sure that the number is much higher from the one statistically reported.

Vaginitis is a symptom of inflamed vagina and vulvo-vaginitis is a symptom of inflamed vulva and vagina.

Those symptoms could have an acute nature but often, because they are not treated correctly, those symptoms take a chronic nature and become a part of life.

What are the symptoms of Vaginitis:

Vaginal itching or irritation

Pain during intercourse

Painful urination

Change in color, odor or amount of discharge from your vagina

Light vaginal bleeding or spotting

“Itis” signifies an inflammation. The inflammation of vaginal wall will increase its sensitivity and since inflammation increases the level of blood in the vaginal tissue, there will be more moisture and sensitivity to an increased pressure which produces pain during sex and urination. If the inflammation is severe, the pain may be present even if no additional pressure is applied.

The increased moisture in the vagina creates a perfect medium for bacterial, fungal and parasitic growth.

This means that inflamed vagina can be easily infected and according to the type of the pathogen, the color, the texture and the smell of the vaginal discharge will change. From the clear when it is not infected, to the yellow or green or white and cheesy.

Younger women will most likely be infected with bacteria or protozoa (one cell parasite) and older women with fungus which is more of a chronic type of infection.

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These days, ever younger women are suffering from chronic vaginitis.

To you, my readers (family), I do not have to explain the cause but I was asked to explain this health problem as new readers are coming along so let me explain what is going on.

Because of the lack of water and minerals in our blood, people’s blood is getting dehydrated.

Dehydrated blood will not be cleaned properly and it will become more toxic. Cells refuse to use it for their hydration, and we become dehydrated on the cellular level.

An organ that is forced to be very active while the blood is toxic, will become dehydrated on the cellular level faster and its cells will become acidic. This will trigger forced hydration we call inflammation.

This means that a sexually active woman with toxic blood will easily end up with inflamed vagina and the symptom we call vaginitis.

Through the sexual intercourse, infection is possible and here we encounter the second cause of now infectious vaginitis and this is none-functional immune system doe to gene manipulation created by a daily poisoning with the dietary glucose.

As I have explained in my book, the consumption of dietary glucose will change the gene expression. Cells will stop producing the GcMAF immune marker and our macrophage will not know what they have to destroy. Our immune system stops functioning.

Doctor's sign: There are a lot of ailments going around. Don't sit close to each other.

With such none-functioning immune system, even a mild infection will grow out of hand and ends up requiring a medical help which comes in way of antibiotic or stronger poisons depending on what pathogen is in question.

Frequently reoccurring bacterial infections may develop a resistance to the antibiotic and now, treating this infection becomes a real problem for a conventional doctor.

This is because the conventional doctor does not know about the nano-particle colloidal silver, or Rife machine and other new technology that operates on electromagnetic frequency or plasma.

You see, I did not go into describing the color and the consistency of the vaginal discharge and how to distinguish which type of discharge is related to the bacteria, or the fungus, or the single-cell parasite Trichomonas.

All of the mentioned pathogens are easily destroyed with the nanoparticle colloidal silver and there is no possibility of developing a resistance to it.

Still, it is easier to prevent it than heal it.

Keep your immune system active and your blood clean and you have nothing to worry about.

The toxic blood has a lot of glucose in it and many half-digested particles are floating around.

That presents a lot of food for the anaerobic pathogens so the pseudomonas or fungi like candida Albicans will grow easily creating unpleasant vaginal discharge.

"I spy London, I spy France...neither of which rhymes with 'yeast infection.'"

The inflamed and swollen vaginal wall or the wall of the vulva will be pressure sensitive and painful especially if the excitement of lovemaking increases the cardiac rhythm and with it the blood pressure.

So, if you are a female carboholic (a person that has reprogrammed its body with the dietary glucose) with the compromised immune system and toxic blood, and you have an active sex life, most likely, you suffer from some kind of vaginal inflammation. It could be vaginitis, vulvitis, or as I have explained in a recent article about vulvodynia (inflamed vulva, with no discharge) or whatever label your doctor had stamped your symptom with, the healing can be achieved very simply.

To be able to repair the immune system, it is absolutely necessary to eliminate dietary glucose from our diet. The dietary glucose changes the genome which changes the way our cells respond.

It is all part of adaptation to the changing environment which actually allows us to eat poison without dying as long as the poisoning is slow and gives us time for the genetic response to take the place.

'Oh dear. Your immune system doesn't recognize your eyes.'

In the following article, I will elaborate more deeply about this problem.

As far as any type of inflammation goes, hydration is the most important thing where doctors are trained to do just the opposite.

When the inflammation becomes a life-threatening thing, the emergency techniques we are taught in medical school are lifesavers but if we implement those techniques while dealing with mild inflammation, we are simply preventing our cells to hydrate and in this way we are making them more acidic which will lead to the necessity of emergency treatments.

To heal from vulvitis, vulvovaginitis, or any other health problem that is caused by toxic blood we have to do the same as if we want to prevent it from occurring and this is to keep our blood clean and stop poisoning ourselves with dietary glucose.

If an infection settled in, lay on your back, elevate your hips and squirt nanoparticle colloidal silver into the vagina. Stay in this position for 10-20 minutes so that the colloid can be absorbed into the tissue and repeat this 2-4 times a day.

The colloidal silver destroys pathogens within 4 minutes but the absorption takes more time.

If you are not sure how to go about it, simply follow the Self Healers Protocol.

Love and light to us all.

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