Evolution & Adaptation, what do they have in common?

According to the accepted science orchestrated by Charles Darwin, nature constantly adapts to its environment and in time, great changes occur as the result of this adaptation. Those big differences then we call the evolution.

Is this really what happens?

To be able to answer this question, we have to analyze it having the energy of conscience in mind. This was never done in this way and this is the reason we tend to always miss the truth, no matter what the subject is.

What is this thing we call our “reality”?

Through articles in the past, I had slowly introduced you to quantum mechanics.

I have explained that what we call our reality is just a holographic projection of our thoughts in a way our conscious mind can understand.

Where we focus our attention to, if it makes sense to our mind, the brain will project as something we think is our real world. In this way, we can experience it through our emotions.

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Experiencing things emotionally, our spirit, including our higher self (the oneness we call God, Allah …), cannot experience. Emotions are the product of our physicality, the same as our mind, and they can be experienced only through the physicality.

Once the conscientious energy created the physical image, it started to experience its creation differently, through emotions.

From stationary matter to a living life form, but it was always in charge of where the expansion will go and how fast it will get there.

For one reason or other, the consciousness periodically decided to abandon the current project. It had learned through the emotions what are the limits and then decided to use the knowledge and start something more elaborate.

This more elaborate change was vastly different and we call it the evolution.

This is why there are no fossil traces of evolutionary sequences.

We have reptiles and then we have mammals. There is no evolutionary form that could explain how did a reptile change into a mammal.

The mammalian form was a new creation based on the previous experiences of creation.

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Once one life-form was created, it was given tasks what to experience so that those emotions can be achieved. Based on those emotions in conjunction with the design of the life-form, tweaking had to be done and for this purpose, genes are used. They allow the creature to adapt to the environment whenever it changes.

Because of the genetic response, we can survive the changes. Genes reprogram our cells and make it possible for the creature to continue living but to change the creature into a different form, this can be done only by the creator. The creator has to form the image of what it wants to manifest.

For example, Darwin found on the Galapagos cormorants with atrophied wings.

There is plenty of food and nowhere to fly so the local cormorants were basically swimming and diving. No natural predators existed and since it is easier for the cormorant to swim and dive with shorter wings, its genes stimulated a morphological change reducing the size of cormorants wings to make them more functional.

This is adaptation triggered through the gene expression.

Flightless Cormorant, Galapagos Cormorant (nannopterum ...

Alge mutating into a sponge, the sponge mutating into a fish and fish mutating into a reptile and reptile mutating into a mammal, those are not adaptations, those are evolutionary changes.

Those are not changes that are triggered by the genes as a response to the changes in the environment.

Those are completely different life-forms that were created by the creator after its experience grew.

This is evolution by design.

Now here is a question.

Can humans manifest (create, design) something new?

Humans are life-form that was given permission to create.

We can create through manifestation without being conscientious of it, and we regularly do so without realizing what is happening.

My wife had a Shih Tzu dog. The dog got pregnant and the small puppies were so adorable that Hilno said: “I wish that one stays this small forever”.

This wish came through her heart, she really loved those small creatures and guess what has happened?

One of the puppies remained that small. It never grew and was healthy. He was slightly larger than a mouse but with the personality of a tiger.

Having a long coat, I cut his hair into the shape of a lion.

This was the funniest thing I have ever seen. A miniature lion with an attitude.

There was no person that did not burst to laugh seeing him this way.

Did you ever wonder how did Poodle, or Mastiff, or Grey Hound or Chihuahua…come along?

The base could have been the wolf, or wild dog, or fox. How did all of the dog races come about?

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The same question can be directed to all of the Horse breeds and other domestic animals.

Now you may ask, “why if we are creators did we not create something completely different instead of using the existing lifeforms and just tweaking them”?

I have mentioned many times that our brain is a biological machine. It can only calculate possibilities and the most probable outcome will be then manifested as reality.

Our brain cannot create something it is not familiar with. Our brain can only play with what it knows, and it will manifest only what it believes is the most probable outcome.

This is why when we are ready, a new image in a form of thought comes. The brain is ready to receive this new information and use it to advance its capability in creating something new.

This is how we advance in knowledge because every new thing will trigger an emotional response which will be sent back to the oneness, the Creator.

In this way, we cooperate with the creator since the spark, the new idea came directly from him.

We had been interfered with and we were made to manifest terrible things.

Why you may ask?

The answer is poking you in the face, can’t you see it?

To be able to expand its knowledge faster, the Creator had split itself into billion pieces. Each piece is a part of the same creative energy and it was given the freedom to create and sent back to the oneness everything it has experienced.

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Each one of us is a splinter of the conscious oneness and our purpose is to create and experience through our emotions.

Each of us is assuming the job of a Creator. The only limit is our imagination.

To be able to take control over us, we had to be manipulated and I have explained who has done it and how in my previous articles.

To satisfy their mind, some people have disconnected themselves from their spirit (creator’s energy) and they started to follow those who promised to fulfill their highest desires. By doing so, they drifted further and further away from their heart. All that is important to them is to satisfy their mind.

What is the emotion of the mind?


Through the fear, all we can manifest is more fear which leads to auto-destruction.

The Iranian scientist Keshe is introducing us to plasma and new technologies but in a wrong way. Again it is on purpose of misleading and many have fallen for it.

I was shown in ayahuasca ceremony not to associate myself with him and I had this feeling for a long time.

When a brilliant young mathematician Nassim Haramein proved mathematically errors of our esteemed scientists regarding our Universe, Keshe was very vocal about putting Nassim down claiming that Nassim stole the information from him.

Red Ice Radio - Nassim Haramein - The Schwarzschild Proton ...

If you are here to help by introducing us to the new knowledge, you should be excited that someone very smart is proving what you are talking about and encourage more people to do so. Instead, Keshe was fuming that someone else is getting the attention for something that only Keshe should be recognized and praised for.

Is this the reaction of a supreme being he claims to be? Definitely not.

I will be the happiest human being once more people start revealing the truth about the toxicity of dietary glucose and the benefits of minerals in regards to the cleansing and hydration.

I hope that you are realizing how powerful you are.

Your actions change energies not only in your body and not only around you. Your presence is sending information to the oneness. You can say without any reservation that you are creator, what you do and what you feel echoes throughout the whole Universe.

Now take this realization and use it to heal this planet and this Universe. You can do it. This is why you are here at this time of change.

Use your power to create, and create the best image your mind can come up with.

Create a new reality.

Create the World of unity, compassion, and acceptance.

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Love and light to us all dear brothers and sisters, we are evolving at this moment.

After all, we are one.

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