Do not forget your calculator.
15 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, 25 grams of carbohydrates…..

I am amazed how our grandparent survive without calculators and stay healthy. And do not forget that if you are color blind you are really in bad trouble because rainbow food is what you really need and if you do not know what antioxidants are, then no one can help you.

“What, you never heard of the enzyme Q10???
No wonder you do not feel good dear.”…..”Oy!”

On top of all of this, if you do not have the means to measure all of this and then properly burn those calories by exercising for an hour or doing peak 10 exercises—no wonder you are in a bad shape!

Ouch, I forgot that the food is mineral depleted and to replace them you need to supplement them and as we are all at this level–dont forget to add some vitamins as well!

So no wonder that our food stores look more and more like pharmacies and our bodies look more and more like barrels ready to explode.

So what are we to do!!!!??

Calm down and join us this Saturday as we explain diet.
And by the way, ditch the calculator….

Saturdays at 11 am EST,  16 h London time

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, Valerie Warwick  as your PANELISTS

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Whenever you think that vegetables are the essential food required for your body to be healthy than think of the Eskimos. They are the healthiest tribal people on this planed and they never had chance to even try fruit or vegetable. Furthermore they do not expose their bodies to the Sun so they cannot produce vitamin D neither. So how is it possible that they can not only survive but thrive with iron health? To be able find the answer I started from the cell itself. The only food that our cells can use to produce energy is keton (fat) and glucose (carbohydrate). The process of energy extraction is done in mitochondria. Since oxygen is needed for this process mitochondria have oxygen pump that administer oxygen to the process. This signifies that keton is the primary fuel and glucose is used only when stimulated by stress signaling and it serves as a booster fuel. We make a big mistake when we eat carbohydrates because cells have to reduce the number of mitochondria and then they cannot efficiently deal with fats. Animal fat of wild animals is loaded with fat soluble vitamins A, E, D and K. This explains why Eskimos do not need Sun exposure. Health problems have sky-rocketed since people started following the recommendations of low fat diet. Omnivores base their diet on animal fat and protein subsidizing with fruits. The only time they eat grass is to purge their system.

Dietary values of vegetables are measured in laboratories after vegetables are taken a part by chemical means but scientists do not take in consideration that all those nutrients are within fibers of cellulose and this means inaccessible for our absorption. The only way we can access it is if we destroy the cellulose membrane. This we achieve by processing the food or simply by cooking it. In this case the calories come mostly from carbohydrates and this is the reason of our ill health and short life span.

If you want more insights on what to eat and how to eat it download my book and read it.


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