The amount of people on BP medication is staggering.

hypertension otherwise known as high blood pressure is a condition ...

How important is it to have “normal” BP?

What causes the increase in BP?

We are told that “normal” BP is 120/70. There are people that naturally have lower BP some even 90/45 and it is normal for them.

Often when we visit a doctor he takes BP reading and immediately suggests BP lowering medication because the BP was elevated let’s say 140/80. We have to understand that every¬† movement you make during having your BP reading done your BP will be higher than it really is. Not only movement but stress at work or at home will increase the BP as well.

Elevated BP is normal response of the body when cellular demand requires more oxygen or expulsion of CO2 or more energy…BP will go up and heart beat will increase. This is normal state but BP can be elevated even if we are in peace and relaxed. The reasons vary. First one will be thick viscous blood that needs more pressure to be pushed through the circulation. When do people have such blood? When they drink coffee or any other drink that contains caffeine, when they drink alcohol or smoke cigarette. All those things and many more have diuretic effect. This means they eliminate water from the blood so that blood will get thicker. Now cleansing organs have order to save water and they reduce or stop cleansing so that the blood is not just thick but it is dark because it is toxic. Now here comes interesting peace of information. The most commonly used drugs for lowering BP is actually diuretic. Now you have your answer why you must use those drugs for the rest of your life. By lowering the amount of water in the blood the total volume of blood is smaller and this lowers the BP. Now you are happy because your BP s down but at the same time you are getting more and more polluted and this toxicity will prevent cellular hydration making the cells acidic and perfect scenario of numerous chronic diseases will start unfolding. WHAT A SCAM.

Other reason of increased BP is loss of arterial flexibility. Stiff arteries cannot expend and cushion the systolic blood pressure so it increases. Now the most common reason of loss of elasticity is dehydrated cells. Polluted blood is the main reason for that so by artificially lowering the BP we are actually creating permanent patient that will exhibit variety of chronic problems and pharma. industry will happily prosper. On top of this doctors are instructed to blame the cholesterol on arterial problems so another drug can be sold to misguided patient that will cause another array of health problems including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

To deal with thick blood, blood thinners are being prescribed. They are not blood thinners but anti-coagulants so strokes can be expected in the future. What a medical charade. Scheme upon a scheme and not one of them is designed to actually help to heal the patient.

It is time to look at the things as they are and start healing and not further poisoning people and animals alike. Medication is not the answer. Read my book and learn what to do. Take back your power and heal yourself.

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