The PAIN curse or a blessing?

“Ayayayay paloma, cucurucucu cantaba”

Is this expression of orgasm or caught in a zipper?

Angry Looks Trigger Reward Circuits

Pain and pleasure are often portrayed together as in this song. Is this by accident?
Not really. Pain and pleasure affect the same neurons and the difference of how we perceive them is dependent on the message that it is supposed to carry.
Today we are going to focus on the PAIN.
What causes the pain, why we feel it and what is its purpose?
Most of the time pain is the symptom that forces us to seek the help of health professionals because until we feel the pain we tend to ignore subtle signs that something is wrong in our body.
Often we are in pain and cannot find the reason or cause of it. So is the pain beneficial sign or just nuisance,” pain in the but”?
Pain is one of the important symptoms when it comes to identifying the type of disease and it is questionable would we ever do anything about our health if the pain would not force us to change the things we do.
Unfortunately the health professionals are often focused on how to deal with pain and how to suppress it and neglect the real problem that causes it.
Join us this Saturday and find out more about this necessary evil, curse or maybe blessing that we call the PAIN.

Saturdays at 11 am EST,  16 h London time

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, Valerie Warwick  as your PANELISTS

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In most cases pain is the warning signal that something is wrong and need to be changed. Unfortunately we take it as a sign of disease and instead of tracking its origin and changing what needs to be changed we are trained to suppress it. Most problematical is chronic pain. This type of the pain is caused by inflammation. Inflamed tissue increases in its size and creates pressure on sensory nerves. This results with pain. Instead tracing the origin of inflammation and correcting the problem we are trained to focus on the pain itself. So we end up forcing the body to stop the inflammatory process by feeding t anti inflammatory drugs or by simply interrupting the pain signal by feeding the body analgesics (neuro-suppressors).

Since major culprit that causes inflammation is cellular dehydration it becomes obvious that hydration will be the best way to naturally eliminate inflammation and this way reduce and eliminate the pain itself. This is exactly opposite of what we are being told in medical school. We are told that we have to reduce the liquid to be able to stop inflammation. This is why we are trained to advise patients not to eat salt and to limit water in the case of chronic inflammation. No wander that this does not work so we end up using suppressors . Anti inflammatory drugs cause more deaths in the united States than all war and traffic accidents. This type of treatment combined with low salt recommendation is direct cause of organ failures. Of course this just plays into the hands of the industry that just closes its eyes and opens new branch of “medicine” called organ transplantation. This branch of “medicine” is causing terror, injustice and incredible suffering to hundreds of thousands innocent healthy individuals. This is a crime on humanity but nobody is doing anything to stop it.

Please pay attention to your body, listen to it and follow its directions. Do not suppress symptoms. Instead make changes in the way you live.

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