HYPERTHYROIDISM, is it an autoimmune disease as we are being told?

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I was asked to write specifically about hyperthyroidism as it seems that not many people understand it. As it was a long time since I had last checked what new developments in medicine had taken place, I looked it up to see what’s new in relation to this health issue.

No surprise there. Still the same old story. Whenever doctors have no clue why a health problem occurs, it is either an autoimmune disorder or a genetic problem and this didn’t fail in this case either. It is still the same wisdom which I was told when I was a student 40 years ago.

I wonder where does all of the money go that is supposedly spent on a medical research?

How is it possible that in 40 years we did not move an inch towards solving this health issue?

Well, we should not be surprised, the knowledge about the causes and curing of cancer has been going backward so why should it be any different with thyroid health issues? It is just another goose that lay golden eggs for the medical and pharmacological mafia. The same old rule is being respected, “do not fix what is not broken”, and for those Mafiosos, everything is just perfect the way it is.

Even the good doctors who genuinely want to help same as the alternative doctors cannot achieve any substantial results in normalizing the thyroid hormone production of people with the hyperthyroid gland activity other than with medicinal suppressors which becomes a daily routine and does not involve real healing.

The reason why there is no progress is the same as in all of the other health problems and that is the faulty science we are being taught in those indoctrination institutions we call our schools, colleges, and universities.

As I am mentioning in my book, one cannot build a castle on a foundation of sand.

When your basic understanding is faulty, you cannot use it to solve related problems no matter how much you try.

Since most of you visiting my blog are familiar with my work, I will lay down in front of you some symptoms of health problems that are experienced by people with hyperactive thyroid gland or a Grave’s disease as it is being labelled.

The symptoms of the hyperactive thyroid gland are:

fatigue, muscle weakness, weight loss, diarrhea, difficulty sleeping, rapid heart rate (tachycardia), nervousness and in some cases a goiter (swelling in the thyroid gland).

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With the exception of the goiter, what do all of the other symptoms indicate?

You’ve got it, a toxic blood.

Let us now engage some of the neurons in our brain and let them work for a moment. If the blood is toxic, is it possible that the cellular structure of the body cannot function properly? Could that be the reason why is the thyroid gland producing more hormones?

If our cells cannot function properly because they cannot hydrate due to the blood toxicity and the energy is diminishing, is there a possibility that the thyroid gland is given an order to produce more hormone that will boost the cellular activity by boosting the cellular metabolism?

Not only that this is a possibility but as I had discovered, it is a main reason for the increased thyroid hormone secretion since as soon as the blood toxicity is reduced, the abnormally high thyroidal hormone secretion goes down to the normal levels.

Again here we are, if we would have been told the truth, there would be no need for any medicinal remedies either the pharmaceutical or the natural so the medicine as we know it would cease to exist.

This is the same no matter which chronic health issue we are talking about.

No matter what medication we are talking about, they are all aimed to control the symptoms. There is not one medication designed to heal. Since the medications are toxic, they actually contribute to increased toxicity of the body and worsening of the health.

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I had explained the similar situation when the topic was tachycardia.

Yes, the hearts rhythm is increased and this elevates the blood pressure, speeds the blood’s circulation and the blood picture has changed but by administering drugs to suppress the cardiac rhythm we are nullifying the benefit that the body wanted to achieve with faster blood circulation.

So we slow down the heartbeat and we pride ourselves on this scientific triumph but at the same time we had completely ignored the reason why would our body want a faster blood circulation in the first place? Since we do not support the needs of our body, nothing changes for better and we end up medicating (suppressing the natural healing) until the time when the patient dies.

Exactly the same repeated story is happening here with the hyperthyroidism.

The polluted blood slows down the cellular metabolism and the bodies energy level goes down. The brain is trying to resolve this problem by boosting the cellular metabolism through increasing levels of thyroid hormone production so we suppress this with medicines since we attribute the symptoms to hyperthyroidism and we ignore the fact that the blood is toxic and what consequences the blood toxicity can manifest.

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Through the indoctrination process, we are thought how not to think but to memorize and submit to the hierarchy of the system. The higher level of indoctrination you have, the higher medal (diploma) you are given. This is how our world becomes controlled by robotic followers we call the a** kissers and spineless people. There is no wonder why we do not make any progress as a society and why are people dumber and dumber as the years go by. Today’s generation is teeming with the snowflakes and the soy-boys. I have just returned from the gym where I saw a 6-year-old boy sitting on a bench buried in his electronic distraction device while his mom was exercising. Everything is turned upside down.

So, for all of you out there who are having an issue with the hyperthyroidism, let go of all of the poisons that you have been given by your licensed “experts” and get busy cleansing your blood.

If you do not know how to, simply follow the Self Healers Protocol and do not look back.

Love and light to us all.

College Student cartoons, College Student cartoon, funny, College Student picture, College Student pictures, College Student image, College Student images, College Student illustration, College Student illustrations

6 thoughts on “HYPERTHYROIDISM, is it an autoimmune disease as we are being told?”

    1. Jeri as I explain in my book an many of my articles, virus is a product of our body. It is simply an additional mean created to help the body with cleaning itself. The Epstein-Barr virus belongs to the common group of viruses called the herpes virus. Contrary to the teachings we receive through our Mis-educational system, it is easy to deal with them. Stop feeding them by cleansing your body and provide extra oxygen. I guarantee that your body will heal.

      1. Could you please explain about goiter. In your article: โ€œWith the exception of the goiter, what do all of the other symptoms indicate?โ€
        Why goiter is excluded?
        Is goiter same as Graves disease?
        Thank you.

  1. In your article: “With the exception of the goiter, what do all of the other symptoms indicate?”
    Why goiter is excluded?
    Is goiter same as Graves disease?

    1. Jeri, goitre is enlarged thyroid gland. The science blames the insufficiency of iodine for this problem.
      My experience shows that the problem is more complex and it all comes down to the same culprit. It is all about the disorder of the gene expression caused by the wrong food and the toxicity of the blood. As soon as those things are placed in the propers functioning order, the goitre disappears love.

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