Many people ask questions but do not leave their e-mail address and I cannot reply. So in this article I will answer some most frequently asked questions. One of them is “what is the best cancer cure” and the other is “how to hydrate so that the body engages cleansing systems”.

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Before I address the cancer issue I want you to understand that body will never do anything to harm itself. So how come that it creates life threatening disease?

We simply do not understand the body and medical science is not even trying to understand it because it is not oriented on solving problems. Why to heal a patient when he is your best customer?!

There are some doctors who are genuinely trying to help but medical schools made sure to fill our heads with so called “scientific truths” that make this impossible. If you use faulty premisses no matter how much you try, it is impossible to come to correct conclusion. For example if you are being told that salt attracts water and increased salt content if the food will increase the blood pressure this is “scientific truth” that is imbedded in students mind and it makes sense. We all know that salt gets wet from absorbing the moisture from the air. So the increased salt content must be increasing water content in the blood and raising the blood pressure. Obvious isn’t it???

Obvious but wrong.

We are thought to treat the body  as a mechanical machine without consciousness.

Now we are discovering the truth. Everything is conscientious of its existence including an atom and it communicates with its surroundings. This explains why the blood pressure will not increase with increased consumption of salt. As we get older we become more dehydrated and this causes avalanche of problems with variety of symptoms we call diseases.

Cancer is one of this health problems which arouse from dehydrated cells. The reason for cellular dehydration are various but predominantly bad food and stress. Cancer forms when dehydrated cell drops electromagnetic potential. This induces proliferation (multiplying) of cells. Mechanism of cancer I explained in my book so I do not want to go into it now. Energy needed is provided by heart and channeled through the brain. Bad thoughts are lowering the vibration of this energy and preventing it to power the cells. Dr. Hammer explains it in the “New German Medicine”. So obvious response to cancer would be changing the way we think but there is more to it.

Great majority of healers are focusing on destroying the cancer cells through medicinal remedies. There are many ways to do this from vitamin B17 to sodium bicarbonate but I recommend different approach.

Cancer is telling you that your body is a mess and it needs to heal. Focusing on cancer is just a small part of what has to be done so it is good time to take it seriously. I recommend that you reflect on the psychological stress that is draining you of energy and at the same time hydrate your body so that it can cleanse and rejuvenate itself. Only the cells themselves can do this job. There is no magic potion that will help. Stop trying to manipulate chemistry because there is no way that you can come even close to what has to be done. Every cell produces more than  thousand chemical reactions every second so how can you possibly help especially with toxic drugs that destroy your immune system and force your cells into defensive mode like chemo-therapy.

Supply the body with water and sea salt so that it can hydrate and cleanse. Give it nutrients that it needs for reparation. Since our membranes are made from saturated fat and protein, this is what the food has to have. Raw eggs, coconut oil, liver, fish…are perfect foods to supply those ingredients. Cells will not hydrate with polluted blood so the blood has to be cleansed first. Read about hydration and cleansing in my book.

During the healing crisis when body is doing lot of healing, energy is of vast importance so do not overeat. Digestion is utilizing lot of energy and slows the healing process. One or two raw eggs will provide lot of healing ingredients. This is why I recommend them in my Self-healers protocol. I recommend my protocol because it does not only focus on the cancer but the whole body. As you are healing from cancer you are rebuilding all the cells in your body and coming out of the diseased state as a new you.

For now as we are still running on the third dimensional program we have to obey its laws. As soon as you become awakened human being (very soon) simple change of frequency emitted through your brain will instantly change any thing that you want to change. Not only eliminating the disease but changing the size or shape of your breasts, nose, muscles, color of your eyes or hair…..Everything is just expression of frequencies presented through genetic expression which is changing billion times a second coming and going in and out of existence. Every new appearance is completely new you. This is the speed in which we can be cured and changed. Amazing, isn’t it?

Wake up, stop watching the Tel a lie Vision and meditate. Live with love in your heart and concern for others.

Be human again.

9 thoughts on “What is THE BEST CANCER CURE?”

  1. cancer cannot be cured unless it is detected early and taken out via surgery other than that cancer is incurable disease

    1. kurenail, cancer is not a disease. Body never does anything to harm itself. It is a perfect self healing robot. What destroys t is poison and doctors are thought how to administer it. Cancer does not kill you. The treatment and the fear of it does. I have helped many to overcome it. Surgery is the worst assault on human body and does not solve any chronic health problem. Love and light

    1. Yahiko, this is medical promotional material giving the reason why so much money is needed and cure is not found. In fact there are many cancer cures and everybody who heals cancer is being targeted by the pharmaceutical and medical industries.
      I have helped many to heal from cancer but not all because the people that come to me are those that were send home by their doctors to die after they has irradiated and chemically poisoned their bodies.
      Cancer is not a disease, it is a response of a toxic body to help itself. Doctors and our false diet make it lethal.

    1. but the bad thing is that it is illegal even tho it helps so many people it is illegal but the same pharmaceutical companies does use it in their drugs and they do not get charge or arrested.

  2. Interesting that a company called Novocure has FDA approval to treat cancer by generating elecrical fields with their machine, they call it TTF or Tumor Treating Fields therapy. They say the frequencies that are generated act on the frequencies generated by the cancer cells and prevent them from dividing. The results are better than chemo but not that much. You can get this treatment for only $700 a day or $21,000 per month, avg treatment time is 4.1 months for $86k!

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