New age for humanity

If you noticed I did not say new age in medicine because this would be lapsus linguae.

Where humanity is heading thee will be no disease possible. Why is this so?

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At this point we know that diseases have low vibrational energy. They form under influence of the wrong and toxic food and stress. Evey cell in our body, every tissue or organ and even the body as whole is experiencing a drop in the frequency prior to manifesting disease.

The experience of life in three dimensional world on planet Earth has showed us that when you are happy no disease will touch you but as soon as you get depressed your health changes. Doctor R. Hammer shows this in his studies. Dr. Bruce Lipton explained how  cells react to the environment and how the environment changes cellular chemistry and genetic expression.

There is a lot of talk lately about the marvels of Nikola Tesla and how can implementation of his discoveries revolutionize medical industry. Implementation of electromagnetic fields and high frequency oscillators shows fast healing without chemical concoctions. This is really marvelous but little to late. Tesla made those discoveries 100 years ago and if then implemented who knows where humanity would be by now?

Even thaw we can still implement his discoveries we have to realize that everything is changing, not only around us but also within us. Our cells are changing their DNA. Children are borne more advanced with new DNA in place and active. More codons activated and guess what? They cannot get diseases that were creating so much problems in the past. The reason for this is because they have faster rate of vibration. Disease cannot follow. You may say “yes but we the old generation are still here that will need the help”. This is correct but as the frequency is rising so is our ability to recognize the truth and to implement it.

Many people are already healing others with nothing more than their thoughts or the energy that radiates from their bodies. This is the near future that has started and this is how the humanity will be helping each other, no medicine of any kind necessary, no doctors, no nurses just love and the desire to help other human being.

Frequency is constantly rising throughout the Universe and we will follow. the change may be very uncomfortable in diseased body and I strongly urge you to cleanse and help your body to go through these changes.



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  1. Great information Darko. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and work with the world. I completely agree with everything you wrote so eloquently. Even I can send the vibrational energy changing in the world.
    As I mentioned to you before, spirits vibrate at such a high level that in order for any interplay to take place they must slow their energy down and I must increase mine. This takes practice on both ends. The longer a spirit has passed over, the easier it is to communicate with. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom with us. Katie <3

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