Is it a foggy brain, absentmindedness, or a total scientific disconnect?

We are being told, “trust the science!”. Scientists are the experts, they know what they are talking about so follow their lead.

Well, we have many examples showing us not to do what the “experts” have told us and another example was just shown in this video that my friend Frank has provided

In this video, Dr. Robert Malone, a master’s degree in medicine, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine who knows what there is to know about this “animal”, had himself jabbed TWICE with this mad-sin/poison.
Why? What did he try to achieve exactly?
To protect himself from a nonexistent virus that even if it would have been existing, is 99.007% nonlethal.

Do we need to have any discussions with such people?
Should we even listen to what they have to say?

Dr. Malone is accompanied by a Ph.D. biologist, a specialist in evolution and immunology, and a third gentleman whose status was not disclosed and they are complaining that the problem is the censorship where “scientific discussions” cannot take place.

The only scientific truth that came out of their mouth was their disconnect and their stupidity.
The only reason I am presenting this video is to show you not to come close to any licensed doctor.

This very short discussion, clearly shows that they have some brain damage.

What is the first thing we are told as far as immunology is concerned?

“Once your body was exposed to some pathogen, it will create immunity towards it”.

If you have not been exposed to the pathogen and the pathogen is infesting your area and you want to protect yourself from it, get vaccinated because the vaccine has an attenuated pathogen that will alert your immune system to create immunity towards it.

Why would you go and get vaccinated if you have been exposed to the pathogen already, and have obtained your natural immunity?
Because you are a brainwashed/licensed scientist.

BRAINWASHING 2 By T-BOY | Philosophy Cartoon | TOONPOOL

Another “brilliant” statement was that vaccines are designed to remain in the place of application and not to spread throughout the body, and this is what is happening with all vaccines but it seems that this mRNA vaccine spreads throughout the body.

How can they say such a stupid thing with a straight face?

What possible system is preventing the poison from spreading through the body once it was injected into it?

It is like they are living on another planet and do not see what is happening around them.

Are they not aware of B. Gates spreading of paralyzing diseases through India and Africa with his “vaccines”? How can they say that the jab stays locally where it was introduced into the body?

It is obvious that they do not know what is in those “vaccines”.

No antiviral vaccine was ever created to protect the body.

They are a cocktail of toxic proteins designed to pollute the body and make it prone to “autoimmune” reactions.

In my opinion, all vaccines have this purpose and this is why we have such a dramatic increase in chronic diseases, especially of those that are labeled as being of the autoimmune character.

Since nano-robots are introduced to those vaccines, they are made to blend with the general biological garbage of the blood by coating them with lipids.

Because those lipids are cholesterol compounds, they do possess a foreign protein that the body should eliminate.

For the body to be able to eliminate them, they first have to be labeled with a GcMAF immunological marker.

Unfortunately, no glucoholic produces this protein because its cells were reprogrammed to produce an enzyme called Nagalase (glycoside hydrolase) so that they can utilize glucose for energy production.

This is a genetic glitch caused by introducing the forbidden food into an animal’s body through the incorrect diet.

The discussion turns towards the “toxicity of s spike protein” and how the body replicates it which is causing all of the symptoms of infection.

Are they blind?

Don’t they notice that adverse reactions are experienced by most people to the jab itself since it contributes to the overall blood’s toxicity and if enough plasma is present in the blood, the symptoms of an infection/blood’s detox, appear.

The severity of symptoms that are expressed by the body after it was jabbed is related to the toxicity of the blood, the level of blood plasma, the cellular dehydration, and the overall cellular toxicity since they all contribute to the way how the body will react to suddenly increased toxic load of the blood.

We have to keep in mind that our robot is self-adjusting to any environment so longer exposure will adapt the body to the given environment even if this environment is changed through a toxic vaccine.

If the symptom persists, this indicates that the body is treating this as a poison that has to be cleaned out.

In this case, the self healers protocol is the best way to remedy this situation.

Everything that exists in our reality is supported by an energetic signal which is present on this Planet.

When we make a difference in some frequency which is then recognized as being a toxic vibration and causes dis-ease, this signal does not have the support of the Earth’s resonance and cannot be sustained. Sooner or later the frequency of creation takes over by correcting the off-tune vibration.

This is the reason everything heals in time.

This is the reason why all artificial genetic manipulations correct themselves often as soon as in the next generation.

We are being exposed to the very strong energy of a very high frequency that is changing our genetic expression. Our bodies are mutating. This is why we feel very tired, memory loss, headaches, and other symptoms which are related to our toxicity.

The less toxic we are, the easier will it be to go through this evolutionary process.

All those vaccines are designed to keep us polluted so that we cannot increase our frequency and stay trapped in the third-density and continue serving the evil.

The rupture is occurring. We are in the moment of separation and there is the last moment in which some of us can still offload the toxic garbage and “jump on the train”.

Open your eyes, open your mind, detoxify and jump on the train of the fifth-density. The train has left the station, there is no more time to think. Just jump.

Love and light to us all.

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