How can we protect ourselves from 5G radiation and other seemingly unavoidable pollutants?

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Why did I select the 5G IMF system as the focal point of this article?

I have used the 5G technology because a great fear is spread around about its harmful action and devastating consequences it will bring.

Reports about a massive bird die-off on the first trial of the 5G activation flooded the news scaring everyone to the bone.

Of course, this was published for all to see. Obviously, fear had to be installed in the human mind.

The industry goes into the action and starts to promote Orgonite as your savior. Some sell metal mesh bed IMF protectors, If you did not fall for the narrative of toxic led paint and this paint is still on your walls, you have nothing to worry about

The lead paint will protect you.

We are all becoming slaves to the mobile industry and we accept what they do and yet we are deathly afraid of it. This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

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Yes, it is ridiculous but it is true.

5G technology is only one of the many different poisons we are being subjected to these days.

Soon, you will not be able to travel unless you have all of the “necessary” vaccines, then it will be the chip and who knows what else as the control over the freedom of the human race is advanced.

To protect yourself from all of the harmful radiation you will have to wear one kilogram of various crystals around your neck and wrists, and God forbid you to lose one of them. Your own fear of not being protected will kill you as part of the manifestation of the nocebo effect.

To be able to explain the nocebo and the placebo effects, I have to go to quantum mechanics.

As more and more people are awakening, more people are ready to hear this message.

We have been told that in CERN, scientists are looking to find antimatter.

We have been told that a small amount of antimatter can destroy the world.

This was easily believable and many have fallen for it.

Since we have been told that everything has its opposite, it is just normal that matter will have its opposite as well.

A big hoax is played on the human race and we swallow it because we are accustomed to trusting our science and esteemed scientists.

This is like saying that night is the opposite to a day and if you can bring a bit of the night (darkness) into the light of the day, this darkness will destroy the light.

Stupid, isn’t it.

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You can close an empty box in the darkroom and open it in a lit room and no darkness will overpower the light in the room.

Actually, the opposite happens.

The darkness is simply an absence of light.

When it comes to the matter, things are a bit more comp


Why, you may ask?

Because matter simply does not exist without the light.

O, well, but I can feel it. I know that it is there.

The only reason why you can feel the matter and know that it is there even when it gets dark is your brains manifestation.

In the quantum field, all there is, is an energy in a variety of frequencies.

According to their frequency, your brain is programmed to present you those frequencies in a variety of ways, from an object, color, consistency, and whatever other property the object may have.

This means that your brain creates the light, and particles to be able to convince us in their real existence and create this illusion of reality.

Jesus said that we can move mountains if we believe we can do it.

Jesus was a great manifester and could bring the dead alive but he himself in an emotional crisis lost his faith and asked: “God, why have you forsaken me?”

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It is extremely difficult to overcome our programming and take manifestation into our hands but we have to at least understand it since soon, the instant manifestation will be our new way of life.

Once we understand that everything is just manifestation and that we can control its outcome, there will be no more boundaries.

Nuclear radiation, for example, cannot affect you negatively. You just tell your cells to ignore it or not to let it through.

Simpler yet, and we can start practicing this today, convince yourself that you are this great spirit. Every morning imagine that you put a defense field around your body and you know that this defense field cannot be breached.

If you do not trust yourself, request this field to be done by, Jesus, God, Allah, Krishna or whomever you have given your profound trust and whose faith you cherish.

In this way, you will achieve two things.

You will be protected, and you will not have to depend on some crystal or a rabbit paw, whom you may displace or lose getting yourself not just unprotected but fearful that now since you are not protected, you will be attacked for sure.

Remember that the nocebo effect is as strong as the placebo effect. Being in fear can kill you instantly.

I have seen the panic set in many times when such things have happened.

Yes, crystals do have particular frequency properties that can protect us but our brain can replicate all of them.

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Plus there is a universal frequency of protection which your brain will radiate as soon as you think of divinity.

This frequency will blanket any toxic and harmful frequency keeping you safe.

We have made experiments on this.

You can verify it yourself through the dousing, pendulum, or kinesiology.

For example, if your tap water is resonating on fluoride, simply bless it and douse for fluoride.

You will see, the fluoride frequency will no longer be detectable.

It is good to make these experiments so that you see the power of your thoughts.

Since our reality is simply a manifestation of the most probable outcome of your brains calculation, we can increase our chances to manifest consciously as our knowledge grows and more detailed information is given to the brain so that it has more bits of information that the brain can utilize in its calculation.

The most probable outcome will be shown to you as your reality.

Again, a reminder. Do not spend time reading, listening and watching the negative news.

You do not want to accumulate negative information. This will set you into a panic mode.

Focus on the placebo effect and not the nocebo.

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What will happen in your “reality” of manifestation directly depends on your belief and your focus.

People who always talk about a disease, are always sick.

People who always talk about money, are rich.

People who always talk about visiting new places are traveling frequently…..

It is all about our brain, the information we possess, and our desires which we use to manifest as our reality.

Using the same process, we can protect ourselves from anything. We just have to have faith and information we can use to convince our brain to manifest the right thing for us.

One of the crucial things is to control our emotions. Do not get over emotional because this may lead to wrong decisions.

Process things before you act upon them.

Love and light to us all.

5 thoughts on “How can we protect ourselves from 5G radiation and other seemingly unavoidable pollutants?”

  1. I have a question that has always seemed to plague me when it comes to thought creation and manifestation. I am a big follower of your work and the work of people like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Hermes Trismegistus, but there is one particular that I would like you to explain.
    IF we can manifest and create any reality, thereby protecting ourselves from any harmful substances (I.e. 5g or nuclear radiation, etc.), why is something like smoking cigarettes or pot or even consuming the “forbidden fruit” of wheat bad for you?
    If I believe that cigarettes truly cannot harm me, how is it that they dehydrate me and alter my cellular state?
    Is there a particular set of rules that always remains steadfast and true when it comes to this topic? Is it that we must remove the carbohydrate from the body and feed it salt water and then we can protect ourselves because our brain is then strong enough to repel the negative vibrations?
    But then by that merit, if I hydrate with salt water and feed my brain fats and remove the carb, can I still smoke if I truly believe it has only positive impacts?
    I am so confused on this topic and always wanted clarification.

    1. S, remember that we all come with the basic programming which gives the instructions to our cells how to proceed in regards with the frequency field it encounters. We have to realize that we can change this basic program but knowledge and faith with 100% belief has to be implemented so that it becomes something to expect.
      Not an easy task to do. Some Yogis can swallow poison and not be affected by it.
      To contradict and overrun an existing program is way harder then create something from scratch.

      1. So then theoretically, if one managed to override the basic programming in its entirety, then nothing could be harmful to said individual? Is that right?
        I suppose if that was possible, we probably wouldn’t be on this plain of existence and would have ascended somewhere higher.

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