A health problem cannot be solved utilizing the same information that has created it.

All chronic diseases are created by our habits.

We do what we think we should do because of the information that is accepted by our brain.

I often hear people saying that they are listening to their bodies and eat accordingly.

By listening to their body, they mean to say that if something does not feel ok because it gives them discomfort or pain, they will avoid eating it but for the pain to develop, the body has to be already very toxic on the cellular level.

A pain that is caused by an overwhelming gas production is never considered to be a health problem.

After all, the famous saying is “with fart to a good heart.”

Beans and lentils are considered to be health food. So much so, that people are abandoning the pet-food that contains the rice and soy for pet-food that replaces those carbohydrates with legumes, and then they are surprised when their pets become violently ill.


Our problem is the science behind the food.

People often complain that I am bashing the science and scientists saying that popular science is false science.

Not all science is compromised.

This is why I refer to bad science as the “popular science”. This is the type of science that is manipulated and misleading. Such science we are being fed in schools.

The information we are being force-fed in our educational process becomes the filter which prevents us later in life to accept contradicting information.

This is the reason why doctors are deathly afraid of salt and cholesterol, and they are incapable to even reason about it. It is to difficult to drink water with sea salt and see what will happen.

There is no discussion possible because those “experts know” the dangers such elements present in our body. They have been given this information and now, any contradictory information will be simply discarded.

“I listen to my body and it does not want me to have any animal-based fat and protein”.

If I had a penny for every time that I have heard this statement, I would be a millionaire.

Many of those people also say that they have aversion to eating meat. They feel sick just thinking about it.

All this is just a reaction of their mind to the information that they possess, ad this information could be even inherited from their grandparents. It could have been transmitted through gene information.

Information is an electromagnetic imprint of a particular frequency, and as such, it is creating its replicas in the space around it.

Those replicas, we can refer to as our memories.

Memories can be stored in our genes similar as information is stored in the memory drive off a computer, and it can also linger in the energy field of our body and space where it has left its imprint or a mark.

This information that we are being exposed to, becomes a part of our reality and we accept it as being the truth, especially if it was the first information we have received about this particular subject.

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Because of this programming, what seems to be a rational thing to one person, is considered irrational to another. It all depends on what information have we been exposed first.

I have been vegetarian for 6 months. I came to the point that I could not enter a butcher-shop because I felt sick to my stomach from the smell of a carcass. It reminded me of a smell of formalin soaked animal carcass I had to learn on in veterinary school.

I love eating vegetables but I have noticed that I cannot hold my breath for as long as I used to before while diving.

The cooked vegetables will keep us alive because our cells can be easily reprogrammed to utilize glucose for energy production and we are not aware of the dangerous changes on the cellular level that occurs when we adapt to the diet based on glucose/starch (sugar).

When we feel bad, we start researching about the food we eat and again, the information that is given to us is manipulated and false.

So we learn that gluten causes the leaking gut syndrome.

Then if the problem persists after we have eliminated gluten from our diet, we accept that some phyto-proteins other than gluten can cause the same symptoms. Lectins become the taboo.

Phyto-protein is just a fancy name for plant-based protein which is different from the animal-based protein and it can never be used as its substitute. Our body has to modify it.

Yes, protein has to be broken into amino acids before it can be absorbed but the amino-acid configuration of plant protein is different and we can become depleted of some essential amino-acids if we depend strictly on it.

Just the fact that we become depleted of vitamin B12 should be enough to warn us against such diet, but again, the wrong information prevents us from rational thinking.

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We start looking for support and we find it in people who think the way we do. In a group, we look for safety, and we boost each other as we fall deeper and deeper into the trap.

To make sure we never see the truth, the media is put into the action. The failed theories are promoted. Medication and vaccines are shoved into our face and doctor’s actions are glorified.

The reason thing does not seem to be working is our rebellion to accept what we are being served, said the media:


The doctor knows. It does not matter that he/she allowed for the health problem to become a chronic issue.

After all, the doctor has told you to hydrate with liquids and to eat correctly. The only problem is that he/she has no clue what this actually involves.

What is the correct liquid and what is the correct diet? Every nutritionist and every health expert has their own version of what is the correct way and it all depends on the information they have been exposed first. The fact that different people react differently to the same type of food is not phasing anyone.

So, when one type of diet that is believed to be a healthy diet is creating a sick body, the remedy used is a toxic (medicinal) plant or bacteria, or a parasite to correct some symptoms of ill health this “healthy” diet is creating:


Instead of realizing that the diet is causing the problems, the health experts find ways how to tweak things so that the symptom goes away. Poison and antidote in conjunction continue increasing the toxic load of the body and ops, chronic health problem develops.

The clearest example of what I am talking about is diabetes melitus.

Diabetes is a symptom of elevated blood sugar.

Although our body produces the necessary sugar, the great majority of sugar comes into our blood through our diet. So it should not take a rocket scientists to come to the conclusion of eliminating the sugar from the diet. This will for sure lower the blood sugar.

We are told that sugar is not an essential element because our cells can produce it from fat and from protein but the majority of doctors and science articles pushed on us by the media claim that we need a “safe” carbohydrates in our diet.

What is considered to be this “safe” carbohydrate?

Starch, glucose. This is exactly the most dangerous type of sugar which is directly involved in gene reprogramming the cellular response and creating thousands of genetic errors.

Instead of dumping glucose from our diet, we are worried about the cost that is involved in nourishing this man-made chronic health problem:


In over 90% of diabetes cases, blood sugar can be brought down within a month simply by eliminating dietary glucose from the diet.

If you suffer from diabetes or any other chronic “incurable” disease, give me a shout.

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Doctors cannot solve the problems that they have created by utilizing their knowledge. They have to re-educate themselves and this is the most difficult task to do.

The general population that was not exposed to the “scientific facts” can see the truth much easier. This is why nurses can learn the truth faster than doctors can and often, the nurse will save the patient and not the doctor. They are less brainwashed so their logic is still working.

Absorb the new knowledge, try to implement it and observe the results.

The more toxic we are, the more severe will be the symptoms of cleansing and healing so I urge you to ask for help especially if you have been medicated for a long time or if you are long-time vegan or vegetarian. Your cellular dehydration and acidity are very high. Cleansing will produce uncomfortable symptoms you may misinterpret as a newly developed complication and abandon the healing process.

Love and light to us all.

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