Wear masks, “so that we can hide”


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As our galaxy is exposed to elevated frequencies, all the matter is changing. Our planets are increasing in size. The changes in the frequency are changing genetic expression and this is creating changes in life on this planet and on other planets.

The low vibrations are being separated and ex-pulsed. This we experience as sickness and emotional outbursts. When combined with fear, pain is experienced.

The evil manipulators that have enslaved the human race can no longer hide in obscurity.

They are being exposed for everyone to see.

This is creating an avalanche of awakening which is necessary so that the human consciousness can awaken and realize the slave status it was subconsciously accepting.

Since the truth had to be hidden so that the Cabal/evil can prosper, everything we have been told was laced with lies.

The science is being misinterpreted and used as a tool of the misinformation.

Every licensed scientist is a brainwashed source of twisted information.


Nowhere is this as visible as it is in the medical science where the experts/doctors are not capable to trust their own observation and experiences because they are utterly convinced that those lies that they have been indoctrinated with, are scientific truths.

A simple test as drinking salty water can debunk many “medical truths” but no doctor has the common sense to try it. Even the thought of drinking water with salt paralyzes them with fear.

No nucleic acid sequence of any type of virus was ever found but doctors have accepted that virus has RNA manifestation.

If you do not accept this, you will not be given the medical license.

Now, as the Evil is surfacing, it needs a mask to hide behind. The COVID was invented to do just that. There is no standard as far as the masks go. Just hide your face.

Fortunately for us, no diaper can hide the face of Evil. They are all being exposed so that they can be illuminated, transformed, or destroyed forever.

We are all being forced to wear those stupid masks that serve no other purpose than to hide the face so that it is more difficult to prove who did what during the violent assaults that the fake media calls the peaceful protests.

Countries that harbor more evil, have stricter regulations, but some like Sweden, where people are so brainwashed that are lining up to get chipped and eagerly awaiting vaccination, this is not necessary and masks are not implemented.

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Everything we are being told is the opposite of what it claims to be, and the same goes for masks.

Instead of protecting us from the disease, the masks are creating the disease in the body of those who are wearing them, and they are creating fear, panic, and desperation in those people who trust that what they are being told by the fake media is true.

Oxygen is a vital element to our health.

Since the carbon is the element that bonds all biological matter, it is brought into our body constantly, with every meal.

As it is brought in, it has to be expelled out and this is done through CO2 and oxygen exchange.

This exchange of gases is done following the basic laws of physics.

The gas of higher relative pressure will displace the gas of the lower relative pressure.

Since the relative pressure of oxygen in the air is higher than the relative pressure of CO2, when we inhale, the oxygen from the air will displace (push out) the CO2 from our blood because the CO2 has lower relative pressure in relation to the oxygen that was inhaled.

Since now the relative pressure of oxygen in the red blood cells is higher from the relative pressure of the CO2 that is trapped inside of our cells, the gas exchange will take place and the oxygen will replace some CO2 until the relative pressure of the oxygen ant the relative pressure of the cellular CO2 equalize.


This is the reason why only about 30% of oxygen is being replaced/used.

Cellular chemistry will change in people who eat carbohydrates. Their cells will be overrun by glucose forcing them to use it in energy production.

Since the oxygen is not needed when glucose is used, more CO2 is produced than it would have been produced if fat was being used for energy production. This means that a higher relative pressure of oxygen will be needed to be able to displace the cellular CO2.

Unfortunately, most people in our modern society do not do any physical work and their breathing is superficial. This maintains the relative oxygen pressure low and the cellular CO2 levels will slowly increase.

This contributes to the increase in cellular acidity.

The increased cellular acidity creates problems in the cellular capability to hold electric charge/energy.

The more acidic the cells become in one tissue or organ, the higher energetic problems this tissue/organ will have.

To be able to cleanse those acids, plasma is needed. With plasma, some of the surpluses of acids can be cleansed into the blood, and then, through the blood cleansing organs, it can be expelled out of the body.

If the blood is low on plasma, the blood cannot be cleansed well and the blood itself becomes toxic.

The cells will not hydrate with toxic blood and in a critical increase of the cellular acidity, forced hydration is put into motion. This forced hydration we call inflammation.

Many other toxic elements contribute to the body’s toxicity, but here, I am explaining how wearing those stupid masks is directly negatively affecting our health.

All those doctors wearing masks are either idiots or willing participants in this hoax called the coronavirus plandemic.

Spitting Image returns with Trump, Johnson in its sights

From what was disclosed, I have learned that President Trump is given a daily dose of aspirin. This is another medical stupidity.

The aspirin serves as a mild diuretic but it also prevents cellular hydration since cells do not hydrate when some toxin is present in the blood. Every medication is toxic so is the aspirin.

I have learned that President Trump regularly drinks Coca-Cola poison and eats incorrectly. This contributes to his obesity and toxicity.

When additional stress is presented, his body reacts as if toxic energies are in question. It starts to cleanse. The symptoms of cleansing show up. We call them the symptoms of flu.

Do not worry, the president will be ok because the toxic drugs he is given will prevent the continuation of the cellular cleansing and i this will cause the disappearance of his symptoms.

By the way, there is something more important that is brewing beneath this “COVID” outbreak in the White House. Sit tight.

We are all exposed to strong energetic changes and fear. Since our own bodies are toxic, we are going to experience cleansing, so maintain your frequency stable. Do not give in to the fear.

Stop poisoning yourself with carbohydrates, take deep breaths, drink plasma, and your health will improve.

Any type of face covering is forcing you to re-inhale your own CO2 and this further reduces the relative pressure of blood’s oxygen making you more and more acidic.

Say no to masks, and no to vaccination. You are a strong Spirit, act like one.

If you need assistance as far as your health goes, do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and light to us all.

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