The One Cup anti viral plasma of the Keshe technology

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is an Iranian nuclear scientist who similarly to Nicola Tesla, receives information from beyond the veil and shares it with those who are interested to hear and learn the new science.

N. Tesla was focused on the electrical and the electromagnetic field, and his innovations were mostly related to those types of energy.

He has also noticed some of the effects that electricity and magnetism have on nature and the human body.

One of the things that are related to the present time is that Tesla could through the electromagnetic field induce on humans the symptoms of the common flu.

M. T. Keshe’s work is focused on explaining the mechanics of creation and the importance of the plasma in this process.

There are several types of plasma and the plasma Keshe is talking about is the energetic field that flows through the Universe.

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He explains that the basic stepping stone of creation on every planet is related to the magnetic and gravitational energy and their influence on minerals that are dissolved in water.

M. T. Keshe is teaching how a variety of different plasmas can be made, each with its specific values and properties.

Although Keshe talks a lot about a spaceship, and levitation technology, very little was demonstrated so I tend to trust Tesla’s work more on that topic, but the plasma technology dis how good results.

Keshe’s One Cup antiviral plasma showed to do a good job not only on the Wu-flu but also on some other viral energies such as is the herpes virus.

Keshe explains that the One Cup plasma draws the Wu-flu energy and de-powers the virus.

I see it slightly differently.

By applying the One Cup plasma onto a tissue that was infected with the viral energy of herpes, the reappearance of the symptoms of herpes ceased to manifest themselves even if those cells did not undergo their cleansing process.

This makes me believe that the electromagnetic frequency imprint/virus that was lingering in the particular tissue was transformed and no longer affects those cells when the autoimmune defense of the body/voltage, drops.

After the One Cup plasma was applied onto the sores that were caused by the “virus”, no visible change has occurred, but once the sores have healed, they no longer appear even if stress is experienced that was triggering the appearance of those sores/herpes in the past.

Why is that, and why did I place a virus in quotes?

The appearance of sores and the intensity in which the sores appear are not related to the strength of the virus/viral energy. Instead, they are directly related to the level of the cellular toxicity of the tissue that is being affected.

If the virus affected cells are clean, the sores will not appear even when the drop in autoimmunity/voltage occurs.

If those cells became toxic, the sores will start appearing again, but if the One Cup plasma was applied before the stress was experienced, the sores will not appear even if those cells are toxic.

This indicates that the virus is no longer causing symptoms, or it no longer exists in this tissue.

If the One Cup plasma eliminates the virus, why don’t the symptoms disappear after the plasma was applied? Instead, the symptoms (sores) will linger for some time and the tissue will gradually heal as if the plasma has absolutely no effect on the virus.

If we apply a medicinal substance (acyclovir) on herpes sores, they rapidly disappear, isn’t that healing and the correct way to treat a health problem?

Remember how I have explained the action of colloidal silver on the infected tissue.

Although all of the pathogens die rapidly, the symptoms of the infection, the inflammation and pain, remain for some time after.

The reason for this is the fact that the symptoms are not caused by the pathogens (bacteria, fungus, parasite) but by the toxic material that is in the tissue of the affected area.

The inflammation is part of the cleansing process and this process will continue after the pathogens were killed and remain until the tissue is cleansed of the toxins.

After the detoxification is completed, the tissue will heal and the symptoms will disappear.

As it is with the pathogen organisms, so it is with the pathogen frequency we call the virus.

If the tissue that holds the viral frequency drops voltage (from stress), the cellular defense mechanism goes into action.

As I keep mentioning, the virus is not a microorganism, it is a shift of frequency that our cells interpret as being toxic to them.

Everything that is new, unknown to a conscious organism is being feared and resisted until adaptation to this new frequency takes place, and the conscious energy becomes familiar with it.

Remember, everything is fractal. We also do not like to lose the comfort of the known, and we become stressed in a new environment until becoming familiar with it.

The natural defense of our body is to reject the intruder.

To cleanse it out it needs plasma.

So if a tissue wants to cleanse itself it will first increase the volume of plasma it uses for this process.

It does this through a process we have named inflammation.

As the tissue inflames, the level of plasma increases. This increases the pressure within this tissue. Some plasma will be squeezed into the cells of this tissue and those cells will find the opportunity to eliminate some of their toxic load.

These expulsed cellular toxins will increase the toxicity of the affected tissue, and the symptoms of a disease will occur.

Since we are talking about mucous tissue and the skin. the expulsion of toxins will be done through the formation of sores.

These sores will burst and the toxins will leave our body.

The sores are a fractal expression of the bagged cellular toxic material known as exosomes/microsomes that our “scientists” refer to as being the virus itself.

A pure nonsense, a scapegoat to a lack of understanding.

Once the redness of the affected area or the blisters have appeared, the toxic load has been released and the tissue has to be cleansed to be able to heal properly.

Unfortunately, we are being told that it is better to stop the cleansing process with the use of medicinal remedies because only this way the healing can take place.

This makes absolutely no sense. By stopping the inflammatory process, we are trapping the toxic element inside of the tissue and inside of our cells making our body increasingly more toxic.

This will create a more severe situation in the future responses to stress and this is why the number of “diseases” is increasing.

As I have mentioned many times before, the medical knowledge we are forced to learn is a medicine of creating diseases and not a medicine of healing.

The indoctrinated health professionals confuse symptoms with diseases and instead of helping the body to heal, they interfere with the natural healing process creating more toxicity and the appearance of the most problematic health issues we call the chronic diseases.

The disclosure is here for those who are ready to accept it.

All it takes is rational thinking. Are you capable of it?

Love and light to us all.

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