Why do I refer to this disease as scam? Because it can be cured and prevented but the way it is treated by medical “science” it is one of the most common health problems in the world.

Do you know why? I am sure that you have guest it, the MONEY. So who benefits from it is the same institutions that are supposed to cure you from it and this is medical and pharmacological industries. No wander no one is cured.


What made me address this issue is being in Peru near Amazon jungle and seeing so many diabetic people and children. The arm of corporate greed has no end. It has to be stopped and the time to do this is NOW.

Diabetes is directly connected to dietary glucose intake. There are many other contributing factors and doctors are duped to investigate those matters and they neglect the primary cause in such matter that they instruct their patients to consume starchy food while injecting insulin. This is nothing but pure madness. It is like letting yourself being bitten by poisonous snake in order to use antidote. Who can benefit from such fraud? Only those that produce and administer antidote. It is becoming obvious that we cannot trust our doctors so whom can we trust? This is a good question without easy answer. EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

First you have to know what is “dietary glucose’. This is glucose that found itself in our digestive tract and can be absorbed into the blood. Such glucose comes from starches, cooked vegetables and fruits where cellular membrane of cellulose has been ruptured allowing sugars to spill out off them.

When glucose enters the blood it triggers increase insulin production which stimulates and increases production of GLUT protein. This protein is necessary for sugar transportation and as its amount increases so does the sugar absorption. So here you have it glucose:

1 increases production of insulin (creates changes in genetic expression)

2 increases GLUT production (dramatically increases sugar absorption from the intestines into the blood)

3 reprograms cells of our body to reduce the amount of mitochondria (this reduces their ability to produce adequate amount of energy from fat)

All of those things are precursors for variety of other changes that throw the body out of balance. All of this and much more is described in my book so if you are interested reed up on it.

Doctors are being misdirected with their attention being focused on the FRUCTOSE. Fructose is the only safe natural sugar assuming that glucose is not present in the diet because it does not increase sugar absorption and only limited amount can be absorbed at a time for luck of GLUT protein.

So if you are diabetic, stop eating cooked vegetables and fruits. Eat them raw and eat eggs fish and other proteins. Also yogurt, cheese and raw nuts without the skin. You will see how fast your sugar is going to drop. There will be no need for insulin.

Some strong “medication” like antibiotics can damage your cells so they do not produce insulin. Especially liver may get affected so liver cleanses has to be performed. Genetic equilibrium has to be reinstalled and diabetes will be the thing of the past.

Take your power back, HEAL YOURSELF!!!

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