Last night we have arrived to Lima, Peru and we are going to need several days to recover from the ordeal.


Before I continue I want to say that Peruvian people are great and eager to help and this is why we are going to stay and do what we came to do. The problem is the system and if you are animal lover and travel with your four legged companions be warned, Peru is the worst destination you could chose. It took us more than 6 hours and whole lot of money to get our two dogs through the customs and our taxi driver told us that we were lucky because the fastest customs clearance for a dog he experienced was 7 hours. Can you imagine arriving at 8 pm and hustling with paperwork and multiple taxi drives from the airport to cargo and back to finally be done with it at quarter to 3 am.??? And between the fees and the taxi fare the cost was same as the shipping cost. To add insult on the injury we had to pay for overtime another 80 $ US.

We are strong people with healthy attitude and if we were told about this we would be prepared or change our plans but when we acquired information about bringing the dogs to Peru we were told of the regular vaccination and vet. bill of health and the import tax of40 $ US.

Nothing was as we were told and unless you get some strong tranquilizer you will have a hart time to go through this. Just imagine how it feels when you get a form that you have to take with taxi drive to be signed to return and be given another form to take to the same place which you have to bring back after being inspected so that you can get bill that has to be paid back in the same place and confirmed back at the airport and so on. The system was slow and it took over an hour to fill a necessary document so finally at 2:30 in the morning when we had all the papers (at least one big tree was destroyed to produce the amount of paper being wasted for something that is normally solved by one stamp) as we hoped to finally receive our dogs the clerk told us that we have to pay overtime fee of 80 $ US. Now yes you could do this during the day in heavy traffic and it would cost you more so you are screwed no matter what you do. In the meantime the dogs are staying without water or food waiting for the verdict.

You know me by now and you know that I do not beat around the bush. This is what is happening in Peru in as few words as possible so if you are animal lover that travels with his family,


It is not the people, it is the government but people chose their government. It is time we rethink what we are doing. Stop being the sheep and become responsible for our actions.

Again if it wouldn’t be for our angel the taxi driver Ricardo we would be still trapped inn the customs. If you find yourself in Lima and need taxi give him a shout on the phone¬† +5115398903 .


We hope that the rest of the experience here in Peru will be a good one and I will be reporting on it.

With love hold the light.




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